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restricted and principle
This principle differs from the special principle in two ways: first, it is restricted to mechanics, and second, it makes no mention of simplicity.
The claimed principle was simple: export of munitions — guns, bombs, planes, and software — was ( and remains ) restricted ; but the export of books is protected by the First Amendment.
* 1968 — Brandon Carter speculates that perhaps the fundamental constants of nature must lie within a restricted range to allow the emergence of life ; first use of the strong anthropic principle
The underlying principle goes back to Samuel Johnson's notion that words should be defined using ' terms less abstruse than that which is to be explained ', and a defining vocabulary provides the lexicographer with a restricted list of high-frequency words which can be used for producing simple definitions of any word in the dictionary.
They were based upon two principles: that war should be restricted to combatants and any means adopted which offended that principle should be proscribed ancient principle had been articulated by Honore Bonet in the 15th century and was based upon the proposition that war was a relation between state and state and not between man and man ; second was the principle that the means to attain victory in war were not unlimited.
The specific rules of restricted free agency vary among the major professional sports, but in principle it means that a player is free to solicit offers from other teams for new contracts.
However, Rawls also insists, like Popper, that society has a reasonable right of self-preservation that supersedes the principle of tolerance: " While an intolerant sect does not itself have title to complain of intolerance, its freedom should be restricted only when the tolerant sincerely and with reason believe that their own security and that of the institutions of liberty are in danger.
After the restoration of the monarchy under Charles II, the supremacy of parliament was a settled principle and all future English and later British sovereigns were restricted to the role of constitutional monarchs with limited executive authority.
Declassification is the process of documents that formerly were classified as secret ceasing to be so restricted, often under the principle of freedom of information.
While in principle the word may refer to any systematic study of narrative, in practice its usage is rather more restricted.
Other approaches include the discrepancy principle, cross-validation, L-curve method, restricted maximum likelihood and unbiased predictive risk estimator.
Although its legal force is restricted to National Parks, it seems as though this important principle may have wider uses.
This extension enabled Goulburn gaol to operate on the principle of restricted association which was gradually being adopted throughout the Colony.
That legal principle resulted in the creation of a large number of dependent states with restricted sovereignty or colonial autonomy.
In European feudal states, " ownership " of land, that is to say allodial possession, was generally restricted to monarchs and was thus rarely an operative principle.
*** SAS ( Société par actions simplifiée ): ≈ unlisted public company ( Au ), close corporation ( CC ) ( S. Africa ), private corporation ( Can ); often used for subsidiaries ; minimum of one director and two members / shareholders ; no limit on share capital ; liability can be restricted to director ; no " one share-one vote " principle
There is also a variant called " rjoe ", which is restricted in that it allows one to edit only the files specified on the command line ( which can be useful to enforce the principle of least privilege ).
As the title suggests, it dealt with card play at the highest level, including some ideas that were novel at the time, for instance, inferences from events that did not occur, and the principle of restricted choice.
In contract bridge, the principle of restricted choice states that play of a particular card decreases the probability its player holds any equivalent card.
Jeff Rubens ( 1964, 457 ) stated the principle thus: " The play of a card which may have been selected as a choice of equal plays increases the chance that the player started with a holding in which his choice was restricted.
In principle, the sail and its supporting structures, or the sail system, are not restricted to be for solar-sail propulsion, but they could be designed for either laser or microwave propulsion ( i. e. beam-driven propulsion ) or, as recently proposed, for solar and beam-driven purposes.

restricted and Every
Many principles that imply the axiom of choice in their general form ( such as " Every vector space has a basis ") become provable in weak subsystems of second-order arithmetic when they are restricted.
# Personal right: Every person has a right to life but this right is restricted and has attached certain duties – simple living is essential.
* Every Stein manifold is holomorphically spreadable, i. e. for every point, there are holomorphic functions defined on all of which form a local coordinate system when restricted to some open neighborhood of.

restricted and partially
:“ The human being striving for rationality and restricted within the limits of his knowledge has developed some working procedures that partially overcome these difficulties.
In general, every UML element may appear on almost all types of diagrams ; this flexibility has been partially restricted in UML 2. 0.
MAC can simulate RBAC if the role graph is restricted to a tree rather than a partially ordered set.
In addition, access to Kryptonian technology and artifacts is initially severely restricted such as the ship containing a phantom zone projector and Braniac's technology, although Superman later finds a devastated colony in Krypton's solar system with partially salvagable technology in addition to Kara In-Ze in her functioning cryostasis capsule.
Here, information is understood to be restricted in access, costly and often only partially available.
By the time the embargo was partially lifted in early November 1944, allowing restricted food transports over water, the unusually early and harsh winter had already set in.
Each patient partially preserved restricted sensory representations, as evidenced by slow evoked magnetic fields and gamma band activity.
In a box-and-pan brake, the clamping bar includes several removable blocks, which may be removed and rearranged to permit bending of restricted areas of a piece of sheet metal or of already partially formed pieces.
Neyland was partially reprieved because silting of Goodwick harbour restricted its use, and for a little over one hundred years, Neyland was a busy rail and sea port.
Uniquely in Montreal, Verdun was a partially dry community, with taverns, night clubs and cabarets banned since 1965, and alcohol sales restricted to restaurants with liquor licences, grocery stores and the SAQ.
The film is almost totally restricted to her apartment's bedroom, decorated by a huge reproduction of Poussin's Midas and Bacchus ( c. 1630 ) depicting naked and partially clothed men.
The contract was signed a full year before Brown hit restricted free agency, partially because young forwards Dustin Penner of the Anaheim Ducks and Tomas Vanek of the Buffalo Sabres had just received lucrative offer sheets in restricted free agency, and the Kings did not want Brown to get one.
However, because the right elevator cable was partially restricted, both pilots had to apply back pressure on the yoke for the landing flare.

restricted and ordered
More recently there has been greater tolerance by the Chinese government, though many internationally acclaimed artists are still restricted from media exposure at home or have exhibitions ordered closed.
Soon thereafter, the Portuguese were permanently expelled, members of the Portuguese diplomatic mission were executed, all subjects were ordered to register at a Buddhist or Shinto temple, and the Dutch and Chinese were restricted, respectively, to Dejima and to a special quarter in Nagasaki.
Interestingly, use of the Union Flag as an ensign on a civilian craft remains illegal to this day ever since Charles I ordered it be restricted to His Majesty's ships " upon pain of Our high displeasure " in the 17th century, mainly due to its unauthorised use by merchant mariners to avoid paying harbour duties by passing themselves off as Royal vessels.
He also ordered personal luggage be restricted to.
Once at Fort Leavenworth, Frémont was restricted to barracks and ordered court-martialed for insubordination and willfully disregarding an order.
* 1685-Louis XIV of France decrees the Code noir ( Black Code ) that ordered all Jews out of the French colonial empire, defined the rules for slavery, restricted the activities of free Negroes, and forbade the exercise of any religion other than Roman Catholicism.
There is still historical debate over whether a market was being held that particular Monday: the Basque government had, prior to the bombing, ordered a general halt to markets to prevent blockage of roads, and restricted large meetings.
Eventually, General Pershing ordered that the prostitutes be restricted to the southern end of the camp where they would be inspected and certified by the military medical officers.
In quantum field theory, the Wightman distributions can be analytically continued to analytic functions in Euclidean space with the domain restricted to the ordered set of points in Euclidean space with no coinciding points.
The company, Gamma Systems Associates, ordered restricted equipment from ISC, then shipped it on to South Africa on board airliners.
They ordered papal legates to reform the universities and restricted student boycotts and strikes.

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