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from Brown Corpus
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road and leading
Farther, near the terraced road leading to the Temple, situated on the top of the cliff, several houses built in a row dating to the Hellenistic period have been discovered.
Two different routes to Apulia diverged at this point, one ( Via Aurelia Aeclanensis ) leading through the modern Ariano to Herdoniae, the other ( the Via Appia of the Empire ) passing the Lacus Ampsanctus and going on to Aquilonia and Venusia ; while the road from Aeclanum to Abellinum ( mod.
A major road, Route N194, travels up the valley of the Gravona River leading to Corte and is paralleled by a scenic narrow-gauge railway.
The Red Sox are consistently one of the top MLB teams in average road attendance, while the small capacity of Fenway Park prevents them from leading in overall attendance.
Some, but not all of the roads in the capital N ' Djamena are paved, outside of N ' Djamena there is one paved road which runs from Massakory in the north, through N ' Djamena and then south, through the cities of Guelendeng, Bongor, Kelo and Moundou, with a short spur leading in the direction of Kousseri, Cameroon, near N ' Djamena.
Among these was a large canal leading from the Rhine to the sea, as well as a road from Italy to Germany — both begun by his father, Drusus.
However, poor performances at the road course of Watkins Glen, where he wrecked coming out of the chicane, a wreck with Chad Little while leading the spring race at Bristol, and mid-pack runs at intermediate tracks like Charlotte and Dover in a season dominated by the Ford Taurus in those tracks of Roush, Yates, and Penske, coupled with the extremely consistent Joe Gibb's No. 18 team with Bobby Labonte, denied Earnhardt the coveted eighth championship title.
It stands next to the road leading from Madron to Morvah.
# Dukkha Nirodha Gamini Patipada-Gamini: leading to, making for-Patipada: road, path, way ; the means of reaching a goal or destination-The way of practice leading to the cessation of Dukkha.
There is Blair leading a respectable, outwardly eventless life at his parents ' house in Southwold, writing ; then in contrast, there is Blair as Burton ( the name he used in his down-and-out episodes ) in search of experience in the kips and spikes, in the East End, on the road, and in the hop fields of Kent.
Within a few years houses were built along some 10 miles of road leading northward from the Free City of Danzig to Gdynia and beyond.
A new service station, hotel and day care centre have already been built and the road leading to the airport has been maintained and re-sealed.
The A7 Edinburgh to Carlisle road passes through the town, with main roads also leading to Berwick upon Tweed ( the A698 ) and Newcastle upon Tyne ( the A6088, which joins the A68 at the Carter Bar, south-east of Hawick ).
One exception is Barjami road, named after one of the leading engineers behind Kistas modernisation, Sam Barjami.
And the Macedonians, who had docked closer to the city anyway, cut the rest of the fleet off outside the city gates, and on the road leading to the city.
But on a mountain road leading to Beirut, only one bus with a Syrian license plate was spotted in a convoy of pro-Syrian supporters heading to the capital and Hezbollah officials denied the charges.
* Potsdamer Straße, developed out of that old road to Schöneberg and Potsdam, part of the former trading route across Europe, and leading south west.
The Sistine Chapel was sponsored by Sixtus IV, as was the Ponte Sisto, the Sistine Bridge – the first new bridge across the Tiber since antiquity – and the building of Via Sistina ( later named Borgo Sant ' Angelo ), a road leading from Castel Sant ' Angelo to Saint Peter.
# A passage in Statius describing the repairs of the Via Domitiana, a branch road of the Via Appia, leading to Neapolis.
* A road network designed to conform to a hierarchy, including culs-de-sac, leading to larger residential streets, in turn leading to large collector roads, in place of the grid pattern common to most central cities and pre-World War II suburbs.
Track Cycling is particularly popular in Europe, notably Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom where it is often used as off-season training by road racers ( professional six-day ' Madison ' events were often entered by two-man teams comprising a leading road racer and a track specialist ).

road and south
The house is on Old Annapolis road a mile south of Severna Park, at Jones Station, police said.
The A921, the main road along the south coast of Fife, leads down the High Street of Wester Aberdour, before kinking sharply left to cross the railway line, then right again to progress through Easter Aberdour's Main Street.
Gobannium was a Roman fort guarding the road along the valley of the River Usk which linked the legionary fortress of Burrium ( Usk ) and later Isca Augusta or Isca Silurum, ( Caerleon ) in the south with Y Gaer, Brecon and Mid Wales.
The south of the country is not connected to central Chile by road, except through Argentina, and water transport also plays a part there.
Significant tunnel and bridge construction projects in the south of Dalmatia are planned, such as the Biokovo tunnel near Makarska, which will connect the panoramic seashore road with the future A1, and a long Pelješac bridge, connecting the Pelješac peninsula to the Croatian mainland.
When the road reached Columbus, Tipton constructed the first bypass road ever built ; it detoured south around the west side of Columbus enroute to Seymour.
Most of Oued Bouskoura's bed has been covered due to urbanization and only the part south of El-Jadida road can now be seen.
The fall line approximately follows the Robert Kirkwood Highway between Newark and Wilmington ; south of this road is the Atlantic Coastal Plain with flat, sandy, and, in some parts, swampy ground.
Slightly further east, on the south side of the main road, is the Gymnasium and the Tholos.
This road was cut during the war and as of July 2007 was not in use south of Walikale.
There is one road to Somalia at Layado ; three roads to Ethiopia: south from Ali Sabieh parallel to the railway to Dewele, N1 to Deda ' i on Ethiopia No 2, and an unimproved track north-west from Balho to Ethiopia No 2 ; and two to Eritrea: an unpaved track overland from Tadjoura via Randa and Assa Gaila to Aseb, and a coastal track from Obock to Aseb ;
The M50 motorway, a semi-ring road which runs around the south, west and north of the city, connects important national primary routes to the rest of the country.
The circuit uses everyday sections of road that circle Albert Park Lake, a small man-made lake just south of the Central Business District of Melbourne.
A little to the south of Fonni stood the Roman station of Sorabile, mentioned in the Antonine Itinerary as situated some 100 km from Caralis on the road to Olbia.
Farther south, another road runs from Mayumba to Lastoursville and Franceville.
American authorities at one time entertained the idea of building a road from Kangerlussuaq to the second-largest airport, in Narsarsuaq, several hundred kilometres to the south.
Mabura Road south of LindenIn the early 1970s a two-lane road with modern geometry and surfaced with laterite was built between Linden and Rockstone.
When the Church of St. Luke in the Fields was founded in 1820 it stood in fields south of the road ( now Christopher Street ) that led from Greenwich Lane ( now Greenwich Avenue ) down to a landing on the North River.
Kajang is well connected with many major highway and expressway like Kajang Dispersal Link Expressway as a ring road of Kajang, Cheras-Kajang Expressway ( CKE, ), North-South Expressway ( NSE ) () with Kajang exit and Kajang-Seremban Expressway ( LEKAS, ) at the south of Kajang near Semenyih.
Downtown Kansas City is an area of bounded by the Missouri River to the north, 31st Street to the south, Troost Avenue to the East, and State Line road to the West.
To the south, a road was built that connected Manama to Riffa.
Nigeria has the largest road network in West Africa and the second largest south of the Sahara, with roughly 108, 000 km of surfaced roads in 1990.

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