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relevant and theoretical
Along with dividing up their project by theoretical emphasis, anthropologists typically divide the world up into relevant time periods and geographic regions.
The relevant theoretical processes often go by the name " intuition ".
In the intermediate sense, it includes all relevant cultures and a range of musical forms, styles, genres and traditions, but tends to be confined to the humanities-a combination of historical musicology, ethnomusicology, and the humanities of systematic musicology ( philosophy, theoretical sociology, aesthetics ).
# the concept of " pivot " is a theoretical construct that is not relevant to this discussion.
A deictic center, sometimes referred to as an origo, is a set of theoretical points that a deictic expression is ‘ anchored ’ to, such that the evaluation of the meaning of the expression leads one to the relevant point.
In reflective problem solving and thoughtful decision making using critical thinking, one considers evidence ( like investigating evidence ), the context of judgment, the relevant criteria for making the judgment well, the applicable methods or techniques for forming the judgment, and the applicable theoretical constructs for understanding the problem and the question at hand.
Lexis ' theoretical works on social science epistemology are largely forgotten but very relevant today.
A Soviet biologist named Trofim Lysenko rejected Western science — then focused primarily on making advances in theoretical genetics, based on research with the fruit fly ( Drosophila melanogaster ) -- and proposed a more socially relevant approach to farming that was based on the collectivist principles of dialectical materialism.
Data-based analysis, investigation of fundamental physical processes, and the development of new methods is most relevant to the theoretical work.
Individual or small group efforts, or Small Science, is still relevant today as theoretical results by individual authors may have a significant impact, but very often the empirical verification requires experiments using constructions, such as the Large Hadron Collider costing between $ 5 and $ 10 billion.
Although there is still no complete understanding of the phenomenon, there is a variety of theoretical and experimental work providing a deeper understanding of the relevant effects.
A technician is a worker in a field of technology who is proficient in the relevant skills and techniques, with a relatively practical understanding of the theoretical principles.
Because some of the ideas surrounding superresolution raise serious fundamental issues, there is need at the outset to examine the relevant physical and information theoretical principles.
Hence the quantum mechanical methods developed in the 1930s and 1940s are often referred to as theoretical molecular or atomic physics to underline the fact that they were more the application of quantum mechanics to chemistry and spectroscopy than answers to chemically relevant questions.
This limit to blood flow considerations is problematic when claims are made that the theoretical models also are relevant to things without blood flow, like bacteria and coral.
In his introduction to List's The Secret of the Runes, Stephen E. Flowers ( 1988: 11 ) notes: " The HAO never really crystallized in List's lifetime – although it seems possible that he developed a theoretical body of unpublished documents and rituals relevant to the HAO which have only been put into full practice in more recent years ".
He was also among the first to claim that Gödel's incompleteness theorem is relevant for theories of everything ( TOE ) in theoretical physics.
These themes focus on theoretical meta-issues that are relevant to all fields within Hindu Studies, linking scholars in interdisciplinary dialogue.
In aeroacoustic studies, both theoretical and computational efforts are made to solve for the acoustic source terms in Lighthill's equation in order to make statements regarding the relevant aerodynamic noise generation mechanisms present.

relevant and concepts
A few years later Whitney and his American contemporaries succeeded in introducing the relevant concepts ( interchangeable parts, tool-path control via machine tools and jigs, transfer of skill to the equipment, allowing use of semi-skilled or unskilled machine operators ) to American firearm-manufacture.
There are several important concepts relevant to the distinction between the types of physicalism.
If both solute and solvent exist in equal quantities ( such as in a 50 % ethanol, 50 % water solution ), the concepts of " solute " and " solvent " become less relevant, but the substance that is more often used as a solvent is normally designated as the solvent ( in this example, water ).
Thus, in the long-standing debate on whether free will is compatible with the doctrine of determinism, several philosophers have proposed analyses of the relevant concepts to argue for either compatibilism or incompatibilism.
However, analyzing the relevant concepts and propositions, Russell proposed that what definite descriptions really express are not propositions of the subject-predicate form, but rather they express existentially quantified propositions.
In a general sense, a glossary contains explanations of concepts relevant to a certain field of study or action.
Substantive shall mean work requiring recognition, evaluation, organization, analysis, and communication of relevant facts and legal concepts.
Descartes is often credited with inventing the coordinate plane because he had the relevant concepts in his book.
Thinking might be criticized because one does not have all the relevant information – indeed, important information may remain undiscovered, or the information may not even be knowable – or because one makes unjustified inferences, uses inappropriate concepts, or fails to notice important implications.
The concepts of fate and destiny are highly relevant in adoption.
The confusion between the two disciplines stems, in part, from the practices of some ethnomethodologists Garfinkel, who sift through phenomenological texts, recovering phenomenological concepts and findings relevant to their interests, and then transpose these concepts and findings to topics in the study of social order.
* Sadhana's Raag-Hindustani-A comprehensive introduction to all the basic concepts of Hindustani classical music with relevant audio / video demonstrations and notations
HTML and SGML have two relevant concepts:
New demands and concepts should be introduced in a logical and relevant manner " A group of member who were uncomfortable with this distancing from Trotskyist ideology broke away in 1973 and formed the Revolutionary Socialist League in 1973, taking about a third of the membership.
Rather, one who understands the relevant concepts involved in the proposition that two minus one is one has what one might call an " intuition " of the truth of the proposition.
Since many of the philosophical concepts, such as his view of theodicy and the relationship between philosophy and religion, are relevant beyond strictly Jewish theology, it has been the work most commonly associated with Maimonides in the non-Jewish world and it is known to have influenced several major non-Jewish philosophers.
In his 1992, A Study of Concepts, Peacocke gives a detailed exposition of a philosophical theory of concept possession, according to which the nature and identity conditions for concepts may be given, in a non-circular way, by the conditions a thinker has to satisfy in order to possess the relevant concepts.
In a traditional back-of-the-book index the headings will include names of people, places and events, and concepts selected by a person as being relevant and of interest to a possible reader of the book.
* Data analysis and probability: The PSSM says that all students should learn to " formulate questions that can be addressed with data and collect, organize, and display relevant data to answer them ; select and use appropriate statistical methods to analyze data ; develop and evaluate inferences and predictions that are based on data ; understand and apply basic concepts of probability.
“ nclined planes ( frictionless or not ) didn't come up in ... high school chemistry class ... and the same can be said for some of the chemistry that really makes sense of biological phenomena .” For physics to be relevant to a chemistry course, students have to develop a truly fundamental understanding of the concepts of energy, force, and matter, beyond the context of specific applications like the inclined plane.
Earliest process models reflected the dynamics of the process with a practical process obtained by instantiation in terms of relevant concepts, available technologies, specific implementation environments, process constraints and so on.
Ronald Jones, describes the practice as working across disciplines, often furthest from their own creating a relevant integration between concepts, methods and theories.

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