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record and showcased
Both a more blues-influenced and more futuristic record than its predecessors, To Bring You My Love showcased Harvey broadening her musical style to include strings, organs and synthesisers.
The band began in 1991 when Tony Mortimer was promised a record deal after he showcased his own material.
Tracks from this period were showcased on the two The Joint compilation releases ; a joint collaboration with fellow leading record label Moving Shadow.
Each SMAK 12 " showcased two artists, one per record side.
The draw also showcased future talents such as Björn Borg, Vijay Amritraj, Sandy Mayer and John Lloyd, and record crowds helped to defy the boycott.
Critically, Lewis Corner of Digital Spy noted the " distinctive soul-pop " vocals showcased by Collins and wrote that, " Truth be told, we wish he'd fought a little harder to get one those eight original compositions he has on his forthcoming record out first.
By the 1990s the club was often shunned by local indie groups, who perceived it as an " industry club ", where record companies showcased packaged new artists at the expense of local talent.
It was at this time that the band stepped back into the studio to record another unnamed demo, with three new songs that showcased the band's inner feelings more than any had before.

record and him
And Keith's record of kills made him a man to listen to -- a man paradoxically, who might even survive.
I'm sure you've heard of him and his record, ' The Confederacy ' ''.
Karpov was on record saying that he believed Spassky would easily beat him and win the Candidates ' cycle to face Fischer, and that he ( Karpov ) would win the following Candidates ' cycle in 1977.
A record of each person's timings & deeds performed by him is kept in a ledger by Yama's assistant " Chitragupta ".
Woolfson sang lead on many of the group's hits ( including " Time " and " Eye in the Sky ") and the record company pressured Parsons to use him more, but Parsons preferred " real " singers, which Woolfson admitted he was not.
Surprisingly, Acts does not record the outcome of Paul's legal troubles — some traditions hold that Paul was ultimately executed in Rome, while other traditions have him surviving the encounter and later traveling to Spain — see Paul-Imprisonment & Death.
A hat-trick in the 8 – 1 rout of Switzerland in June 1963 took Charlton's England goal tally to 30, equalling the record jointly held by Tom Finney and Nat Lofthouse and Charlton's 31st goal against Wales in October the same year gave him the record alone.
His caps record lasted until 1973 when Bobby Moore overtook him, and Charlton currently lies fourth in the all-time England appearances list behind Moore, David Beckham and Peter Shilton, whose own England career began in the first game after Charlton's had ended.
The names are indeed unattested in Persian texts as gods, however the Talmud ( Sanhedrin 61b ) and Rashi both record a practice of deifying Haman and Josephus speaks of him being worshipped.
Despite his ill health, Haley began compiling notes for possible use as a basis for either a biographical film based on his life, or a published autobiography ( accounts differ ), and there were plans for him to record an album in Memphis, Tennessee, when the brain tumor began affecting his behavior and he went back to his home in Harlingen, Texas, where he died early in the morning of February 9, 1981.
McGwire finished the season with a new major league record of 70 homeruns, but Sosa's. 308 average and 66 homers earned him the National League MVP Award.
When the season ended, he posted a 1. 26 ERA, which gave him not only the lowest in his career, but also gave him a Major League record of being the oldest pitcher with 150 + innings pitched to post a season ERA under 1. 50.
The historical record for 9th century Scotland is meagre, but the Irish annals and the 10th-century Chronicle of the Kings of Alba agree that Kenneth was a Pictish king, and call him " king of the Picts " at his death.
He also felt stifled because the record company would not let him branch into jazz.
When Roger C. Field, a friend, suggested to him in 1991 that he record and perform with a female singer he did so with Suzy Bogguss.
On the other hand, Nerva lacked widespread support in the Empire, and as a known Flavian loyalist, his track record would not have recommended him to the conspirators.
* 1981 – In the 39th game of his 3rd NHL season Wayne Gretzky scores 5 goals giving him 50 on the year setting a new NHL record previously held by Maurice Richard and Mike Bossy who earlier had each scored 50 goals in 50 games.
Campbell was awarded the CBE in January 1957 for his water speed record breaking, and in particular his record at Lake Mead in the USA which earned him and Britain very positive acclaim.
The other apostle James, the son of Alphaeus, is not prominent in the Scriptural record, and very little is known about him.
The first historical record of doubts as to authorship are found in the writings of Origen of Alexandria, who spoke of the doubts held by some — albeit not him.
She repeatedly appointed him to military posts despite his growing record of irresponsibility.
Nihonshoki likened him to Di Xin of the Shang Dynasty, but the record in Kojiki has no such indication.

record and more
I pay my personal tribute to Sam Rayburn, stalwart Texan and great American, not only because today he establishes a record of having served as Speaker of the House of Representatives more than twice as long as Henry Clay, but because of the contributions he has made to the welfare of the people of the Nation during his almost half century of service as a Member of Congress.
Those were his only interludes behind bars, although he collected four more charges on his police record in 1921 and 1922, three for burglary and one for robbery.
All Mantle needs is eight more home runs in August and ten in September, and he will establish a new record.
Unhappily, `` Heaven Has No Favorites '' does not alter the record except to add one more bad book to the list.
< li > On June 15, 2012, a working Apple I was sold at auction by Sotheby's for a record $ 374, 500, more than double the expected price .</ li >
* The world income per head has increased by more over period 2002 – 2007 than during any other period on the record.
Such judges decide, often when called upon by counsel rather than of their own motion, what evidence is to be admitted when there is a dispute ; though in some common law jurisdictions judges play more of a role in deciding what evidence to admit into the record or reject.
Clinton then pointed to his moderate, " New Democrat " record as governor of Arkansas, though some on the more liberal side of the party remained suspicious.
After the second terminal of International Airport Sofia was built the total number of passengers rose and reached 3 230 696 in 2008, and in April 2011 Airport Sofia serviced 282 694 passengers, 13 % more than the same period of 2009, when the record was 250 000 passengers.
Lara scored 688 runs ( 42 % of team output, a record for a series of three or more Tests, and the second highest aggregate runs in history for a three-Test series ) in the 2001 – 02 tour of Sri Lanka.
If used in pregnancy, those benzodiazepines with a better and longer safety record, such as diazepam or chlordiazepoxide, are recommended over potentially more harmful benzodiazepines, such as alprazolam or triazolam.
In more recent years, they have stepped up the fight against money laundering, by limiting banking secrecy, introducing requirements for customer identification and record keeping, and requiring banks to cooperate with foreign investigators.
The turnover in this group is clearly marked at the species level .< ref > Statistical analysis of marine losses at this time suggests that the decrease in diversity was caused more by a sharp increase in extinctions than by a decrease in speciation .< ref > The K – T boundary record of dinoflagellates is not as well-understood, mainly because only microbial cysts provide a fossil record, and not all dinoflagellate species have cyst-forming stages, thereby likely causing diversity to be underestimated.
The military also suffered several setbacks in its fight against the guerrillas, when several of its rural bases began to be overrun and a record number of soldiers and officers were taken prisoner by the FARC ( which since 1982 was attempting to implement a more " conventional " style of warfare, seeking to eventually defeat the military in the field ).
By the end of the season, the rookie quarterback had rewritten the record book in Charlotte and many more in the NFL ( including most passing yards by a rookie with 4, 051, previously held by Peyton Manning with 3, 739 ; and most rushing touchdowns by a QB with 14 ).
Because the Cubs lost two seasons to the Great Chicago Fire, the Braves have played more seasons, although the Cubs hold the record for oldest team still in its original city.
For small business, basic client service can be accomplished by a contact manager system: an integrated solution that lets organizations and individuals efficiently track and record interactions, including emails, documents, jobs, faxes, scheduling, and more.
He also held the records for the oldest Serie A player and most Serie A appearances ( 570 matches ) for more than 20 years, until the season 2005 – 06 when the record was broken by S. S. Lazio goalkeeper Marco Ballotta and A. C. Milan defender Paolo Maldini respectively.
The DBMS can maintain the integrity of the database by not allowing more than one user to update the same record at the same time.
* A hash or dictionary or map is a more flexible variation on a record, in which name-value pairs can be added and deleted freely.
The first record of the legend dates from more than 300 years after the campaign, and the first record connects the legend to a much smaller battle, though still in Estonia ; the battle of Fellin ( Viljandi ) in 1208.
The Wings kept adding more star power, picking up Slava Fetisov, Igor Larionov, and goaltender Mike Vernon in trades and winning an NHL record 62 games in 1996.

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