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report and which
The day before Election Day, to which we are entitled as a legal holiday, we were informed to report to our respective polls to work as `` workers of the party ''.
These are mentalities which crave action -- and they are beginning to get it, as Messrs. Salsich and Engh report on page 372.
The most surprising thing about the Twenty-second Congress of the Soviet Communist Party is that it is surprising -- perhaps quite as much, in its own way, as the Twentieth Congress of 1956, which ended with that famous `` secret '' report on Stalin.
As the result of an exhaustive review of the recommendations contained in this report, plus an analysis of our own enabling act, the Planning Division developed a number of basic planning objectives which caused a reorientation of its work program.
recommend to the Congress from time to time authorization for construction and operation, or for participation in the construction and operation, of a demonstration plant for any process which he determines, on the basis of subsections ( A ) and ( B ) above, has great promise of accomplishing the purposes of this Act, such recommendation to be accompanied by a report on the size, location, and cost of the proposed plant and the engineering and economic details with respect thereto ; ;
In the light of these circumstances, as well as the fact that the issue at trial in this respect centered entirely on the Department's recommendation, which petitioner repudiated but which both the appeal board and the courts below found supported by the record, we find no relevancy in the hearing officer's report and notes.
And lest anybody think that considerations such as these are not germane in a foundation report, let me enlighten them with the truths that, under Communism there would have been no capital with which to endow the Foundation, and that there would not be that individual freedom within which the Fellows might proceed, untrammeled in every way, toward their discoveries, their creative efforts for the good of mankind.
Contrary to usual organization-position evaluations, the position to which research-staff members report administratively will not necessarily encompass the duties of the research-staff member, therefore, are not necessarily evaluated as highly.
These area reports will be followed, according to present plans, by a summary report, which will include a detailed statement on methods.
Therefore employment and education in all the schools in a metropolitan area are related in different ways from those which are characteristic of the comprehensive high school described in my first report.
The bill, which Daniel said he drafted personally, would force banks, insurance firms, pipeline companies and other corporations to report such property to the state treasurer.
A House committee which heard his local option proposal is expected to give it a favorable report, although the resolution faces hard sledding later.
In the above mentioned report of the Notre Dame Chapter of the American Association of University Professors, the basic outlook of the new breed of lay faculty emerges very clearly in the very statement of the problem as the members see it: `` Even with the best of intentions he ( the President of the university ) is loath to delegate such authority and responsibility to a group the membership of which, considered ( as it must be by him ) in individual terms, is inhomogeneous, mortal and of extremely varying temperament, interests and capabilities.
It is particularly interesting that those who framed the report should refer to `` the organization which actually owns the university '': this seems to show an awareness of the fact that there is more to the problem than the ordinary issue of clerical-lay tension.
Instead -- and not just to prove my objectivity -- I hasten to report that it's a highly amusing film which probably does a fairly accurate job of reporting on the Easter vacation shenanigans of collegians down in Fort Lauderdale, and that it seems to come to grips quite honestly with the moral problem that most commonly vexes youngsters in this age group -- that is to say, sex.
Both Stephanus and Eustathius write of these Amazons in connection with the placename Thibais, which they report to have been derived from Thiba's name.
The results of this work was the report A Public Trust at Risk: The Heritage Health Index Report on the State of America's Collections, which was published in December 2005 and concluded that immediate action is needed to prevent the loss of 190 million artifacts that are in need of conservation treatment.
Critics claimed the popular media were wrong to report monarch butterflies were threatened because this experiment did not duplicate natural conditions under which monarch caterpillars may come in contact with corn pollen.
There have been repeated findings that between a third and a half of adults diagnosed with bipolar disorder report traumatic / abusive experiences in childhood, which is associated on average with earlier onset, a worse course, and more co-occurring disorders such as PTSD.
One out of three people with bipolar disorder report past attempts of suicide or complete it, and the annual average suicide rate is 0. 4 %, which is 10 to 20 times that of the general population.
It was during this cruise with Hornigold that the earliest known report of Teach was made, in which he is recorded as a pirate in his own right, in command of a large crew.
In 1794, Barère submitted to the Comité de salut public his " report on the idioms ", in which he said that " federalism and superstition speak breton ".
In January 1921, the British Labour Commission produced a report on the situation in Ireland which was highly critical of the government's security policy.

report and was
I seized the rack and made a western-style flying-mount just in time, one of my knees mercifully landing on my duffel bag -- and merely wrecking my camera, I was to discover later -- my other knee landing on the slivery truck floor boards and -- but this is no medical report.
The second specific comment was the report of Eisenhower's Commission on National Goals, titled Goals For Americans.
`` Don't forget, here was a man who had been accusing his colleagues for almost a year of willfully attempting to present an incorrect report.
`` I thought the entire report was going to be confidential from beginning to end.
`` The reason for that report was to settle the matter of the list.
`` The case was that Bang-Jensen came up to Shann claiming he had found further errors in the report.
`` Shann was responsible for the report.
It was a good report, he did all he could to make it a good report.
The first act of Adoniram and Samuel on reaching Calcutta was to report at the police station, a necessity when landing in East India Company territory.
The report was: ``
A report of Sr. Edw Grevyles minaces to the Baileefe Aldermen & Burgesses of Stratforde '' tells how Quiney was injured by Greville's men: `` in the tyme Mr. Ryc' Quyney was bayleefe ther came some of them whoe beinge druncke fell to braweling in ther hosts howse wher thei druncke & drewe ther dagers uppon the hoste: att a faier tyme the Baileefe being late abroade to see the towne in order & comminge by in hurley burley came into the howse & commawnded the peace to be kept butt colde nott prevayle & in hys endevor to sticle the brawle had his heade grevouselye brooken by one of hys ( Greville's ) men whom nether hymselfe ( Greville ) punnished nor wolde suffer to be punnished but with a shewe to turne them awaye & enterteyned agayne ''.
Corroborating Mr. Hodges' figures was the Federal Reserve Board's report of the large sales increase in the nation's department stores for the week ending March 4.
Another optimistic sign, this one from the Labor Department, was the report that the long rise in unemployment compensation payments `` was interrupted for the first time in the week ending Feb. 25 ''.
According to one report, however, Mr. Hammarskjold was considered `` too controversial '' a figure to warrant bestowal of the coveted honor last spring.
he was simply to listen and report back what he heard.
He claims that he was denied due process of law in violation of the Fifth Amendment, because ( 1 ) at a hearing before a hearing officer of the Department of Justice, he was not permitted to rebut statements attributed to him by the local board, and ( 2 ) at the trial, he was denied the right to have the hearing officer's report and the original report of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as to his claim.
Petitioner was not entitled to have the hearing officer's notes and report, especially since he failed to show any particular need for them and he did have a copy of the Department of Justice's recommendation to the appeal board.

report and only
In his report to the Attorney General, the hearing officer suggested that the petitioner be exempt only from combatant training and service.
According to a newspaper report of the 1961 statistics of the Church of England, the `` total of confirmed members is 9,748,000, but only 2,887,671 are registered on the parochial church rolls '', and `` over 27 million people in England are baptized into the Church of England, but roughly only a tenth of them continue ''.
In a report released in 2012-01-19, Armenian military official site said that 36 Armenian soldiers died in 2011, and that only 10 of them were shot by Azerbaijani forces.
The army report that day contains only one phrase: “ All quiet on the Western Front .” As Paul dies, his face is calm, “ as though almost glad the end had come .”
Since the aircraft normally approached these speeds only in a dive, pilots would report the aircraft attempting to nose over into the ground.
Not only the fandom, but the main cast members of both Buffy and Angel series, expressed disagreement with the report on Twitter and in recent interviews.
In the second Beeching report of 1965 only the " major trunk routes " were selected for large-scale investment, leading many to speculate the rest of the network would eventually be closed.
Tacitus reports that " according to one report almost eighty thousand Britons fell " compared with only four hundred Romans.
Although verbal report is in practice the " gold standard " for ascribing consciousness, it is not the only possible criterion.
During ordinary non-dream sleep, people who are awakened report only vague and sketchy thoughts, and their experiences do not cohere into a continuous narrative.
If there is only one boy found, the High Lamas will invite Living Buddhas of the three great monasteries together with secular clergy and monk officials, to confirm their findings and will then report to the Central Government through the Minister of Tibet.
Example: the actual temperature is 23. 234456544453 degrees but if only two digits ( 23 ) are assigned to this parameter in a particular digital representation ( e. g. digital thermometer or table in a printed report ) the quantizing error is: 0. 234456544453.
Today, the only linemen who can receive a forward pass are the ends and, if they report as eligible prior to the snap, the offensive tackle.
Our only lengthy first-hand report of conditions among the Huns is by Priscus, who formed part of an embassy to Attila.
The former focus on creating new and improving existing infrastructure ( especially the software environment they work with ), while the latter primarily and strongly emphasize the general act of circumvention of security measures, with the effective use of the knowledge ( which can be to report and help fixing the security bugs, or exploitation for criminal purpose ) being only rather secondary.
An IRIN news report of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs noted: " Hezbollah not only has armed and political wings – it also boasts an extensive social development program.
The commission was only consultative but did make a report to Paul VI approved by a majority of members, proposing that he might use his authority to approve at least some form of contraception for married couples.
In May 2006, it was announced that a large search effort led by the Cornell team had been suspended for the season with only a handful of unconfirmed, fleeting sightings to report.
Neither the prosecution or the defense can effectively challenge the Pieter Baan Centre's report, since it is the only institution that can conduct such investigations.
The conclusions in the centre's report are not binding, the judge can decide to ignore, or only partially accept them.
In 2000, the Clothier report noted that " over the centuries Jersey has had many parties, by which one means only a coming together of like minds to achieve a particular objective.
* 1981 – The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that five people in Los Angeles, California have a rare form of pneumonia seen only in patients with weakened immune systems, in what turns out to be the first recognized cases of AIDS.
His report delighted Hitler, causing him to remark that Ribbentrop was the only person who told him " the truth about the world abroad ".
Robert the Monk is the only contemporary chronicler of the crusade to report that Godfrey took the title " king ".

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