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return and Catholic
This movement was encouraged by the Catholic Church, the most important patron of the arts at that time, as a return to tradition and spirituality.
In the English Reformation, all monasteries were dissolved and their lands confiscated by the Crown, forcing their Catholic members to flee into exile on the Continent, although during the 19th century they were able to return to England, including to Selby Abbey in Yorkshire, one of the few great monastic churches to survive the Dissolution.
* 1501 2 December – Acknowledging the importance of the town, the Catholic Monarchs asked the Duke of Medina Sidonia for the return of Gibraltar to the domains of the crown.
Rather than return to her Roman Catholic brother James Francis Edward Stuart, the English Parliament decided that Sophia of Hanover and her descendants should succeed ( Act of Settlement 1701 ).
The Wars of Religion culminated in the War of the Three Henrys ( 1584 – 1598 ) in which the royalist King Henry III of France assassinated Henry de Guise, leader of the Spanish-backed Catholic league and the king was murdered in return, followed by the ascension of the Huguenot Henry of Navarre to the French throne.
Under Maritain's influence Cocteau made a temporary return to the sacraments of the Catholic Church.
When Cardinal Jacopo Sadoleto wrote a letter to the city council inviting Geneva to return to the Catholic faith, the council searched for an ecclesiastical authority to respond to him.
It included a call to oriental communities adhering to Miaphysite theology to return to the Catholic Church.
Mary I of England, who tried to return England to the Roman Catholic Church
This decade also marked the return of Catholic authors ( Josef Florian, Jakub Deml, Jaroslav Durych, Josef Váchal ) and the first entrance of the avant-garde into Czech literature, seeking to document the rapid changes in society and modernization.
But the story, even as told by his biographer, does not represent Cecil's conduct as having been very courageous ; and it is more revealing that he found no seat in the parliament of 1558, for which Mary had directed the return of " discreet and good Catholic members ".
In 1628 he commanded the nobility also to return to the Catholic faith.
Anne drew criticism from the Kirk for keeping Henrietta Gordon, wife of the exiled Catholic George Gordon, Marquess of Huntly, as a confidante ; after Huntly's return in 1596, the St Andrews minister David Black called Anne an atheist and remarked in a sermon that " the Queen of Scotland was a woman for whom, for fashion's sake, the clergy might pray but from whom no good could be hoped.
While not effecting a return to the old Christian order, the treaty did provide certain civil guarantees to the Church, acknowledging " the Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman religion " as that of the " majority of French citizens.
This was during the period of the Great Schism within the Roman Catholic Church, however, and she had to wait for the return of the papacy to Rome from the French city of Avignon, a move for which she agitated for many years.
On the accession of the Catholic Mary I of England, Vermigli was permitted to return to Strasbourg, where, after some opposition raised on the ground that he had abandoned Lutheran doctrine, he was reappointed professor of theology.
Following his return to Montpellier, Comte soon came to see unbridgeable differences with his Catholic and Monarchist family and set off again for Paris, earning money by small jobs.
Other claims regarding the crack in the bell include stories that it was damaged while welcoming Lafayette on his return to the United States in 1824, that it cracked announcing the passing of the British Catholic Relief Act 1829, and that some boys had been invited to ring the bell, and inadvertently damaged it.
On his return, he founded and edited El Pensamiento de la Nación, a Catholic and conservative weekly ; however, his fame rests principally on El Protestantismo comparado con el Catolicismo en sus relaciones con la Civilización Europea ( Protestantism and Catholicity compared in their Effects on the Civilization of Europe ), an able defence of Catholicism on the ground that it represents the spirit of obedience or order, as opposed to Protestantism, the spirit of revolt or anarchy.
In February 1557 Balnaves was permitted to return to Scotland and regain his property ; probably it was thought that Queen Mary's burnings would have cooled the ardour of his English affections, and that in the war threatening between two Catholic countries, Balnaves would serve his own.
On his return to Strasbourg, he stepped up his attacks on Catholic rites and ceremonies, and on 2 July published the Ein Summarischer vergriff der Christlichen Lehre und Religion ( Concise Summary of Christian Doctrine and Religion ), a confessional statement calling on Strasbourg to repent and to defend reformed principles outlined in twenty-nine articles.
After the defeat at Battle of Kappel ( 11 October 1531 ), where Zwingli fell, the Aargau region ( including Bremgarten ) had to return to the Catholic faith.
Frederick's advisers in the Electoral Palatinate were worried that if Elizabeth Stuart were married to a Catholic prince, this would upset the confessional balance of Europe, and they were thus determined that she would marry Frederick V. Hans Meinhard von Schönberg, who had served as Frederick V's hofmeister since his return to Heidelberg, was sent to London to court the princess in spring 1612.
On their return homeward in the evenings some of them would pass through Catholic neighbourhoods, and " stop at the doors of Catholic homes to play party tunes ".

return and hierarchy
Morris began to adopt Ruskin's philosophy of rejecting the tawdry industrial manufacture of decorative arts and architecture in favour of a return to hand-craftsmanship, raising artisans to the status of artists, creating art that should be affordable and hand-made, with no hierarchy of artistic mediums.
The Bogomils called for a return to early Christianity, rejecting the ecclesiastical hierarchy, and their primary political tendencies were resistance to the state and church authorities.
# Opposition to the ecclesiastical hierarchy and return of the Church to its original ideals of humility and poverty
He was sent to England where he was consecrated by Archbishop Ralph of Canterbury, but on his return he was prevented from entering his see by those who wanted Dublin integrated with the Irish hierarchy.
A number of successes in 2007 marked his return to the playing level he had before his retirement, hinting at the possibility of becoming again a challenger for the very top of the world's chess hierarchy.
In return for their privileges, however, the Matabele people both men and women had to submit to a strict discipline and status within the hierarchy and this set out their duties and responsibilities to the rest of society.
Others see it as a return to a New Testament church restorationist paradigm and a restoration of God's eternal purpose and the natural expression of Christ on the earth, urging Christians to return from hierarchy and rank to practices described and encouraged in Scripture.
In November 2008, upon his return to the Reebok for the first time since his departure, Sammy stated that he bore no animosity towards the hierarchy at Bolton or their supporters, the Wanderers crowd responded by giving the man they called " Little Sam " a round of applause in appreciation for his spell as player and assistant manager.
* The fall of the ecclesiastical hierarchy, and return of the Church to its original ideals of humility and poverty ;
On his fourth return millennia later, " Holtzman ' published ' his unified theory, linking the various effects into a single hierarchy of phenomena.
Because of his great success in this role and popularity among his peers in international diplomatic circles due to his charismatic intelligence he was seen as a threat to the rigid communists in the Hungarian hierarchy and forced to return as ambassador to his earlier post in Greece and Cyprus in 1984.
He was part of the Decepticon forces under Bludgeon, and was seemingly restored to prominence in the Decepticon hierarchy after Megatron's return.
Daniel Webster and other Whig leaders referred to their new political party as the " conservative party ", and they called for a return to tradition, restraint, hierarchy, and moderation.

return and 1850
On her return to England the following year ( 1850 ), she moved to London with the intent of becoming a writer and calling herself Marian Evans.
In 1850 Millet entered into an arrangement with Sensier, who provided the artist with materials and money in return for drawings and paintings, while Millet simultaneously was free to continue selling work to other buyers as well.
* 1850The Compromise of 1850 transfers a third of Texas's claimed territory ( now parts of Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Wyoming ) to federal control in return for the U. S. federal government assuming $ 10 million of Texas's pre-annexation debt.
According to historian Mark Stegmaier, " The Fugitive Slave Act, the abolition of the slave trade in the District of Columbia, the admission of California as a free state, and even the application of the formula of popular sovereignty to the territories were all less important than the least remembered component of the Compromise of 1850 -- the statute by which Texas relinquished its claims to much of New Mexico in return for federal assumption of the debts.
A specific impetus for the novel was the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which imposed heavy fines upon law enforcement personnel in Northern states if they refused to assist the return of people who escaped from slavery.
He was a major advocate of the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law, which required the co-operation of local law enforcement officials in free states to return escaped slaves.
Only after the completion of the Chester and Holyhead Railway in 1850 and the building of Holyhead railway station did the Irish Mail return to Holyhead.
This new line was opened in June 1850, at which time the agreement was formalised and in return the GNR agreed not to proceed with its own main line from Askern to York via Selby.
He even briefly accepted a position as the New York Daily Tribunes correspondent in Washington, D. C. By April 1850, however, his desire to return to Canada was too great, and he moved back to Toronto in May 1850.
When the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 in the United States threatened to return free northern blacks and escaped slaves into bondage, Shadd and her brother Isaac moved to Canada and settled in Windsor, Ontario, across the border from Detroit.
He was exiled from the country in 1850 and did not return until 1858.
In 1850, he was allowed to return to France, and he made Paris his home for the rest of his life.
The Pope did not return to Rome itself until April 1850, since the French were considered liberals all the same, and the Pope would not return until assured of no French meddling in his affairs.
The powers and functions of the Camerlengo were diminished considerably in the 19th century, first by the reorganisation of the Papal government after the election of Pius VII ( October 30, 1800 ); then by the reorganization of the Papal government after the return of Pius IX from exile in 1850 ; and then by the loss of the Papal States in 1860 and the City of Rome in 1870.
In February 1850, the Daily Alta California of San Francisco accused Lyon of taking the $ 1000 appropriated to him by the convention for the purpose of securing a die and press, but giving a marred design, a die sunk too shallow, and an insufficiently powerful press for the job in return.
While in command at Fort Monroe, Butler declined to return to their owners fugitive slaves who had come within his lines, on the grounds that, as laborers for building fortifications and other military activities, they were contraband of war, thereby justifying granting these slaves a relative freedom, in spite of the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850.
Fugitive slaves early in U. S. were sought out just as they were through the Fugitive slave law years, but early efforts included only Wanted posters, flyers etc .. After the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 was passed, Bounty hunters and civilians could lawfully capture escaped slaves in the north, or any other place, and return them to the Slave master.
In an act of Congress, the Compromise of 1850, Texas gave up much of its proclaimed northern and western lands in return for debt relief, removing its conflicting claims from the U. S. territorial gains of the Mexican-American War.
Around 1850 Thomas wrote the following, based on his understanding of what the Bible said about the return of the Jews to the land of Palestine:
In June 1850, the Yorktown made ready for its return to Porto Praya.
At the time the book was published the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 was still in effect, making it a felony for anybody who found a runaway slave not to return the slave to the owner.

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