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role and horsemen
This is largely seen as beginning with nomadic horsemen from Asia ( specifically the Huns ) moving into the richer pasture land to the west and so forcing the people there to move further west and so on until eventually the Goths were forced to cross into the Roman Empire, resulting in continuous war with Rome which played a major role in the fall of the Roman Empire.
Most were Pindarries: loosely organised and lightly armed horsemen whose traditional role was to cut down fleeing enemy troops, harass convoy lines and carry out raids into enemy territory.

role and did
The Poetics, in affirming that all human arts are `` modes of imitation '', gives a more serious role to artistic mimesis than did Plato.
Somewhat to his surprise he found that one girl, whom he would never have considered for the job since she had appeared somewhat mousy and also had been in the office a relatively short time, did the most outstanding job of playing the role of receptionist, showing wit, sparkle, and aplomb.
By so strongly validating one role, that of the male citizen, it has been argued that democracy compromised the status of those who did not share it.
David Burns did not return for the film role of Senex, which was played in the film by Michael Hordern.
A U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigation did result in convictions against the McDougals for their role in the Whitewater project, but the Clintons themselves were never charged, and Clinton maintains innocence in the affair.
Albeit that these factors did play a large role in increasing home run thus scoring totals during this time, others that directly impact ballplayers have an equally important role.
J. P. Harris states that most Luftwaffe leaders from Goering through the general staff believed as did their counterparts in Britain and the United States that strategic bombing was the chief mission of the air force and that given such a role, the Luftwaffe would win the next war and that:
Although the entire incident and Dent's role occurs out of earshot and thus did not require Aaron Eckhart to play out the clip.
Ultimately, the Saville Inquiry was inconclusive on Martin McGuinness's role due to a lack of certainty over his movements, concluding that while he was " engaged in paramilitary activity " during Bloody Sunday, and had probably been armed with a Thompson submachine gun, there was insufficient evidence to make any finding other than they were " sure that he did not engage in any activity that provided any of the soldiers with any justification for opening fire ".
Romans did not mark same-sex relations as " homosexual " if an adult male used a slave or prostitute, characteristically a youth, as his passive partner ( see Homosexuality in ancient Rome ); these relations, however, were expected to play a secondary role to marriage, within which institution an adult male demonstrated his masculine authority as head of household ( paterfamilias ).
Sarandon also reprised his role as Jack Skellington for Halloween Screams and the Haunted Mansion Holiday, a three-month overlay of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, where Jack and his friends take over the Mansion in an attempt to take over Christmas, much as his character did in the film.
The United States, which did not participate in the merits phase of the proceedings, maintained that the ICJ's power did not supersede the Constitution of the United States and argued that the court did not seriously consider the Nicaraguan role in El Salvador, while it accused Nicaragua of actively supporting armed groups there, specifically in the form of supply of arms.
As filmed in 1932, with Tom Mix in the starring role, the central character differed in that Destry did wear six-guns in that version.
IRS with DDT did not play an important role in mortality reduction in these countries.
This reorganization did not affect their role or equipment, although the traditional orange uniform braiding of the dragoons was replaced by the standard yellow of the Cavalry branch.
Before the fighting, the Parliament of England did not have a large permanent role in the English system of government, functioning as a temporary advisory committee, summoned by the monarch whenever the Crown required additional tax revenue, and subject to dissolution by the monarch at any time.
King Philip had little role in England's governance, but he did help protect Elizabeth.
Although the formation was orgnanized but East Pakistan did not took role in 1947 war and no pressure was applied in Eastern borders.
In this role, he could and did remain active in the political life of Japan.
In it, Wallach wrote about his famous role as Tuco in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, commenting that he did not realize he was going to be " blessed " with the title " Ugly " until he saw the film.
Despite the sexes ' equal educational attainments, and despite a society where sexual differentiation played a smaller role than it did in many other countries, occupational segregation in Finland was marked.

role and however
As a former President, however, Mr. Eisenhower abandoned this role to engage in partisan sniping during a New York Republican rally, and generally missed his target.
Spalding was, however, known to aggrandise his role in the major moments in baseball's history.
Aachen was the administrative centre for the coal-mining industries in neighbouring places to the northeast ; it never played any role in brown coal mining, however, neither in administrative or industrial terms.
By the mid-4th century however the assembly's judicial functions were largely curtailed, though it always kept a role in the initiation of various kinds of political trial.
He was, however, able to play a dominant role in mathematics for around a decade, gathering a strong school.
Gauntlett turned down the role of a KGB colonel in the film, however: " I would have loved to have done it but really could not afford the time.
The Duke, however, does not have any active role in the Australian command structure.
Most of the biosecurity concerns in synthetic biology, however, focused on the role of DNA synthesis and the risk of producing genetic material of lethal viruses ( e. g. 1918 Spanish flu, polio ) in the lab.
Jesus fulfills his role as a type of Jonah, however his generation fails to fulfill its role as a type of Nineveh.
There was, however, a need to provide a dramatic contrast to Macbeth ; a role that many scholars argue is filled by Banquo.
He was, however, forced to increase their role as the powers of the princeps became more centralized and the burden larger.
He is best known, however, for his role in popularising the doctrine of uniformitarianism.
Cesare's role in the act, however, has never been clear.
In fall 1976, however, amid the turmoil of New York City's dire fiscal crisis, the free tuition policy was discontinued under pressure from the federal government, the financial community that had a role in rescuing the city from bankruptcy, and New York State, which would take over the funding of CUNY's senior colleges.
A 1973 diagnosis of colon cancer, however, led Atkins to redefine his role at RCA, to allow others to handle administration while he went back to his first love, the guitar, often recording with Reed or even Homer & Jethro's Jethro Burns ( Atkins's brother-in-law ) after Homer died in 1971.
Domitian's authority was merely nominal, however, foreshadowing what was to be his role for at least ten more years.
This career was short-lived however, as though Foster believed Jones would be successful as a jockey, he encouraged his young protégé to take a role as the Artful Dodger a production of Oliver!
The brevet rank, however, meant that there was no active role, until called, for Allen.
Among the notable roles that Abbott sang with the company are Juliette in Gounod's Roméo et Juliette, Virginia in Paul et Virginie, Josephine in H. M. S. Pinafore, the title role in Flotow's Martha, Amina in Bellini's La Sonnambula, and Violetta in La Traviata, a role which she apparently no longer objected to, however, instead of singing Addio del passato, she made Violeta expire with Nearer, my God, to Thee.
One of several views of epistemology, the study of human knowledge, along with rationalism, idealism, and historicism, empiricism emphasizes the role of experience and evidence, especially sensory perception, in the formation of ideas, over the notion of innate ideas or traditions ; empiricists may argue however that traditions ( or customs ) arise due to relations of previous sense experiences.
Over the course of the Middle Kingdom, however, he was displaced in that role by Amun, who may have arisen elsewhere.

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