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refusal and provide
King over King's refusal to provide additional landing craft from the Pacific.
In 1253, upon being commanded to provide in his own diocese for a papal nephew, he wrote a letter of expostulation and refusal, not to the pope himself but to the commissioner, Master Innocent, through whom he received the mandate.
The government's resolve was stiffened by the refusal of the Soviet government to provide any evidence for the trial.
The abbey ’ s refusal to provide necessary infrastructure, however, delayed large-scale development until the 18th century.
On October 23, 1987, Stennis voted with six Republicans and all but two Democrats to provide the 42-to-58 refusal to confirm the Bork nomination.
Left-libertarians argue that such refusal would place those businesses at an economic disadvantage to those that provide services to all, making them less profitable and eventually leading them to close down.
The first in the industry to be blacklisted, as a result of their refusal to provide evidence to HUAC, were a group known as the Hollywood Ten, most of them screenwriters, who had at one time or another been members of the American Communist Party.
On August 27, 2010, local youth leaders in Mustang threatened to bar tourists beginning October 1, 2010 due to the refusal of the Nepalese government to provide any of the $ 50 per day fee to the local economy ; however, tourist visitation continued unchecked beyond that date.
Amenhotep III's refusal to allow one of his daughters to be married to the Babylonian monarch may indeed be connected with Egyptian traditional royal practices that could provide a claim upon the throne through marriage to a royal princess, or, it be viewed as a shrewd attempt on his part to enhance Egypt's prestige over those of her neighbours in the international world.
The original intention was to improve education inside cities, but the programme was hampered by the refusal of local authorities in the targeted areas to provide suitable school sites.
With its great impact on the city, a skirmish occurred in which one colonist was wounded following the Assembly's refusal to provide quartering.
Garak's claustrophobia coupled with Tain's refusal to acknowledge Garak as his son ; may provide an explanation for why Garak can lie so easily and comfortabily.
Unless an organization can demonstrate that the reason they are requesting a person's SIN is specifically permitted by law, or that no alternative identifiers would suffice to complete the transaction, they cannot deny or refuse a product or service on the grounds of a refusal to provide a SIN.
The hospital was founded as the ' North London Hospital ' in 1834, eight years after UCL ( then known as the London University ), in order to provide clinical training for the " medical classes " of the university, after a refusal by the governors of the Middlesex Hospital to allow students access to that hospital's wards.
Many countries now have laws outlawing discrimination on the basis of sex, and regard the refusal to provide facilities on an equal basis to both men and women as sexual discrimination.
Following the NSW Ombudsman's challenge against the government for its repeated refusal to provide him with all relevant files, it was subsequently found that there had been no evidence of corruption to support the dismissal, and that " the elected councillors were denied natural justice and were both unfairly and unlawfully dismissed ".
That year, though Motomasa and Onnami each performed for Yoshinori during a 10-day festival Yoshinori forbade Zeami to appear at the Sentō Imperial Palace, possibly due to his refusal to provide Onnami with his complete writings.
The complainants alleged that the article and the refusal of Macleans to provide space for a rebuttal violated their human rights.
Her refusal caused the Tribunal to seek High Court orders compelling her to provide details of the source.
The man persisted in his refusal to provide identification, asking instead to be handcuffed and taken to jail.
However, the numbers of the allied contingents could have been less than usual due to the refusal of some of the Roman clients to provide auxiliaries.
Allegations concerning the Bush administration's refusal to provide information to the 9 / 11 Commission about the Saudi flights are disputed.
Such importation ( along with that of the Ford Prefect and Anglia ) was essential in maintaining a presence in that country after a refusal by the then-Federal Government to provide any direct financial assistance to produce a local car ( this despite Ford providing a more detailed and comprehensive proposal than GMH, and despite the fact that many millions of pounds had been invested by Ford US in Australian vehicle assembly plants since 1925 ).
He also stated that this event occurred because of inaccurate military equipment and the U. S. refusal to provide Predators.

refusal and arms
The failure of negotiations over arms until 1955 was due mainly to the refusal of the Russians to permit any sort of inspections.
Following his refusal to fight against the return of the monarchy ( or to take up arms for any reason ), his sentence was doubled.
The refusal to swear oaths or take up arms came to be a much more important part of his public statements.
By 26 March, the growing refusal of soldiers to fire into the largely nonviolent protesting crowds turned into a full scale tumult, and resulted into thousands of soldiers putting down their arms and joining the pro-democracy movement.
Molokans were ostracized from Russian society in the 17th century for their refusal to bear arms and for their refusal to assist in any form of military service.
But disputes broke out amongst the different tribes and rendered co-operation impossible ; Vespasian, having successfully ended the civil war, called upon Civilis to lay down his arms, and on his refusal resolved to take strong measures for the suppression of the revolt.
The invasion was allegedly in fear that Reza Shah was about to align his petroleum-rich country with Nazi Germany during the war: However, Reza Shah's earlier Declaration of Neutrality and refusal to allow Iranian territory to be used to train, supply, and act as a transport corridor to ship arms to Russia for its war effort against Germany, was the strongest motive for the allied invasion of Iran.
The Bolshevik press was not only silent on the subject of Moscow's continued refusal to send arms to the Black Army, but also failed to credit the Ukrainian anarchists ' continued willingness to ship food supplies to the hungry urban residents of Bolshevik-held cities.
His refusal to send arms to Spain strained his alliance with Communists, who followed Soviet policy, and urged all-out support for the Spanish Republic.
The refusal of giving up arms resulted in minor fights between Herzegovinians and Turks, which in turn resulted in an uprising, which Vukalović would lead.
Regardless of López's refusal, a peace treaty was not something Mitre could guarantee since article 6 in the secret treaty stated that " The allies solemnly commit themselves not to abandon arms unless commonly agreed, and as long as they haven ’ t overthrown the current government of Paraguay, as well as not to try separately, nor sign any peace treaty, truce, armistice which would put an end to or suspend the war, unless agreed by all parties ".
The pair petitioned for, but were denied, U. S. citizenship due to their refusal to vow to defend the nation by arms.
As a result of the internal conflicts in New Granada, Simón Bolívar, who had been acting under the authority of the United Provinces, left his command on May 8, 1815, after failing to subdue Cartagena in March in retaliation for its refusal to give him arms and men.
Both Johnson and Sherman were furious over General Wool's refusal to lend arms for state militia forces.
McCrea campaigned on a policy of refusal to co-operate with Sinn Féin in the absence of progress on arms decommissioning.
The DUP had not contested the seat at the previous general election but on this occasion stood William McCrea, the former MP for Mid Ulster, who campaigned strongly on the DUP's refusal to co-operate with Sinn Féin in the absence of arms decommissioning by the IRA.
He wrote the majority opinion ( 6-3 ) in United States v. Schwimmer, in which the Hungarian immigrant's application for citizenship was denied because of her candid refusal to take an oath to " take up arms " for her adopted country.
The main sticking point is a refusal by the Irish Republican Army to allow photographs be taken of arms decommissioning and a refusal by the Democratic Unionist Party's Ian Paisley to witness disarmament himself.
On the night of 30 April 1685, troops commanded by Captain John Graham of Claverhouse shot John Brown for Brown's refusal to take the 1684 Oath of Abjuration () or to swear not to rise in arms against the king.
Quakers ' original refusal to bear arms has been broadened to embrace protests and demonstrations in opposition to government policies of war and confrontations with others who bear arms, whatever the reason, in the support of peace and active nonviolence.
He resigned, however, on 2 November, owing to the king's refusal to settle the difficulties with the Austrian Empire by an appeal to arms.

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