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sailing and spring
The model, packed into six crates, was shipped from Italy in a small sailing vessel in the spring of 1858.
Tabor also has the waterfront on Sippican Harbor in Marion for swimming in the spring and summer months, and is used for the training of the sailing and rowing teams.
And each fall and spring the whole school breaks into small groups for week-long trips that may include backpacking, rock climbing, cycling, sailing, horse camping, canyoneering, and kayaking.
Although the Investigator was abandoned to the pack ice in the spring of 1853, McClure and his crew were rescued by a party from the HMS Resolute ( one of the ships under the command of Sir Edward Belcher that were sailing from the East ) after a journey over the ice by sledge.
There are 3 sailing schools in the bay that have been founded and promoted by “ Cofradia ”, also during the spring and summer the yacht club makes Regattas on the Bay and around the lake.
Sant Andreu de Llavaneres is today well known for its upscale sailing in summer, its spring greenpeas, and a panini-style bread called coca.

sailing and was
She could not face coffee or tea without milk, and was always craving types of food that were not available aboard a sailing ship.
Blackman was to be in New York by February 2, because they were sailing at 12:01 next morning.
Even Hudson, experienced in Arctic sailing and determined as he was, must have had qualms as he slid down the Thames.
For weeks he had been saying that Hudson's idea of sailing through to Java was absurd.
When a sailing date of March, 1845 was finally established, Palfrey made sure that the Negroes would have comfortable quarters in New Orleans and aboard ship.
Historically, it was of particular relevance to sailing warships which used them to outmaneuver opponents when the wind had dropped but might be used by any vessel in confined, shoal water to place it in a more desirable position, provided she had enough manpower.
While Dampier was captain of the St. George, Selkirk served on the galley Cinque Ports, the St. Georges companion, as a sailing master serving under Thomas Stradling.
Shortly after sailing, an armistice was concluded between Great Britain and Spain.
The other long established club in the city ' Os Galitos ' was founded in 1904 and water related sports such as swimming, sailing and rowing are some of its longest traditional strongest specialities, other sections in the club include chess, basketball, snooker, pool and billiards among others, but rowing is the modality in which the club has a maintained a long and proud tradition going back more than one hundred years, reaching the highest possible excellence as a club with several of its individual and team of rowers having represented Portugal Internationally and at the Olympic games with good classifications on more than a just few occasions.
While Bonaparte was sailing to Malta, the Royal Navy re-entered the Mediterranean for the first time in over a year.
On 22 June, Nelson encountered a brig sailing from Ragusa and was told that the French had sailed eastwards from Malta on 16 June.
The harvesting of sea turtles to resupply passing sailing ships was the first major economic activity on the islands, but local stocks were depleted by the 1790s.
The 1974 Australian America's Cup Challenger was named " Southern Cross " KA 4 representing the Royal Perth Yacht Club and was defeated 4-0 sailing off Newport Rhode Island by " Courageous " US26 sailing for the New York Yacht Club.
Southern Cross became the trial horse for the 1977 Australian Challenger " Australia " KA 5 representing the Sun City Yacht Club that was defeated 4-0 sailing off Newport Rhode Island by Courageous US26 sailing for the New York Yacht Club.
A clipper was a very fast sailing ship of the 19th century that had three or more masts and a square rig.
The term " clip " became synonymous with " speed " and was also applied to fast horses and sailing ships.
The final blow was the Suez Canal, opened in 1869, which provided a great shortcut for steamships between Europe and Asia, but was difficult for sailing ships to use.
Joshua Slocum was one of the first people to carry out a long-distance sailing voyage for pleasure, circumnavigating the world between 1895 and 1898.
Diogo Cão (; in old Portuguese: Cam ) was a Portuguese explorer and one of the most notable navigators of the Age of Discovery, who made two voyages sailing along the west coast of Africa to Namibia in the 1480s.

sailing and fourth
A year later Christopher Columbus on his fourth voyage, sailing south and eastward from upper Central America, explored Bocas del Toro, Veragua, the Chagres River and Porto Belo ( Beautiful Port ) which he named.
: Should this great work, the expense of which, as will hereafter be shown, is estimated at about three millions of dollars, be accomplished, a sea vessel entering the first canal in the harbor of Boston would, through the bay of Rhode Island, Long Island Sound, and the harbor of New York, reach Brunswick on the Raritan ; thence pass through the second canal to Trenton on the Delaware, down that river to Christiana or Newcastle, and through the third canal to Elk River and the Chesapeake, whence, sailing down that bay and up Elizabeth River, it would, through the fourth canal, enter the Albemarle Sound, and by Pamlico, Core, and Bogue sounds, reach Beaufort and Swansborough in North Carolina.
During the fourth season, Simon faked his own death in a sailing accident ; he had actually embezzled a sizable amount of money from a European company, which he claimed was necessary to protect the workers ' pensions.

sailing and four
His mother, who had seen little of him for four years, appeared worried about his sailing off by himself for an Orient which, she herself having slight knowledge of it, had to be distrusted.
This service was operated by the Union Steam Ship Company, and the passenger ferries typically operated an overnight service, although in later years the last of these vessels, the Rangatira, operated alternate nights in each direction plus a daylight sailing between Lyttleton up to Wellington on Saturdays ( so as to get a balance of four sailings in each direction, each week ).
The harbor was ice-free from May to November but the sailing season was only four months from June through September.
as well as four sailing ships 1875 / 77.
On October 7, 1985, four hijackers from the Palestine Liberation Front ( PLF ) took control of the liner off Egypt as it was sailing from Alexandria to Port Said, Egypt.
Jochen Schümann, winner of four Olympic medals, was the sports director for the sailing team.
The Chinese severely damaged four Japanese warships — the Japanese flagship Matsushima suffered the worst single-ship loss with more than 100 dead or wounded after being hit by a heavy Chinese round ; Hiei being severely damaged and retired from the conflict ; Akagi suffering from heavy fire and with great loss of life ; Saikyo, the converted liner, urged on by Admiral Kabayama Sukenori despite its lack of offensive armament, had been hit by four 12 inch ( 305 mm ) shells and was sailing virtually out of control as a result — did cosmetic damage to two more, and killed about 180 Japanese sailors and wounded 200 more.
They will take a ship sailing from Boston in four days.
From there he recognised the needs of the seafarers on the four hundred sailing vessels in the Bristol Channel and created the Bristol Channel Mission.
For long voyages, hardtack was baked four times, rather than the more common two, and prepared six months before sailing.
For long voyages, hardtack was baked four times, rather than the more common two, and prepared six months before sailing.
In the 1830s mine manager and engineer said that it could be visited " in boats 30 feet in length, which are propelled in four feet of water by means of sticks projecting from the sides of the level ; and thus may be enjoyed the singular novelty of sailing a few miles underground ".
On the southern shore, the Peloponnesian fleet was sailing in four lines, parallel to the shore.
The event is shared among the four established sailing clubs in Burnham: The Royal Corinthian Yacht Club ( linked to the sailing club with the same name in Cowes, Isle Of Wight ), The Royal Burnham Yacht Club, The Crouch Yacht Club, and The Burnham Sailing Club.
* Nippon Maru-a four masted sailing ship, permanently docked in Minato Mirai as a museum
The expedition started well – the Cape of Good Hope was passed, the vessel arrived safely in Canton ( Guangzhou ), the main trading port in China at the time, in September 1732, after 181 sailing days, and trading was carried out successfully, over four months ' time.
Of those nineteen boats with sail numbers less than 100, at least eight are currently sailing, at least four of them having had restorations of varying degrees ; at least one ( no.
Varsity women's basketball began play during the 1993-94 season, while co-ed sailing was elevated to varsity status four years later.
This is based on annals that found Svalbarði four days sailing from Iceland.
There are also outrigger sailing canoes ranging from smaller three or four person canoes to large voyaging canoes.
The distance covered is about ; depending upon weather and the type of ship, the sailing time generally is three, four, or five days.
Rodgers served as the captain of this ship between four and five years, sailing out of Baltimore for various ports in Europe.

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