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relationship and between
The curious relationship between Holmes and Scotland Yard provides an important clue to the deeper significance of his eccentric behavior.
But first I want to quote him on the relationship that he found between religion and politics in this country and what happened to it.
As summer cooled into fall and winter, even so the relationship between the two men continued to grow colder by the day, and by December of 1834 it was icy.
There is a clear relationship between their educational evaluations and their basic pattern of general values.
And then there is St. Louis county, where the Democratic leadership has shown little appreciation of the need for sound zoning, of the important relationship between proper land use and economic growth.
The United States was engaged in a military attack on a peaceful, orderly people governed by a regime that had proved itself the most pro-Western and anti-Communist within any of the new nations -- the only place in Africa, moreover, where a productive relationship between whites and blacks had apparently been achieved.
and that competition for this share of the market was endangered by the financial relationship between the two concerns: ``
I endorse pending legislation that will restore the traditional relationship between retired and active duty pay rates.
His interest in finding a relationship between voltaic electricity and magnetism is here first indicated.
Beccaria had almost stumbled on a lead to the relationship between electricity and magnetism when a discharge from a Leyden jar was sent transversally through a piece of watch-spring steel making its ends magnetic.
The experiments of Romagnosi and others have already been noted but no one had determined the cause-and-effect relationship between these two primary forces.
There is a well-known relationship between probability and entropy which states that Af, where **zq is the probability that state ( i.e., volume for an ideal gas ) could be reached by chance alone.
The relationship between particle size and infectious dose is illustrated in Table 1.
Experience will show that only the vaguest generalities apply, and in fine, these merely dwell upon a relationship between the durations and intensities of events.
By and large, what happens to business as a whole will govern the relationship between demand and supply conditions in the capital markets and will thus determine interest rates.
Campbell studied the records of 172 school board members in twelve western cities over the period of 1931 - 40 and found `` little or no relationship between certain social and economic factors and school board competence '', as judged by a panel of professional educators who studied the voting records on educational issues.
From Fig. 6 the relationship between these parameters can readily be derived and the cutting force is Af where **yl is the shear strength of the coating and is a parameter of the coatings material, W is the width of the removed coating and T is its thickness.
One wife, described by a New York psychologist, so dominated her husband that she actually placed their sexual relationship on a schedule, writing it down right between the weekly PTA meetings and the Thursday-night neighborhood card parties.
This dinner was the start of a new blatancy in the relationship between the gangs and the politicians, which, prior to 1924, says Pasley, `` had been maintained with more or less stealth '', but which henceforth was marked by these ostentatious gatherings, denounced by a clergyman as `` Belshazzar feasts '', at which `` politicians fraternized cheek by jowl with gangsters, openly, in the big downtown hotels ''.
Still, these guesses about the outcome of the struggle cannot be as important as the actual power relationship between the Soviet Union and ourselves.
The same taut-nerved relationship as there had been between the passengers on the plane now strained at the three of them here on the boat.
Tracing the blues from its African roots among the slaves who were brought to this country and the West Indies, he stressed the close relationship between the early jazz forms and the music of the Negro churches.
A strange relationship between Joan Fulbright and himself.
The relationship between altruistic behavior and happiness is bidirectional.
Linguistic anthropology ( also called anthropological linguistics ) seeks to understand the processes of human communications, verbal and non-verbal, variation in language across time and space, the social uses of language, and the relationship between language and culture.

relationship and Egypt
AD 250 – 336 ), a Christian presbyter in Alexandria, Egypt, concerning the relationship of the persons of the Trinity (' God the Father ', ' God the Son ' ( Jesus of Nazareth ), and ' God the Holy Spirit ') and the precise nature of the Son of God as being a subordinate entity to God the Father.
The findings of archaeological excavations and research in Somalia show that this ancient civilization had had an ancient writing system that remains undeciphered and enjoyed a lucrative trading relationship with Ancient Egypt and Mycenaean Greece since at least the second millennium BC, which supports the view of Somalia being the ancient Kingdom of Punt.
Interpretations of the work often rely on an understanding of Egypt and Rome as they respectively signify Elizabethan ideals of East and West, contributing to a long-standing conversation about the play ’ s representation of the relationship between imperializing western countries and colonized eastern cultures.
Their names reflected their positions relative to the headwaters of the St. Lawrence River, the same relationship between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt:
During the reign of Shuttarna in the early 14th century BC the relationship was very amicable, and he sent his daughter Gilu-Hepa to Egypt for a marriage with Pharaoh Amenhotep III.
At the same time, the diplomatic relationship with Egypt went cold, the Egyptians fearing the growing power of the Hittites and Assyrians.
... You have written to me because of the good friendship and brotherly relationship between your brother, the king of Egypt, The Great and the Storm God will bring about peace, and he will make the brotherly relationship between the Egptian king, the Great King, and his brother, the Hatti King, the Great King, last for ever ... See, I have sent you a gift, in order to greet you, my sister ... for your neck ( a necklace ) of pure gold, composed of 12 bands and weighing 88 shekels, coloured linen maklalu-material, for one royal dress for the king ... A total of 12 linen garments.
From 1920, her relationship with Bryher became closer and the pair travelled in Egypt, Greece and the United States before eventually settling in Switzerland.
However, his relationship with Ben-Gurion soon turned acrimonious over the latter's insistence on investigating the Lavon Affair, an Israeli covert operation in Egypt, which had gone wrong a decade earlier.
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At the time, Cilician Armenia was in a precarious position between major powers, balancing between friendly relations with the Christian Europeans and Byzantine Empire, aggression from the Turkish Sultanate of Rum to the west, a vassal relationship with the aggressive Mongol Empire in the East, and defending itself from attacks from the South, from the Muslim Mamluks out of Egypt.
He maintains a special, covenantal father-child relationship with the people, giving them the Shabbat, stewardship of his oracles, and a unique heritage in the things of God, calling Israel " my son " because he delivered the descendants of Jacob out of slavery in Egypt according to his oath to their father, Abraham.
The relationship between Britain and Egypt continued to deteriorate during and after World War I.
In February 1953 an agreement was reached between Egypt, the Sudanese, and their British rulers for a transition from co-dominium rule to self-government within three years, followed by an election to determine the future relationship between Egypt and the Sudan.
The first was the critical constitutional question of the Sudan's relationship with Egypt.
Her two novels – Julian the Magician, dealing with the ambiguous relationship between the hermetic philosophies of the early Renaissance and Christianity ; and King of Egypt, King of Dreams, which imaginatively reconstructed the life and religious reformation of Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaton – blend fantasy and history.
As British Agent and Consul General in Egypt, Gorst quickly improved the Agency's relationship with Khedive Abbas Hilmi II, brought more Egyptians into responsible government positions, and weakened the Egyptian National Party.
Although strict British military occupation of Egypt ended by the early 1900s, the British and Egyptian relationship established through the Khedive and the Egyptian Army lasted until 1954.
Serekhs give us insight into the early architecture of ancient Egypt and the relationship between the First and Second Dynasties in particular by showing us the rare use of the Seth animal in a serekh.
He struck such an intimate relationship with the government in İstanbul that he became outspoken in his calls for British intervention on behalf of the Sultan against Muhammad Ali of Egypt in opposition to the policy of Canning.
After the February 1953 agreement by the United Kingdom and Egypt to grant independence to Sudan, the internal tensions over the nature of the relationship of north to south were heightened.

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