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regiment and was
Fresh on his mind were events of the past day when his whole regiment was destroyed in the hills.
The Americans lost forty-four men, among them Major Joseph Morris of Morgan's regiment, an officer who was regarded with high esteem and affection, not only by his commander, but by Washington and Lafayette as well.
In his absence, the rifle regiment was under the command of Major Thomas Posey, another able Virginian.
The truth is, however, that when Mel Chandler first reported to the regiment the only steed he had ever ridden was a swivel chair and the only weapon he had ever wielded was a pencil.
Sergeant Early let the new CO know just how lucky he was to be in the best troop in the best regiment in the United States Army.
But what made the load lighter was the realization that every officer, non-com and trooper was ready and willing to help him carry it, for the good of the troop and the regiment.
It was no coincidence that Goulding was one of the most beloved platoon leaders in the regiment.
When the Korean war began, on June 25, 1950, the anniversary of the day Custer had gone down fighting at the Little Big Horn and the day the regiment had assaulted the beachhead of Leyte during World War 2,, the 7th Cavalry was not in the best fighting condition.
The regiment was dug in on the east side of the river and the North Koreans were steadily building up a concentration of crack troops on the other side.
For an instant his men hesitated, unable to believe that their lieutenant, the most popular officer in the regiment, was dead.
So filled was Mel Chandler with the spirit of Garryowen that after Korea was over, he took on the job of writing the complete history of the regiment.
Although it was at the Battle of The Little Horn, about which more words have been written than any other battle in American history, that the 7th Cavalry first made its mark in history, the regiment was ten years old by then.
In 1703, Alexei was ordered to follow the army to the field as a private in a bombardier regiment.
After graduation and a brief sojourn at the Military School of Paris Napoleon applied for second-lieutenancy in the artillery regiment of La Fère at Valence and after a time was given the position.
The regiment was in Auxonne when the revolution broke out in the summer of 1789.
After a brief return to his regiment Napoleon was promoted to First Lieutenant and came home again on leave in 1791.
After acquiring an initial fleet of utility and transport aircraft, the squadron was attached to an interarmy support regiment.
De la Colonie, with his Grenadiers Rouge regiment, together with the Cologne Guards who were brigaded with them, was now ordered forward from his post south of Ramillies to support the faltering counter-attack on the village.
Borthwick was killed, as was Charles O ’ Brien, the Irish Viscount Clare in French service, fighting at the head of his regiment.

regiment and then
The British Ministry of Defence and Clarence House made a joint announcement on 22 February 2007 that Prince Harry would be deployed with his regiment to the front line in Iraq, to serve as part of the 1st Mechanised Brigade of the 3rd Mechanised Divisiona move supported by Harry, who had stated that he would leave the army if he was told to remain in safety while his regiment went to war ; he said: " There's no way I'm going to put myself through Sandhurst and then sit on my arse back home while my boys are out fighting for their country.
After the Napoleonic Wars the regiment received a new title: first, in 1815, its name was changed to The Duke of York's Own Rifle Corps and then, in 1830, to the King's Royal Rifle Corps ( KRRC ).
That same year his father, then Colonel of the 55th Foot ( later renumbered the 44th ), purchased a commission for Charles as an Ensign in the same regiment.
In 1671, plug bayonets were issued to the French regiment of fusiliers then raised.
The Royal Welsh ( The Royal Welch Fusiliers, 23rd of Foot ) was then the name of the first battalion of the new regiment, which still recruited across Wales.
He and his regiment were part of the Continental Army's unsuccessful invasion of Canada where he was sent to aid Benedict Arnold, during which he commanded a successful rear-guard action at the Battle of Trois-Rivières, and then led the distressed forces at Fort Ticonderoga.
At age sixteen, Millet entered the Massachusetts regiment, first as a drummer boy and then a surgical assistant ( helping his father, a surgeon ) in the American Civil War.
He then joined the Eastern Association under the command of the Earl of Manchester as a volunteer at the siege of Lincoln, and on 7 October 1643 he was commissioned as a major in Colonel King's regiment of foot.
Charles then personally organised an attack on Aderklaa, with the combined elements of infantry regiment 42 ( Erbach ) of the 1st Korps and Grenadier battalions Scovaud, Jambline and Brzeczinski from the Reserve Korps.
* An entire arm of service ; In several commonwealth countries, the entire artillery arm is often titled " regiment " ( e. g. the Regiment of Artillery ), and may then be sub-divided into " field regiments ".
Vimes then recruits the Watch into his own private army regiment, reasoning that, as an official noble, he is entitled to do so by law and by Lord Rust's command, with the group remaining independent as knights legally fall under command of the king or his duly-appointed representatives, neither of which exist in Ankh-Morpork.
Lamar then resigned his professorship in the university and was, on May 14, in Montgomery, offering his regiment to the Confederate War Department.
According to * Professor Godfrey Mũriũki, The individual initiation sets are then grouped into a regiment every nine calendar years.
In the spring of 1854, Thomas's artillery regiment was transferred to California and he led two companies to San Francisco via the Isthmus of Panama, and then on a grueling overland march to Fort Yuma.
Logan fought at Bull Run as an unattached volunteer to a Michigan regiment, and then returned to Washington, resigned his congressional seat, and entered the Union army as Colonel of the 31st Illinois Volunteers, which he organized.
Wolfe's regiment was then summoned to reinforce the main Allied army, now under the command of the Duke of Cumberland.
After discrediting the main claimants other than Joe Ekins, Brian Reid then discusses another possibility, as there was another armoured regiment much closer to Wittmann ’ s tank.
The fine condition of his regiment was noticed in the French Revolutionary Army section of the Rhine, and his organizing ability got him appointed in the headquarters, and then promoted Général de brigade.
He fought at the Battle of Marston Moor, commanded one of Cromwell's two regiments of cavalry at the Battle of Naseby and at the capture of Bristol, was then sent into Oxfordshire, took Banbury, and was besieging Worcester when he was superseded, according to Richard Baxter, the chaplain of his regiment, because of his religious orthodoxy.
He then applied to the King, in December, for consent to bring his regiment to serve him in England, and landed his men near Chester the following February.
The regiment's nickname, the " Cherry Pickers ", came from an incident during the Peninsular War, in which the 11th Light Dragoons ( as the regiment was then named ) were attacked while raiding an orchard at San Martin de Trebejo in Spain.
In the first Scottish war Fairfax had commanded a regiment in the king's army ; then on the outbreak of the Civil War in 1642 he became commander of the parliamentary forces in Yorkshire, with Newcastle as his opponent.
In 1882, he joined his regiment in South Africa, and served in the Bechuanaland Expedition of 1884-1885 on patrol duties, and then in Zululand in 1888.

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