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remaining and twenty
The leader, Danilo Ilić, was shot by a firing squad. The remaining assassins in custody were not yet twenty years old at the time of the assassination and so were given prison terms.
Unable to use any of the dilapidated buildings remaining on the island from previous occupants, they constructed a crude shelter from cement bags and tin salvaged from Quonset huts built by the American military twenty years earlier.
The treaty's signatories include twenty Lithuanian dukes and one dowager duchess ; it specifies that five of these were elder and thus took precedence over the remaining sixteen.
As an example of the system's ease a realistic scenario could include a farmer returning from the market with fifty asu heads of pig ( 200 ), less 30 asu ( 120 ) of pig bartered for 10 asu ( 40 ) of goats noting his new pig count total as twenty asu: 80 pigs remaining.
In Timmins, Twain started singing at bars at the age of eight to try to make ends meet, often earning twenty dollars between midnight and one in the morning performing for remaining customers after the bar had finished serving.
After Strummer's departure, the remaining seven Pogues recorded Waiting for Herb, which contained the band's third and final top twenty single, " Tuesday Morning ", which became their best-selling single internationally.
Frogs and toads are broadly classified into three suborders: Archaeobatrachia, which includes four families of primitive frogs ; Mesobatrachia, which includes five families of more evolutionary intermediate frogs ; and Neobatrachia, by far the largest group, which contains the remaining twenty four families of modern frogs, including most common species found throughout the world.
One hundred and twenty slaves died in combat or were immediately executed ; another 144 were brought to trial and executed ; remaining rebels were shipped off the island ( Davis, pp. 212 – 213 ).
Outer London comprises the twenty remaining boroughs of Greater London.
the remaining flesh of the animal ( in later rabbinical interpretation as one of the twenty four priestly gifts ) was later consumed by the priest and his family, except when the priest himself was the offerer ( such as in community offerings, and in the case of the Day of Atonement ), when it would be burnt outside the sanctuary.
Each team dresses twenty players, of whom two are goaltenders ; the remaining eighteen are called runners, and may be either forwards or defensemen.
The earliest recorded eruption of Hekla took place in 1104, since then there have been between twenty and thirty considerable eruptions, with the mountain sometimes remaining active for periods of six years with little pause.
The Federal cavalry pushed twenty miles north of Clinton to discourage remaining Confederate activity in the area.
After teaching for many years, Gregorovius took up residence in Italy in 1852, remaining in that country for over twenty years.
Of these twenty-one, twenty exhibit direct piezoelectricity, the remaining one being the cubic class 432.
No time was specified for compliance with item 4, twenty days were allowed for compliance with items 1 – 3, that is, until 31 December inclusive ; ten days more were allowed for compliance with the remaining demands, items 4 – 13.
It was divided into twenty books, of which the first nine remain entire, the tenth and eleventh are nearly complete, and the remaining books exist in fragments in the excerpts of Constantine Porphyrogenitus and an epitome discovered by Angelo Mai in a Milan manuscript.
On 29 May, the remaining twenty monks and eighteen lay brothers were required to take the oath ; those ten refusing were taken to Newgate Prison and left to starve.
The first twelve of Nonius's twenty books are organized grammatically around words or forms of words, and the remaining eight by subject matter such as clothing, weapons, food, etc.
Many of these are illustrated, most with fewer than ten remaining illustrations, but there are a number with twenty or more illustrations, and the exceptional Burgundian British Library Harley MS 4425 has 92 large and high quality miniatures, despite a date around 1500 ; the text was copied by hand from a printed edition.
After twenty years of operation, the facility closed on 21 September 1901 when the remaining 14 inmates were transferred to an industrial school on the mainland.
In England the play was adapted under the title Aesop by John Vanbrugh and first performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in London in 1697, remaining popular for the next twenty years.
The Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi, described the village remaining structures in 1992: " About twenty houses from the village are now occupied by the residents of Moshav Shomera.
Once one team has only two planets remaining, a twenty minute count down timer for their automatic surrender begins.

remaining and pieces
In his remaining 19 years he created less than 15 pieces, mostly reworking earlier themes, and while his fame grew he withdrew.
During transcription, all intron RNA is cut from the RNA primary transcript and the remaining pieces of the RNA primary transcript are spliced back together to become mRNA.
DPNs are typically used for circular knitting, especially smaller tube-shaped pieces such as sleeves, collars, and socks ; usually one needle is active while the others hold the remaining active stitches.
In 1949, it entrusted 2130 remaining unclaimed pieces ( including 1001 paintings ) to the Direction des Musées de France in order to keep them under appropriate conditions of conservation until their restitution and meanwhile classified them as MNRs ( Musees Nationaux Recuperation or, in English, the National Museums of Recovered Artwork ).
When time is running forward, the piece numbers increment from 0 – 7 ; with the time that piece 0 is transmitted is the coded instant, and the remaining pieces are transmitted later.
This possibility may occur because one player has no pieces remaining on the board in his or her color.
However, it is often not enough to accomplish his ends, leading him to hunt the remaining Triforce pieces.
If chiral pairs ( D and S ) are considered as identical, the remaining seven pieces can fill a 7 × 2 × 2 box.
Therefore, if you exclude the " T " piece, the maximum number of corners that can be filled by the remaining six pieces is seven ( one corner each for five pieces, plus two corners for the " L " piece ).
It also follows from this that in all solutions, five of the remaining six pieces will fill their maximum number of corners and one piece will fill one less than its maximum ( this is called the deficient piece ).
The remaining part of the stage swung back-and-forth in the gusts repeatedly slamming against the building, damaging cladding panels, breaking windows, and sending pieces onto the street below.
All of the remaining pieces on the first rank may move like the Queen, in all directions.
The remaining pieces all move like standard chess queens, but have unique methods of capture.
While the focus of scholarship in recent years has been to remove music from the " Josquin canon " ( including some of his most famous pieces ) and to reattribute it to his contemporaries, the remaining music represents some of the most famous and enduring of the Renaissance.
In all variants, the player who has no pieces remaining or cannot move owing to being blocked loses the game, unless otherwise stated.
All remaining white pieces are placed randomly on the first rank, with the following restrictions:
Since there are two each of the remaining pieces on the first rank, it is necessary to distinguish between them.
On January 18, 1939, Stokowski signed an eighteen-month contract with Disney to conduct the remaining pieces with the Philadelphia Orchestra.
When the other gods had found out what Tantalus had done, they put the remaining pieces of Pelops in a cauldron.
He is noted in Max Dixon's, The Wautagans as being instrumental in Jacob Brown's Purchase of one of the last remaining pieces of acreage along the Nolichucky River in Tennessee when he hosted a negotiations with the Cherokee on his farm in North Carolina.
The only remaining pieces of evidence of the original settlements of Palmenthal and Harold are the old Palmdale Pioneer cemetery located on the northeast corner of Avenue S and 20th Street East, recently acquired and restored by the city as part of a future historical park, and the old schoolhouse now relocated to McAdam Park.
Until the 1960s, people occasionally did cash in their tokens, but the remaining pieces have become very valuable through scarcity and historical interest.
Immediately after the end of the 8-issue series, Fegredo took over as cover artist on Milligan's long-running Shade, the Changing Man ( issues # 42-50 ), collaborated with Milligan on 1995's one-shot Face ( Jan ) and then returned to cover duties on Shade, producing all but one of the remaining pieces of art.

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