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Some Related Sentences

relation and there
Pythagoras believed that behind the appearance of things, there was the permanent principle of mathematics, and that the forms were based on a transcendental mathematical relation.
When there are only two means to compare, the t-test and the ANOVA F-test are equivalent ; the relation between ANOVA and t is given by F = t < sup > 2 </ sup >.
A relation can be both symmetric and antisymmetric ( e. g., the equality relation ), and there are relations which are neither symmetric nor antisymmetric ( e. g., the " preys on " relation on biological species ).
Returning from this first missionary journey to Antioch, they were again sent up to Jerusalem to consult with the church there regarding the relation of Gentiles to the church ( Acts 15: 2 ; Galatians 2: 1 ).
In many countries, there is also a statutory duty to declare interests in relation to any transactions, and the director can be fined for failing to make disclosure.
Could one not say that, in the fortuitous combinations of the productions of nature, as there must be some characterized by a certain relation of fitness which are able to subsist, it is not to be wondered at that this fitness is present in all the species that are currently in existence?
So we can say that there is a relation between the apple and the table: namely, the relation of sitting-on.
* Is there a relation between cannibalism and amyloidosis?
His friends there included the poets Licinius Calvus, and Helvius Cinna, Quintus Hortensius ( son of the orator and rival of Cicero ) and the biographer Cornelius Nepos, to whom Catullus dedicated a libellus of poems, the relation of which to the extant collection remains a matter of debate.
# As experiences occur in the life of the individual, they are either, a ) symbolized, perceived and organized into some relation to the self, b ) ignored because there is no perceived relationship to the self structure, c ) denied symbolization or given distorted symbolization because the experience is inconsistent with the structure of the self.
He argues that there is a relation between political power and democide.
Derrida will prefer to follow the more " fruitful paths ( formalization )" of a general semiotics without falling in what he considered " a hierarchizing teleology " privileging linguistics, and speak of ' mark ' rather than of language, not as something restricted to mankind, but as prelinguistic, as the pure possibility of language, working every where there is a relation to something else.
In mathematics, a directed set ( or a directed preorder or a filtered set ) is a nonempty set A together with a reflexive and transitive binary relation( that is, a preorder ), with the additional property that every pair of elements has an upper bound: In other words, for any a and b in A there must exist a c in A with a ≤ c and b ≤ c.
* Conversely, corresponding to any partition of X, there exists an equivalence relation ~ on X.
* Given any set X, there is an equivalence relation over the set of all possible functions X → X.
This yields a convenient way of generating an equivalence relation: given any binary relation R on X, the equivalence relation generated by R is the smallest equivalence relation containing R. Concretely, R generates the equivalence relation a ~ b if and only if there exist elements x < sub > 1 </ sub >, x < sub > 2 </ sub >, ..., x < sub > n </ sub > in X such that a
* Given a transformation group G over A, there exists an equivalence relation ~ over A, whose equivalence classes are the orbits of G.

relation and gives
There, as in other natural sciences and engineering disciplines, the evolution rule of dynamical systems is given implicitly by a relation that gives the state of the system only a short time into the future.
This relation gives rise to exactly two equivalence classes: one class consisting of all even numbers, and the other consisting of all odd numbers.
The function ω ( k ), which gives ω as a function of k, is known as the dispersion relation.
* Rabbi Harold Kushner talks and gives stories in relation to his latest book Overcoming Life's Disappointments ( video )
" The relation between Anarchism and Naturism gives way to the Naturist Federation, in July 1928, and to the lV Spanish Naturist Congress, in September 1929, both supported by the Libertarian Movement.
It was the position of the Falkland Islands in relation to that route which gave and gives them their significance —- for the United States above all.
The refractive indices of water and air are approximately 1. 333 and 1, respectively, so Snell's law gives us the relation
There may be cases where the match probability in relation to all the samples tested is so great that the judge would consider its probative value to be minimal and decide to exclude the evidence in the exercise of his discretion, but this gives rise to no new question of principle and can be left for decision on a case by case basis.
And rearranging terms gives the recurrence relation
And rearranging terms gives the recurrence relation
* Gauss's law gives the relation between the electric flux flowing out a closed surface and the electric charge enclosed in the surface.
Using this etymology, scholar John Lindow gives the meanings " in-law-relationship ", scholar Andy Orchard provides " relation ", and scholar Rudolf Simek gives " relation by marriage ".
Hamal's orientation with relation to the Earth's orbit around the Sun gives it a certain importance not apparent from its modest brightness.
This gives a relation for work done as W
** Relation composition, an operation that takes relations and gives a single relation as the result
Solving this equation gives roughly the following relation between the ERB value and the frequency in Hz:
We note here that though Ritschl gives Jesus a unique and unapproachable position in His active relation to the kingdom, he declines to rise above this relative teaching.
CFMP are unusual in that they are classified as Peace Officers in the Criminal Code of Canada, which gives them the same powers as civilian law enforcement personnel to enforce Acts of Parliament on or in relation to DND property or assets anywhere in the world.
Informally, a skein relation gives a linear relation between the values of a knot polynomial on a collection of three links which differ from each other only in a small region.
Hamilton also gives one other relation between the symbols:

relation and is
In conformance with the maximization principle we affirm that Gentile-Jewish relations will be harmonious or inharmonious to the degree that one relation or the other is expected by the active participants to yield the greatest net advantage, taking all value outcomes and effects into consideration.
The appeal is going to be to the pocketbook and may be very convincing to those who do not see its relation to political and legal, as well as economic, self-rule.
He knows that he is thinking about action in relation to a future which can be perceived but dimly through a merciful fog.
He must deal with the question of how to manage a part when it cannot be handled without relation to the whole -- when the whole is too large to grasp.
This program is based on the policy of designing and building efficient machines which will help produce better textile values -- fabrics whose cost in relation to quality, fashion and utility provide the consumer with better textile products for the money.
Whether considered alone or in relation to other editions, COLH 40 is a document of prime importance.
The mean temperature of the surface was then computed according to the following relation: Af where x is the fraction of the plug area covered by the hot spot.
Many workers believe that the response is proportional to the incident momentum of the particles, a relation deduced from laboratory results linearly extrapolated to meteoritic velocities.
And the more complex the morphophonemic system is in relation to the phonemic base, the less easily a phonemic system will be analysed without close attention to the morphophonemics -- at least, the less satisfying will a phonemic statement be if it cannot be related through morphophonemic rules to grammatically meaningful structures.
Whether or not it is in the industry's interest to allow the basic wage rate to rise obviously depends upon the extent to which the public-limit price rises in response to a basic wage increase, and the relation of this response to the increase in costs accompanying the wage increase.
The first is that enforcement of national law in state litigation raises in reverse the old diversity puzzle of the relation of procedure to substance.
A parallel function for philosophy is the study of the relation between perceptions experientially received and conceptions logically formed.
that is, by being placed in such relation to the forms depicted within the illusion that these forms left no room for the typography except near the surface.
and it is as if the only stable relation left among the different parts of the picture is the ambivalent and ambiguous one that each has with the surface.
The luminous efficiency Af of a photocathode depends on the maximum radiant sensitivity Af and on the spectral distribution of the incident light Af by the relation: Af where Af is normalized radiant photocathode sensitivity.
It is very important indeed, in the field of extra-sensory perception and its relation to the survival hypothesis, to know whether the statements are actually only those which any intuitive person might venture and an eager sitter attach to himself.
There is general agreement also that sex union between husbands and wives as an expression of mutual affection without relation to procreation is right ''.
The crux of ecumenical advance is an even more personalized matter than the relation between congregations in the same community.
It is, he said, a bifocal vision, which can see both the near-at-hand and the distant and keep a Christian in right relation to both.
It is not disturbing them by thoughts of their Christian responsibility in relation to the world.
( 2 ) Realtors realize, of course, that they are involved in an increasingly complex legal and political system that is opening up opportunities for leverage on their relation to clients as well as opportunities for evasion of their responsibility for racial discrimination in housing.
Martin Heidegger argued that the relation between the subject and object is ambiguous, as is the relation of mind and body, and part and whole.

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