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relation and citizenship
There is a general view that citizenship in ancient times was a simpler relation than modern forms of citizenship, although this view has come under scrutiny.
The relation of citizenship has never been fixed or static, but constantly changes within each society.
Scholars suggest that the concept of citizenship contains many unresolved issues, sometimes called tensions, existing within the relation, that continue to reflect uncertainty about what citizenship is supposed to mean.
Athenian women had limited right to property and therefore were not considered full citizens, as citizenship and the entitlement to civil and political rights was defined in relation to property and the means to life.
Suffian LP in the case of PP v Mark Koding 1 MLJ 111 said, in relation to the amendments to Sedition Act in 1970, after the May 13 1969 riots, which added citizenship, language, special position of bumiputras and sovereignty of rulers to the list of seditious matters:
She writes and teaches on issues of intimacy and belonging in popular culture, in relation to the history and fantasy of citizenship.
* naturalized Canadians can have their citizenship revoked if convicted of fraud in relation to their citizenship application, or their original admission to Canada as an immigrant
The Greek ancestor's birth certificate and marriage certificate are required, along with the applicant's birth certificate, and the birth certificates of all generations in between until the relation between the applicant and the person with Greek citizenship is proven.
Signifies ( a ) " the relation in which a citizen stands to the state, the condition of a citizen, citizenship ," Acts 22: 28, " with a great sum obtained I this citizenship " ( KJV, " freedom ").
* Velazquez ( D-NY ): add language to the findings section of the bill recognizing the separate and distinct nature of Puerto Rican citizenship in relation to U. S. citizenship.
They suffer from disproportionate levels of poverty in relation to the general population and most of them lack citizenship cards.
4 and 5 – Made certain technical provisions in relation to both transitional matters and to the citizenship of certain individuals born before the Irish Free State ceased to form part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
Questions of " international law " might arise in relation to individual grants of citizenship, and whether these accorded with treaty.
The Greek ancestor's birth certificate and marriage certificate are required, along with the applicant's birth certificate, and the birth certificates of all generations in between until the relation between the applicant and the person with Greek citizenship is proven.
However, for many practical purposes, the concepts of municipal domicile and domicile in Finland are as important to the relation between the individual and the Finnish authorities as the individual's citizenship status.

relation and has
This prohibition on love has an especially poignant relation to art ; ;
A useful comment on his relation to his region may be made, I think, by noting briefly how in handling Southern materials and Southern problems he has deviated from the pattern set by other Southern authors while remaining faithful to the essential character of the region.
The myth of the Southern plantation has had only a tangential relation with actuality, as Francis Pendleton Gaines showed forty years ago, and I suspect it has had a far narrower acceptance as something real than has generally been supposed.
Nor has the training been enough in relation to the need.
The problem arises, if it does arise, when the educator has to make a choice or a decision within the area of his professional competence, but which bears some relation to the social structure.
When dealing with the actual relation of philosophy to the sociology of knowledge, or better the role of philosophy in assisting research on the social sources of ideas, one has to become necessarily selective.
The objection will be raised that the most important role of philosophy in relation to social science has been omitted, namely the status of ultimate value questions and norms operative in the social sciences.
and it is as if the only stable relation left among the different parts of the picture is the ambivalent and ambiguous one that each has with the surface.
Whenever a congregation really sees itself as a unit in the universal Church, in vital relation with the whole Body of Christ and participating in His mission to the world, a necessary foundation-stone of the ecumenical movement has been laid.
* Opaque: Meaning has no apparent relation to the sign itself
" The black race of Africa are inferior to the white man in point of intellect – better calculated in physical structure to undergo drudgery and hardship – standing, as they do, many degrees lower in the scale of gradation that expresses the relative relation between God and all that he has created than the white man.
Chinese astrology has a close relation with Chinese philosophy ( theory of the three harmonies: heaven, earth and man ) and uses concepts such as yin and yang, the Five phases, the 10 Celestial stems, the 12 Earthly Branches, and shichen ( 時辰 a form of timekeeping used for religious purposes ).
Ægir is an Old Norse word meaning " terror " and the name of a destructive giant associated with the sea ; ægis is the genitive ( possessive ) form of ægir and has no direct relation to Greek aigis.
Some philosophers deny that the concept of " being " has any meaning at all, since we only define an object's existence by its relation to other objects, and actions it undertakes.
The term " I am " has no meaning by itself ; it must have an action or relation appended to it.
So, some say, we can say that that relation has being.
We can say that that relation has being as well.
The President said in an interview that he has a good relation with neighbours and fellow CEMAC countries, " put aside the incident with Sudan when the border had to be closed since militia entered C. A. R.
It is not known whether these agreements are still valid, but Bozizé has anyway a continuously good relation with Libya.
Given that Bozizé accuses Sudan of supporting the UFDR rebels who are actively fighting the Central African Government, the relation between the two countries has remained good.
Following a series of currency devaluations, the crown has remained stable in relation to the U. S. dollar.
Following an interpretation of power similar to that of Machiavelli, Foucault defines power as immaterial, as a " certain type of relation between individuals " that has to do with complex strategic social positions that relate to the subject's ability to control its environment and influence those around itself.
" Truth ," as he defines it, is a " system of ordered procedures for the production, regulation, distribution, circulation, and operation of statements " which has a " circular relation " with systems of power.

relation and been
For example, George Livingstone Robinson's dissertation on chapters 9-14 concluded that those chapters had their origin in the period between 518 and 516 BCE and stand in close relation to chapters 1-8, having most probably been composed by Zechariah himself.
The photons that existed at the time of photon decoupling have been propagating ever since, though growing fainter and less energetic, since the expansion of space causes their wavelength to increase over time ( and wavelength is inversely proportional to energy according to Planck's relation ).
Jean Baudrillard has also been described as a critical theorist to the extent that he was an unconventional and critical sociologist ; this appropriation is similarly casual, holding little or no relation to the Frankfurt School.
This approach has been successful and influential in relation with Hilbert's work in algebra and functional analysis, but has failed to engage in the same way with his interests in physics and logic.
When a third variable is involved and has not been controlled for, the relation is said to be a zero order relationship.
For example, the dynamic history of the planetary atmosphere's CO < sub > 2 </ sub > and O < sub > 2 </ sub > composition has been affected by the biogenic flux of gases coming from respiration and photosynthesis, with levels fluctuating over time in relation to the ecology and evolution of plants and animals.
In their day Heimatfilms were of little interest to more scholarly film critics, but in recent years they have been the subject of study in relation to what they say about the culture of West Germany in the years of the Wirtschaftswunder.
Depictions of Fenrir have been identified on various objects, and scholarly theories have been proposed regarding Fenrir's relation to other canine beings in Norse mythology.
Although the logical consequence relation is only semidecidable, much progress has been made in automated theorem proving in first-order logic.
Marxist interpretations of the term have, for example, been applied in relation to Cuba under Fidel Castro and Vietnam under Ho Chi Minh.
Quantum mechanics has very accurately demonstrated this hypothesis, and the relation has been shown explicitly for particles as large as molecules.
His writings have been incorrectly attributed in the bibliographical authorities to a relation of George Abbot the archbishop of Canterbury.
The dynamic mechanism of the cooperativity in hemoglobin and its relation with the low-frequency resonance has been discussed.
Hunter ( 2000 ) states that in relation to King Bridei I of the Picts in the sixth century: " As for Shetland, Orkney, Skye and the Western Isles, their inhabitants, most of whom appear to have been Pictish in culture and speech at this time, are likely to have regarded Bridei as a fairly distant presence .”
Hypnotherapy has long been used in relation to childbirth.
However, the variety of single parent families regarding gender of the main parent has rarely been taken into reason when understanding the relation between family and child's negative outcomes.
In relation to the Council of Europe, Jersey – as a territory the United Kingdom is responsible for in international law – has been bound by the European Convention on Human Rights since the UK acceded to the treaty in 1951.

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