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same and was
And he was fleeing, running -- fleeing his death and his life at the same time.
At the same moment Wheeler Fiske fired the rifle Mike had given him and another guerrilla was hit.
At one and the same time, she was within it but still searching for the drawbridge that would give her entry.
If you don't leave this country within 3 days, your life will be taken the same as Powell's was.
In the cow camps, Tom Horn was regarded as a hero, as the same kind of champion he was when he entered and invariably won the local rodeos.
An Ah coudn ansuh him an so Ah said ' Aw right, Ah gay-ess, an his fathuh didn uttuh one wohd an aftuh Huhmun was gone, the majuh laughed an tole me thet he an the bawh had been hevin an occasional drink t'gethuh f'ovuh a yeah, onleh an occasional one, but just the same it was behahn mah back, an Ah doan think thet's nahce at all, d'you ''??
She was sitting on the edge of the bed again, back in the same position where the snake had found her.
After I paid Monsieur Prieur for Dandy, I brought him home, but he was ill at ease and ran away the same night.
At the same time, all suggestions that some sort of societal responsibility existed for the welfare of the people within the territorial state was strongly resisted.
Everything was burnished with sweat and grease so that all of the objects seemed to have been carved from the same material and to be ageless.
And here again we hear the same refrain mentioned above: `` the paramount goal of the United States set long ago was to guard the rights of the individual, ensure his development, enlarge his opportunity ''.
This conference was held despite Stavropoulos' assurance to Adolf Berle, who was leaving the same day for Puerto Rico, that nothing would be done until his return on January 22, except that the Secretary General would probably order the list destroyed.
The doctor agreed, but explained that it would be necessary first to check Fred's blood to ascertain whether or not it was of the same type as Papa's.
This was taken after I came to live in Springfield, and it was made under the guidance of the Reverend Raymond Beardslee, a young preacher who came to the Congregational Church there at about the same time that I moved from New York.
His father was a professor at Hartford Theological Seminary, and from him he acquired a conviction, which he passed along to me, that there is in the universe of persons a moral law, the law of love, which is a natural law in the same sense as is the physical law.
But Edward was invading Scotland for precisely the same reason, and his insubordinate vassal was the ally of the king of France.
We were almost the same age, she was fifteen, I was twelve, and where I felt there was a life to look forward to Lilly felt she had had as much of it as was necessary.

same and true
It is true that this distinction between style and idea often approaches the arbitrary since in the end we must admit that style and content frequently influence or interpenetrate one another and sometimes appear as expressions of the same insight.
The capital expansion programs of business firms involve multi-year budgeting and the same is true of country development programs.
The same is true if you have itemized your deductions and later decide you should have used the Standard Deduction or Tax Table.
The same is true of every foundation.
The same is true of areas which at first look good because of a few existing recreation features but may actually be poor areas to develop for general public use.
The number of degrees of freedom DF can be partitioned in a similar way: one of these components ( that for error ) specifies a chi-squared distribution which describes the associated sum of squares, while the same is true for " treatments " if there is no treatment effect.
The indication of the vowels is the same way as the indication of the consonants, therefore it was the first true alphabet.
A person is merged with the God or ultimate power when he discharges only & only good Karmas in last birth and the same is called as " Moksha " or " Nirvana ", which is the ultimate goal of a true Hindu.
Several members of the scientific community remarked that the central lunar highlands resembled regions on Earth that were created by volcanic processes and hypothesized the same might be true on the Moon.
The same result is true if the discrete point masses discussed above are replaced by a continuous distribution of matter.
* The case n = 1 can be illustrated by the claim that there always exist a pair of opposite points on the earth's equator with the same temperature, this can be shown to be true much more easily using the intermediate value theorem.
Magnetic ( compass ) north and geographic ( true ) north are only exactly the same for a small number of places – for example, as of 2000 in the United States only those places on a line running from Wisconsin to the Gulf of Mexico .< ref > But the public may not be as informed, and think there is something mysterious about a compass " changing " across an area as large as the Triangle, which it naturally will.
The same is true of the music of Asturias, Cantabria, and that of Northern Portugal ( some say even traditional music from Central Portugal can be labeled Celtic ).
The same phenomenon is true for fictional characters.
Note that although the carbonate salts of most metals are insoluble in water, the same is not true of the bicarbonate salts.
Winning come bets are paid the same as winning pass line bets-even money for the original bet and true odds for the odds bet.
Winning don't come bets are paid the same as winning don't pass bets-even money for the original bet and true odds for the odds lay.
The same is true of a simple suspension bridge or " catenary bridge ," where the roadway follows the cable.
Though this is true when comparing a single crochet swatch with a stockinette swatch, both made with the same size yarn and needle / hook, it is not necessarily true for crochet in general.
The same concept is true for ethics and religion, as these concepts are at their core biological and evolutionary.
The same is true of a massive history of the Union which Defoe published in 1709 and which some historians still treat as a valuable contemporary source for their own works.
The same is true of résumé, alternately but nevertheless it is sometimes spelled resume in the US, and saké, which is more commonly spelled sake.
The same is true for alternative insecticides, so its relative effectiveness varies.

same and new
Yet, after Rousseau had given the social contract a new twist with his notion of the General Will, the same philosophy, it may be said, became the idea source of the French Revolution also.
In the first place, a large part of the discrepancy between President Eisenhower's estimate of a 1.5 billion dollar surplus for the same period and the new estimate of an almost seven billion dollar deficit is the result of the outgoing President's farewell gift of a political booby-trap to his successor.
In this same period, six new fascicles of the Atlas Of Tumor Pathology were published and distributed to medical centers world-wide.
The actual over-all cost, for the first month, will perhaps not be too much lower than the rental charges for the same period of time, but you will receive a new car.
Each dictionary form is looked up in the text-form list by the same method used to look up a new text occurrence in the form list during text reading.
The same editorial continued that `` We expected to democratize Japan and Korea and to see a new China pattern itself easily on our institutions.
In the new situation, philosophy is able to provide the social sciences with the same guidance that mathematics offers the physical sciences, a reservoir of logical relations that can be used in framing hypotheses having explanatory and predictive value.
Therefore, his only recourse was to learn the shape all over again for each new visual experience of the same individual object or type of object ; ;
Board members indicated Monday night this would be done by an advisory poll to be taken on Nov. 15, the same date as a $581,000 bond election for the construction of three new elementary schools.
While it must be said that these same Protestants have built some new churches during this period, and that religious population shifts have emptied churches, a principal reason for this phenomenon of redundancy is that fewer Protestants are going to church.
This volunteer corps still to date is engaged in doing good to others and trains new volunteering recruits for doing the same.
This fossil was originally described as a species of Australopithecus, but White and his colleagues later published a note in the same journal renaming the fossil under a new genus, Ardipithecus.
On 31 December 1809, a decree of King Maximilian of Bavaria granted the city a new coat of arms, as a recognition of their ( mainly humanitarian and logistic ) services in the Battle of Abensberg the same year.
A year later, in 1931, Dirac modified his theory and postulated the positron, a new particle of the same mass as the electron.
This is done by adding eight extra 8-bit buses which allow the graphics controller to issue new AGP requests and commands at the same time with other AGP data flowing via the main 32 address / data ( AD ) lines.
NY State liquor authorities ban new permits for establishments on the same street or avenue and within two hundred feet of a building occupied exclusively as a school, church, synagogue or other place of worship.
Gropius was not necessarily against Expressionism, and in fact himself in the same 1919 pamphlet proclaiming this " new guild of craftsmen, without the class snobbery ," described " painting and sculpture rising to heaven out of the hands of a million craftsmen, the crystal symbol of the new faith of the future.
The same ciphertext is then encrypted again with the new subkeys, and the new ciphertext replaces P < sub > 3 </ sub > and P < sub > 4 </ sub >.
The enzyme itself is not used up in the process, and is free to catalyze the same reaction with a new set of substrates.
This was legally a new organisation ( the headquarters, records, assets and debts of the old party were inherited by the Liberal Democrats ), but its constitution asserts it to be the same Liberal party.
Until 1997, when the British Library ( previously centred on the Round Reading Room ) moved to a new site, the British Museum was unique in that it housed both a national museum of antiquities and a national library in the same building.
At the same time the African and Oceanic collections that had been temporarily housed in 6 Burlington Gardens were given a new gallery in the North Wing funded by the Sainsbury family-with the donation valued at £ 25 million.

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