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residential and part
Statistical information is utilised to formulate operating rules for large dams forming part of systems which include agricultural, industrial and residential demands.
Located northwest of central Stockholm, it is divided by the Stockholm Metro blue line into a western part which is primarily a working class and middle class residential area, and an eastern part occupied by commercial ventures, mostly in the telecommunication and information technology industry.
The nations in Lund are a central part of the university's history, initially serving as residential colleges for students, organized by geographic origin.
The Delphi residential area, located in the northern part of Lund, is one of the large student housing complexes run by AF Bostäder.
This part of the city includes moderate-density residential areas and some green areas.
Housing is divided among eleven residential colleges, which form an integral part of student life at the University ( see Residential colleges of Rice University.
A suburb is a residential area, either existing as part of a city ( as in Australia and New Zealand, and generally in the United Kingdom ) or as a separate residential community within commuting distance of a city ( as in the United States and Canada ).
Since then the southern part ( from Poughkeepsie south ) of the county has developed into a largely residential area, suburban in character, with many of its residents commuting to jobs in New York City.
In the eastern part of the Comancheria between the Colorado River and Red Rivers roamed the Nokonis ( Nokoni Nʉʉ — ‘ Movers ’, ‘ Returners ’), and south of them the strong associated smaller bands or residential groups of the Tenawa ( Tahnahwah or Tenahwit — ‘ Those Who Live Downstream ’) and Tanima ( Tanimʉʉ, Dahaʉi or Tevawish — ‘ Liver-Eaters ’).
Some controversy regarding large-scale commercial and residential development is part of ongoing local conversation.
Further adding to confusion is the spread of " Princeton " as part of business, church and residential development even further beyond the boundaries of the Township and Borough.
Hippo was an ancient bishopric and still is the name of a Roman Catholic titular see in the former Roman province of Numidia, since French colonial rule a part of the residential see of Constantine.
After the war, the area beyond Edgware was made part of the Metropolitan Green Belt, largely preventing the anticipated residential development in the area, and the potential demand for services from Bushey Heath thus vanished.
Cranham is a residential suburb in northeast London, England and part of the London Borough of Havering.
The London and North Eastern Railway opened a station here, which had a significant impact on the residential and commercial development of the neighbourhood in the latter part of the 19th century.
A great deal of residential development commenced in the village and it gradually became part of the London commuter belt.
Rotherhithe () is a residential district in southeast London, England, and part of the London Borough of Southwark.
Subsequently becoming part of the Guy's Hospital Teaching Group in 1966, it closed in 1985 and the site has been redeveloped into the residential Ann Moss Way.
One of several areas of art deco houses in SelsdonOne side of the residential area of Selsdon is bordered by Selsdon Wood, and the whole area used to be part of Selsdon Park Estate, once well known as hunting and shooting grounds in the area.
Still, residential building continued, this time on the other side of the A2016, which effectively cut this part of Thamesmead off from any form of rail travel to central London.
The western part of Enfield is largely residential, with shopping centres in Southgate, Palmers Green and Cockfosters.
The residential area is split into two sections known as the " village " and the " town ", with the High Street being part of the original medieval village, and the " town " being part of the modern development since the building of the railway station in 1838.

residential and Parkville
The Athlete's Village has since been converted into a residential area known as Parkville Gardens.
This was further reduced to with the rapid increase of population from the Victorian gold rush, to form the suburb of Parkville from three new residential areas, Parkville North, South and West.
Established in 1954, it is situated on 48 Drummond St in Carlton, Victoria, away from other residential colleges in Parkville.

residential and South
In India, especially in South India, residential plots are measured in cents or decimel, which is one hundredth of an acre, or.
South of the World Financial Center lies the majority of Battery Park City's residential areas, in three sections: " Gateway Plaza ", a high-rise building complex ; the " Rector Place Residential Neighborhood " and the " Battery Place Residential Neighborhood ".
Additionally, the Downtown Alliance provides a free bus service that runs along North End Avenue and South End Avenue, connecting the various residential complexes with subway stations on the other side of West Street.
* South Jakarta ( Jakarta Selatan ), originally planned as a satellite city, is now the location of large upscale shopping centres and affluent residential areas.
The residential college system proposed by President Lovett was adopted in 1958, with the East Hall residence becoming Baker College, South Hall residence becoming Will Rice College, West Hall becoming Hanszen College, and the temporary Wiess Hall becoming Wiess College.
The area north of the Highway # 1 from the South Central Peninsula is called the North End ; both areas being predominantly urban residential older housing which is undergoing gentrification.
In South Korea, Unification Church manages some 4, 600 hectares of land and more than 300 residential and commercial rental properties.
# Seaport district — characterized by century-old low-rise buildings and South Street Seaport ; the seaport is " quiet, residential, and has an old world charm " according to one description.
The first phase of residential development occurred in the summer of 1996 with Celebration Village, West Village and Lake Evalyn ; this was followed by the North Village, South Village, East Village and Aquila Reserve and the final Artisan Park phases.
The downtown core situated on a peninsula between two narrow inlets, South Bay and Artillery Bay, features mostly Mediterranean-style, three-story residential buildings with columned balconies and Venetian-style arches, with retail and commercial spaces occupying the ground level.
The area from South Temple North to 6th Avenue is a Historical District that is nearly entirely residential, and contains many historical Victorian era homes.
In that year it gained a carrier licence, offering long distance services to the residential market and building communications networks for the South Australian and Victorian governments.
A short distance later, at the second intersection with Old South Avenue, the route becomes state-maintained again and continues past businesses, intersecting County Route 655 ( Martine Avenue ) before it heads into residential neighborhoods and meets County Route 601 ( Laurel Place ).
In South Africa, under Apartheid, the term township ( or location ) in everyday usage, came to mean a residential development that confined non-whites ( Blacks, " coloureds ," and Indians ) living near or working in white-only communities.
It heads north on a divided highway with parking spaces in the median through residential areas of South Seaside Park.
* Aga Khan Academies, a network of residential schools in Africa, South and Central Asia, and the Middle East
Clapham South is a largely residential area encompassing the Southern parts of the Common including Clapham Common Westside and the streets radiating off the Southside and Cavendish Road including the Southern section of Kings Avenue leading up to Balham.
Some of South London's priciest residential streets can be found in Clapham, including The Chase, Macaulay Road, Orlando Road, Grafton Square, Elms Grove, Elms Road and Rodenhurst Road as well as the North, South and West sides of Clapham Common.
Southall is primarily a South Asian residential district, sometimes known as " Little India ".
Tolworth is a mostly residential area of outer South London in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, located south west of Charing Cross.
The oldest buildings on the site, built in the early 1850s, had originally been a large Poor Law residential ' district ' school belonging to the South Metropolitan Schools District.
In between the two are built-up and inner-city districts of Brixton, Brixton Hill, Streatham Hill, Clapham, Clapham Park, Herne Hill, Stockwell and Kennington which are each at different stages of gentrification and have elements of suburban and urban settlement while Vauxhall and South Lambeth are central districts being redeveloped with high density business and residential properties.
For administrative purposes, the borough is split into North and South Hillingdon with more industrial units to the south and residential suburban areas in the north.
A ferry had been provided between the southerly tip of Great Yarmouth and Gorleston, it provided a way of getting between the factories on South Denes and the mostly residential areas of Gorleston without taking a long detour over the bridge.

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