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romantic and notion
" Even today, though these errors have been recognized for more than a century, the general notion that Lao Tzu was Christ's forerunner has lost none of its romantic appeal.
Diligere often has the notion " to be affectionate for ," " to esteem ," and rarely if ever is used for romantic love.
This is in contrast to the modern romantic notion of the Scots army, which depicts its foot soldiers clad in kilts, painted woad and little else.
In the nineteenth century, there had been a tension between the romantic advocates of the “ sacredness ” of the Alpine peaks ( such as John Ruskin ), and modern mountain climbers ( such as Leslie Stephen ), who promoted the notion of the Alps as the “ playground of Europe .” In the twentieth century, the mountains acquired a clearly positive, iconic, status as places unsullied by undesirable urban influences such as pollution, noise and so on.
The majestic or romantic impression of a stately animal would be punctured by humor ; the notion of an animal receiving a punishment for the breach of the rule is patently ludicrous.
Call is attracted to the romantic notion of settling pristine country.
He scornfully refutes the romantic notion, telling her that he has acted according to " the law of my own nature ", which forbade him to save himself by condemning another.
On 1 September 2009 Sir Simon Jenkins, writing for the The Guardian newspaper's website, characterised the notion of pitting Polish cavalry against tanks as " the most romantic and idiotic act of suicide of modern war.
Courtship patterns differ between rural and urban Khmer ; romantic love is a notion that exists to a much greater extent in larger cities.
In her review for the Times Literary Supplement, Roz Kaveney writes that the two illustrate Harold Bloom's notion of the " anxiety of influence " in addition to romantic friendship.
The idea of originality as we know it was invented by Romanticism, with a notion that is often called romantic originality.
It's only then that Anna realizes that her fancy notion of romantic love was nothing in comparison to the maternal love she feels for Marianna.
The station buildings are in unusual ' chalet ' style, inspired by the romantic notion that the resort was England's Little Switzerland.
" He then said that he revisited the book because " it's got a romantic notion ... that and money ... and I was faced with the fact of having to dig out my 40-year old story ... I can't change it, like, ' ye gods, this is me, this is the world I lived in '... so I approached it as a writer ... it's a good story.

romantic and doomed
In childhood he visited the Imperial Court of Russia at St Petersburg and became intimate with the doomed Russian Imperial Family, harbouring romantic feelings towards Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna, whose photograph he kept at his bedside for the rest of his life.
An important, and possibly influential, cinematic antecedent to classic noir was 1930s French poetic realism, with its romantic, fatalistic attitude and celebration of doomed heroes.
In Criss Cross, Siodmak achieves all these effects with purpose, wrapping them around Yvonne De Carlo, playing the most understandable of femme fatales, Dan Duryea, in one of his many charismatic villain roles, and Lancaster — already an established star — as an ordinary laborer turned armed robber, doomed by a romantic obsession.
While this propaganda served as a rallying cry to those with a romantic longing to be a tragic, doomed artist, these strategies did not produce unique artistic insights or techniques in those who did not already have them.
In his work, Tristan is portrayed as a doomed romantic figure.
Amongst the highlights in the version are a flashback between the doomed lovers, Charles and Angelique Collins ; two new scenes featuring menacing groundskeeper Gerard Stiles ; several romantic interludes between Quentin and Tracy ; a candlelit ‘ exorcism ’ sequence in the gallery-the film ’ s original climax ; and notably, the ‘ hanging ’ sequence, as well as several other scenes with intensity on par with an R-rated film.
In Graham Shelby's The Knights of Dark Renown and The Kings of Vain Intent, he is depicted as a young romantic hero, in a doomed relationship with Isabella.
Both of the published books feature a " doomed heroine ", much in the style of the 18th-and 19th-century gothic romantic novel, to which they often allude, but with an ironic, modernist slant.
It reflects the lineages of romanticism and existentialism as powerful voices of the struggle with the world, but rejects the romantic and existentialist idea that we can be fully human only by waging war against structure, routine, and repetition — a war that the romantic and the existentialist believes we are doomed to lose.
In his work, Tristan is portrayed as a doomed romantic figure.

romantic and jazz
He recorded Gettin ' Down To It ( 1969 ) and Soul on Top ( 1970 ), two albums consisting mostly of romantic ballads and jazz standards, with the Dee Felice Trio and the Louie Bellson Orchestra respectively.
In many types of music, notably baroque, romantic, modern and jazz, chords are often augmented with " tensions ".
" Webb contends that such romantic hits as " Someday My Heart Will Awake " were balanced by " rousing operetta choruses ... and jazz age numbers " while "' Rose of England ' is a stately patriotic piece that stands comparison with Elgar or Walton ".
The dance form of jazz was characterized by a sweet and romantic melody.
Besides writing scores for movies, he continued to compose other music, including music for the ballet and six symphonies ; his later works were in a more romantic style and influenced by Prokofiev and Shostakovich, as well as American music including jazz.
The music he chooses to play is mainly concentrated on romantic and modern ( but mainly tonal ) music, while also developing his jazz playing.
The Fabulous Baker Boys is a 1989 American romantic drama musical film written and directed by Steve Kloves, and starring real life brothers Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges as two brothers struggling to make a living as lounge jazz pianists in Seattle.
As a prolific creator of music, both written and improvised, his compositions and arrangements ( in the hundreds ) embrace jazz, jazz / rock / fusion, romantic orchestral suites, symphonic works and a ballet.
The romantic period of Polish jazz, called the catacombs, had its day in the spotlight, concert publicity did not exist then.
The romantic love song has become a mainstream jazz standard, and continues to be performed and used in movie soundtracks into the 21st century.
The sound of the album is a combination of boleros and romantic ballads with an influence of jazz and bossa nova.
His music has been influenced by numerous genres, including Latin pop, bolero, romantic ballads, bossa nova, jazz and classical.
Howard labels himself a " jazz maverick " and claims to be a multitalented intellectual, calling himself a ' man of action ', but he is actually unsuccessful in his literary and romantic ventures.
Besides serious ensembles for historically informed performance, within the last 20 years this piece was also arranged by several rather modern ensembles of gothic, metal, neoclassical and romantic medieval music, most notably the alternative-romantic band Dead Can Dance, as well as the Polish jazz pianist Leszek Mozdzer.

romantic and genius
In his lectures, William Hazlitt praised Marston's genius for satire ; however, if the romantic critics and their successors were willing to grant Marston's best work a place among the great accomplishments of the period, they remained aware of his inconsistency, what Swinburne in a later generation called his " uneven and irregular demesne.
* Smith, Logan Pearsall ( 1924 ) Four words: romantic, originality, creative, genius, Oxford, Clarendon Press
On the Latin stage the prologue was often more elaborate than it was in Athens, and in the careful composition of the poems which Plautus prefixes to his plays we see what importance he gave to this portion of the entertainment ; sometimes, as in the preface to the Rudens, Plautus rises to the height of his genius in his adroit and romantic prologues, usually placed in the mouths of persons who make no appearance in the play itself.
But it was not till 1837 that he gave the full measure of his genius in the romantic national drama of Svend Dyrings Huus, a beautiful and original piece.
He criticizes society for romanticizing depression in the same way that tuberculosis was once romanticized ; these romantic notions involve claims of artistic sensitivity or of genius arising from depression.

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