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record and maximum
The warmest month on record at St Angelo was August 1995 with a mean temperature of ( mean maximum, mean minimum, while the coldest month was December 2010, with a mean temperature of ( mean maximum, mean minimum.
In theory, it seems nearly ideal ; a stylus replicating the motion of the recording lathe used to cut the " master " record could result in minimal wear and maximum sound reproduction.
* Simple data acquisition features to record maximum and minimum readings over a given period, or to take a number of samples at fixed intervals.
# In facsimile systems using amplitude modulation, recording in which the maximum received power corresponds to the maximum density of the record medium.
# In a facsimile system using frequency modulation, recording in which the lowest received frequency corresponds to the maximum density of the record medium.
Stenographers and telegraphers could take down information at rates up to 130 words per minute, whereas a writer with a pen was limited to a maximum of 30 words per minute ( the 1853 speed record ).
The record high temperature is 35. 7 ° C ( 96. 3 ° F ), set in August 1990, compared to the typical summer maximum of 22 ° C ( 72 ° F ).
Also in 1958, Hary appeared to have run a new world record with a time of 10. 0 seconds, but the track's slope of was found to exceed the maximum allowed.
The second way to decrease the uncertainty of the extreme event is to forecast a value which is less than the maximum observed value ( e. g. the maximum rainfall event on record is 5. 25 inches / hour, so the 100-year storm event should be less than this ).
The record maximum temperature is and minimum.
The average annual rainfall is 100 inches ( 2, 540 mm ) and maximum rainfall record in 24 hours is 20. 87 inches ( 530 mm ) of rain.
Some of these people have held it on several different occasions, with the record for maximum number of times being shared between William Fox and Harry Atkinson ( both of whom served four times ).
The record maximum temperature was on July 22, 2006, and the record minimum temperature was on February 6, 1989.
The absolute maximum temperature recorded was during August 1990 ( actually the Welsh record ).
In May, he was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment – which, considering his record, was lenient for the time and place – to be served at La Santé maximum security prison where escape was thought to be impossible.
The all-time maximum snowfall record was beaten on the 11th of February, when 58 cm of snowfall were measured.
The Mallard record reached its maximum speed on a downhill run and actually failed technically in due course, whereas 05 002's journey was on level grade and the engine did not yet seem to be at its limit, though on the other hand the German train was only four coaches long ( 197 tons ), whilst Mallard ` s train was seven coaches ( 240 tons ).
A new plan was announced in October 2007 which would entail utilising the islands of Ular, Sangiang and Prajurit to create a four-part suspension bridge reaching above sea level with a maximum span of 3 kilometers, nearly 50 % longer than the current record holder, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.
The maximum sampling rate was increased to 44 kHz for playback, and 22 kHz for record.
The CD-4 record track is broader than a conventional stereo track, so maximum the playing time is lower than a conventional stereo record.

record and temperature
A record cold temperature of 450 ± 80 pK in a Bose – Einstein condensate ( BEC ) of sodium atoms was achieved in 2003 by researchers at MIT.
The effort has focused on changes observed during the period of instrumental temperature record, when records are most reliable ; particularly on the last 50 years, when human activity has grown fastest and observations of the troposphere have become available.
The summer of 2003 set a record with an average temperature of.
On 22 June, the temperature reached in Faya, breaking a record set in 1961 at the same location.
Instrumental temperature record of the last 150 years
* 1996 – Major snowstorm paralyzes Midwestern United States, Milwaukee, Wisconsin ties all-time record low temperature at-26 ° F (- 32. 2 ° C )
This 60 plus year temperature span is actually smaller than many places in inland southern England will record within a given 3 month period.
The average temperature for July similarly varies from in the Fergana Valley, where the record high is, to a low of on the highest mountain peaks.
The record high temperature here is, set on July 13, 1954, and the record low is, set on December 22, 1989.
The state's record high temperature is, set in July 1911, at North Bridgton.
In January 2009, a new record low temperature for the state was set at Big Black River of, tying the New England record.
The highest temperature yet recorded is, much warmer than the South Pole's record high of only.
The temperature in the south is usually a few degrees higher than the north and temperatures in the central interior mountains are always cooler than the rest of the island. the highest temperature record was in the Town of San German with 105 ° F and the minimum registration is 39 ° F in Aibonito.
The highest temperature on record was 115, set in August 1936, and the record low was5, set in 1930.
Most of Northern European Russia and Siberia has a subarctic climate, with extremely severe winters in the inner regions of Northeast Siberia ( mostly the Sakha Republic, where the Northern Pole of Cold is located with the record low temperature of ), and more moderate elsewhere.
The Highveld temperature is temperate and, seldom, uncomfortably hot while the Lowveld may record temperatures around in summer.
* 1922 – The temperature at ' Aziziya, Libya reaches a world record.
The highest temperature on record was in July 1991 and the coldest in the Januarys of 1952 and 1959.
* December 13 – Sweden's low temperature record of-53 ° C is set in a village within the Vilhelmina Municipality.

record and was
and Robinson Roy, who had gone down this line ten minutes before to set a new depth record for the free dive, was already back on the surface.
The conclusion upon this record is inescapable that such likelihood was proved as to this acquisition.
For the use of students and future restorers, a full, day-by-day record was kept of all three undertakings, complete technical reports on what we found and what we did.
During the Civil War, Custer, who achieved a brilliant record, was made brigadier general at the age of 23.
There is reason to suppose that Lucy would have made a record as publicly distinguished as her brother had it not been that her mother's death occurred just as she was about to enter college.
I was reminded, amusedly, by a poem of Kenneth Patchen's called The Murder of Two Men by a Young Kid Wearing Lemon Colored Gloves, which Patchen himself read on a record against jazz background.
Only 11 senators were on the floor and there was no record vote.
His statistical record that year, when Texas won only one game and lost nine, was far from impressive: he carried the ball three times for a net gain of 10 yards, punted once for 39 yards and caught one pass for 13 yards.
As evening approached and Palmer finished his Saturday round with a disappointing one-over-par 73, this remarkable record was still intact, thanks to his Thursday and Friday rounds of 68 and 69.
But Holmes was rejected again `` on the basis of his record and interview ''.
Generally speaking the appellate court examines the record of evidence presented in the trial court and the law that the lower court applied and decides whether that decision was legally sound or not.
Generally, there is no trial in an appellate court, only consideration of the record of the evidence presented to the trial court and all the pre-trial and trial court proceedings are reviewed — unless the appeal is by way of re-hearing, new evidence will usually only be considered on appeal in " very " rare instances, for example if that material evidence was unavailable to a party for some very significant reason such as prosecutorial misconduct.
The quipu of the Incas was a system of knotted cords used to record numerical data, like advanced tally sticks – but not used to perform calculations.
Karpov was on record saying that he believed Spassky would easily beat him and win the Candidates ' cycle to face Fischer, and that he ( Karpov ) would win the following Candidates ' cycle in 1977.
The archaeological record indicates that it was not unusual for ancient Pueblo peoples to adapt to climatic change by changing residences and locations.
During Darnley ’ s lifetime there was little public knowledge of the urn, and no record of a published photograph exists before 1921.
In the timeless Fifth Test at The Oval, the highlight was Len Hutton's then world record score of 364 as England made 903-7 declared.
Bradman's men were greeted by packed crowds across the country, and records for Test attendances in England were set in the Second and Fourth Tests at Lord's and Headingley respectively ; the crowd at Headingley remains a record, and it was there that Australia set a world record by chasing down 404 on the last day for a seven-wicket victory.
The earliest known record of argot was in a 1628 document.
Aventinus, whose name was real name is Johann or Johannes Turmair ( Aventinus being the Latin name of his birthplace ) wrote the Annals of Bavaria, a valuable record of the early history of Germany and the first major written work on the subject.
1987's Gaudi was the Project's last release, though they planned to record an album called Freudiana next.
Woolfson sang lead on many of the group's hits ( including " Time " and " Eye in the Sky ") and the record company pressured Parsons to use him more, but Parsons preferred " real " singers, which Woolfson admitted he was not.
< li > On June 15, 2012, a working Apple I was sold at auction by Sotheby's for a record $ 374, 500, more than double the expected price .</ li >
An operator was needed to operate the control switches to set up its functions, much like the electro-mechanical calculators and unit record equipment of the time.

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