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reduction and their
The editorial was based on a news association dispatch which said that the telegraphers had secured an agreement whereby they were guaranteed 40 hours' pay per week whether they worked or not and that a reduction in their number was limited to 2 per cent per year.
I again proposed a reduction in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve -- from their present strengths of 400,000 and 300,000, respectively, to 360,000 and 270,000 by the end of the fiscal year 1961.
During the Triassic Period (), the reptiles began to out-compete the amphibians, leading to a reduction in both the amphibians ' size and their importance in the biosphere.
This reduction is the same level achieved by terminal ” cleaning regimens conducted after patients vacate their rooms.
By encouraging countries to keep wastes within their boundaries and as close as possible to its source of generation, the internal pressures should provide incentives for waste reduction and pollution prevention.
The canals caused price convergence between different regions because of their reduction in transportation costs, which allowed Americans to ship and buy goods from farther distances for much lower prices compared to before.
Moore also stated that a reduction of ethical properties to a divine command would be the same as stating their naturalness.
* In March 2009, some EDS employees, based in the USA and Puerto Rico, were informed that their salaries would be cut 10 % during the April 2009 pay periods, albeit with no reduction to drop a salary below $ 40, 000 a year.
In a full electrochemical cell, species from one half-cell lose electrons ( oxidation ) to their electrode while species from the other half-cell gain electrons ( reduction ) from their electrode.
He proposed the reduction of the alphabet to 22 letters ( by eliminating the accented letters and most of their sounds ), the change of the plural to-i, the use of a positional accusative instead of the ending-n, the removal of the distinction between adjectives and adverbs, the reduction of the number of participles from six to two, and the replacement of the table of correlatives with more Latinate words or phrases.
The Manifesto supported the creation of an eight-hour work day for all workers, a minimum wage, worker representation in industrial management, equal confidence in labour unions as in industrial executives and public servants, reorganization of the transportation sector, revision of the draft law on invalidity insurance, reduction of the retirement age from 65 to 55, a strong progressive tax on capital, confiscation of the property of religious institutions and abolishment of bishoprics, and revision of military contracts to allow the government to seize 85 % of their profits.
Wild plants and animals do not perceive radiation as dangerous, and any slight reduction it may cause in their lifespans is far less a hazard than is the presence of people and their pets ...
In conjunction with the arrival of European poetry and music this caused a significant reduction in the number of traditional folk songs and their singers.
* Acronyms reduction of compound to their initial letters, e. g. NASA, laser.
Protocol to the 1979 Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution Concerning the Control of Emissions of Nitrogen Oxides or Their Transboundary Fluxes, opened for signature on 31 October 1988 and entered into force on 14 February 1991, was to provide for the control or reduction of nitrogen oxides and their transboundary fluxes.
For example, an oligopoly considering a price reduction may wish to estimate the likelihood that competing firms would also lower their prices and possibly trigger a ruinous price war.
In 2007, Italian investigators reported that 75 % of the patients in their study who took peppermint oil capsules for four weeks had a major reduction in irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS ) symptoms, compared with just 38 % of those who took a placebo.
However, their efficacy is limited and they have many side effects, including breast growth, headaches, weight gain, and reduction in bone density.
This type of language is used, according to E. Segal, for the forceful inversion, the reduction of the master to an abject position of supplication … the master-as-suppliant is thus an extremely important feature of the Plautine comic finale .” The imperative mood is therefore used in the complete role-reversal of the normal relationship between slave and master, and those who enjoy authority and respect in the ordinary Roman world are unseated, ridiculed, while the lowliest members of society mount to their pedestals … the humble are in face exalted ”.
The Protocol to the 1979 Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution on Persistent Organic Pollutants is an agreement to provide for the control and reduction of emissions of persistent organic pollutants ( POPs ) in order to reduce their transboundary fluxes so as to protect human health and the environment from adverse effects.
Hansard records that on 15 December 1837, Benjamin Hawes asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer " whether it was the intention of the Government to give effect to the recommendation of the Commissioners of the Post-office, contained in their ninth report relating to the reduction of the rates of postage, and the issuing of penny stamps?
Accordingly, the racial paradigms employed in different disciplines vary in their emphasis on biological reduction as contrasted with societal construction.

reduction and numbers
In the case of Russia, the United States stated that it intended to discuss a bilateral reduction in the numbers of nuclear warheads, which would allow Russia to reduce its spending on missiles without decrease of comparative strength.
Military engineers would be transferred to the Regional Development Ministry, said Home Affair Minister Josefa Vosanibola, and the reduction of the Military forces would coincide with an increase in the numbers of the police force.
The collapse of Communism after 1991 and the dismantling of the unions saw the gradual but steady reduction in numbers of lower-paid Hungarians.
Some reduction in numbers occurred from habitat loss when Europeans setttlement led to mass deforestation.
The International Rice Research Institute ( IRRI ) demonstrated in 1993 that a 87. 5 % reduction in pesticide use can lead to an overall drop in pest numbers.
He also said that the solution was " a reduction in prospective numbers as would represent re-emigration hardly less massive than the immigration which occurred in the first place ".
Several health clinics in the United States ( e. g. Tom Waddell in San Francisco, Callen Lorde in New York City, Mazzoni in Philadelphia ) have developed protocols ” for transgender hormone therapy following a harm reduction ” model which increasing numbers of providers have adopted.
The reduction in the number of vehicles, of noise levels and speed, is enabling tourists to observe increasing numbers of wild animals along the route.
The reason was that the adoption of a mainly conscript army, after 1872, meant a substantial reduction in the numbers of veterans having the twenty or more years of military service formerly required to enter the Hôpital des Invalides.
However, diversity and numbers have been reduced by artificial reduction of river flow ( construction of dams ), over-fishing and water-intense large-scale cultivation of cotton, causing increasing levels of pollution.
Hacker sees his task as the initiation of departmental reforms and economies, a reduction of the level of bureaucracy and staff numbers in the Civil Service, and governing the country according to his party's policies.
This has resulted in a great reduction of the rabbit population, a noticeable vegetation recovery and a reduction in predator numbers.
With the reduction in fox numbers, a rebound in Heath Goanna and Bush Stone Curlew numbers have been recorded.
1998 saw a reduction of passenger numbers some airlines, including All Nippon Airways, British Airways, Lufthansa ( later reinstated ) and Northwest Airlines, terminated their loss making services to KLIA.
The Napoleonic wars saw a reduction in the numbers of students and entries in the records for the purchase of muskets and other items for college members serving in the university corps.
Next, the Battle of Sekigahara ( AD 1600 ) resulted in the confiscation or reduction of the fiefs of large numbers of daimyo on the losing side ; in consequence, many samurai became rōnin.
This reduction of real numbers and continuous functions in terms of rational numbers and thus of natural numbers, was later integrated by Cantor in his set theory, and axiomatized in terms of second order arithmetic by Hilbert and Bernays.
The red telephone box, a telephone kiosk for a public telephone designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, is a familiar sight on the streets of the United Kingdom, Malta, Bermuda and Gibraltar, and despite a reduction in their numbers in recent years, red boxes can still be seen in many places and in current or former British colonies around the world.
In the western Palaearctic, there is evidence of population decline, but at a level below the threshold required for global conservation concern ( i. e., a reduction in numbers of more than 30 % in ten years or three generations ) and the IUCN Red List categorises this species as of " Least Concern ".
It is often said that kangaroo populations have increased significantly since the European colonisation of Australia because of the increased areas of grassland ( as distinct from forest ), the reduction in Dingo numbers, and the availability of artificial watering holes.
#( Betti numbers ) If X is a ( good ) " reduction mod p " of a non-singular projective variety Y defined over a number field embedded in the field of complex numbers, then the degree of P < sub > i </ sub > is the i < sup > th </ sup > Betti number of the space of complex points of Y.

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