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scenic and Noi
Namtok Chet Sao Noi protects 28 km² around a scenic waterfall.

scenic and beaches
Much of the coast consists of scenic sandy beaches indented by coastal lagoons.
Prior to Mozambique's independence in 1975, thousands of tourists from South Africa and Rhodesia ( now Zimbabwe ) frequented the city and its scenic beaches, high-quality hotels, restaurants, casinos and brothels.
The town does not allow development on the waterside of the ocean-front street, so that the beaches and scenic points are unobstructed.
Arnold contains many scenic riversides with cliffs and beaches, providing plenty of places for leisure and sightseeing.
Residents of Detroit, Chicago, and many other parts of the Midwest travel to Northern Michigan to enjoy the warm weather and scenic beaches.
There are a few small, scenic beaches that are popular for walking, but usually unsuitable for swimming because of unpredictable currents and frigid temperatures.
The state of Andhra Pradesh comprises like scenic hills, forests, beaches and temples.
* Alano White Beach Resort-located on the northern part of scenic Malamawi Island, features white sand beaches, day cottages and basic amenities for a day of fun with family and friends
The region is rich in scenic beauty, with 1100 miles of shoreline containing beaches, marinas, old steamship wharfs and small towns that date back to colonial times.
From the Sunset Drive / Pacific Grove gate, the drive runs inland past Spanish Bay, then adjacent to beaches and up into the coastal hills, providing scenic viewpoints.
The peninsula is primarily a local tourist region, with popular natural attractions such as the variety of beaches both sheltered and open-sea and many scenic sights and views.
Trincomalee has some of the most picturesque and scenic beaches found in Sri Lanka, relatively unspoilt and clean.
In addition, its scenic nature spots include beaches untouched by urban development ; the cascading Cawa-cawa Stepped Falls, and the 12 km² Pygmy or Bonsai forests in the thickly forested highlands of the municipality.
Waiheke Island has many scenic beaches all around the island.
* Surfdale Beach-A zoned-in beach on the southern side of Surfdale, separated from Blackpool Beach by a small protruding peninsula, which has a scenic unsealed route called The Esplanade linking the beaches.
As a result, Khobar has transformed and extended its water front along the Gulf into a scenic Beirut-like corniche with parks, eateries, and family beaches, thus making it one of the most iconic features of the city.
The beaches in Bali, diving sites in Bunaken, Mount Rinjani in Lombok and various national parks in Sumatra are just a few examples of popular scenic destinations.
There are also other scenic beaches popular with vacationers in the city's vicinity, such as Batu Hitam, Balok, Chenor, Pantai Sepat, Beserah, and Cherating.
Between Marquette and Munising, M-28 closely parallels the Lake Superior shoreline, providing scenic views of the lake and its " lonesome sandy beaches ".
For the simplicity of communicating the diversity of Sri Lanka in 2010 the tourism authorities started positioning the country around 8 different products namely ; beaches, heritage, wildlife, scenic beauty, mind and body wellness, festivals, sports and adventure and Essence.
The South is one of Cameroon's most economically robust areas due to its numerous plantations and the tourism generated by its scenic beaches.
It is also the setting for numerous beaches and jogging trails as well as tennis courts and the city ZOO, all surrounded by the scenic forest.
This settlement is home to a boat-building yard where South Andros ’ fishing sloops are constructed and the most scenic beaches on the island.
It is a scenic resort town with many miles of beaches that connect to Banna Strand to the south, and Kerry Head to the north.

scenic and Island
It surrounds the scenic Myall Lakes, and includes Broughton Island.
Parodies of Canadian television ensued, such as Hinterland Who's Who, Front Page Challenge, and It's a Fact, as well as promos for Monday Night Curling, hosted by two orange-jacketed sportscasters who were both named Gord, and Magnum, P. E. I., with John Candy as a private detective chasing his quarry through the scenic potato patches of Prince Edward Island.
In addition to its scenic landscape, the Palm Island is also a cultural heritage site.
Victoria, British Columbia, located on scenic Vancouver Island, is a major Canadian tourist destination attracting millions of visitors each year.
White Island is privately owned and was declared a private scenic reserve in 1953 and is subject to the provision of the Reserves Act 1977.
Lung Fu Shan Country Park covers the densely vegetated slopes of Lung Fu Shan, including the disused Pinewood Battery and the Pinewood Garden picnic area, providing a scenic backdrop to the residential and commercial districts of Hong Kong Island.
It all started with Pelican Island and now is 96 million acres ( 390, 000 km² ) including 545 individual refuges, 75 wildernesses, and 1, 000 miles ( 1, 600 km ) of wild and scenic river, all overseen by USFWS.
There are also three different scenic lookout points over the Palisades about where Manhattan Island begins at the Harlem River.
The festival is known for its beautiful setting-as the music blog Consequence of Sound puts it, " Located at the gorgeously scenic Fort Adams, in Newport, Rhode Island, glimmering, clear blue water surrounds the small vivid green peninsula.
It covers the densely vegetated slopes of Lung Fu Shan, including the disused Pinewood Battery as well as the Pinewood Garden picnic area, providing a scenic backdrop to the residential and commercial districts of Hong Kong Island.
He visited Hawaii in September of 1890, where he painted scenic spots on Oahu and traveled to the Island of Hawaii to paint an active volcano.
Għarb lies in some of Gozo's most scenic countryside, particularly at Dbiegi, the highest hill on the Island.
It is here that the scenic Kawau Island is found, notable for its historic Mansion House, once the private retreat of Governor Grey.
Hanger 2 on Treasure Island was the location of permanent sets including Nash's apartment The show employed several hundred local workers including production crews and staff members, carpenters, electricians, set designers, grips, set dressers, props, scenic artists, location managers, costumers, drivers, cameramen, special effects, soundmen, makeup and hair stylists and production assistants.
Long Island is one of the Districts of the Bahamas and is known as the most scenic island in the Bahamas.
The channel has since become a standard part of the itinerary for cruising in Antarctica ; not only is it scenic, but the protected waters are usually as still as a lake, a rare occurrence in the storm-wracked southern seas, and the north-south traverse delivers vessels close to Petermann Island for landings.
The lighthouse on Raspberry Island has been completely renovated and is one of the most scenic in the Apostle Islands.
Abraham Somes ( March 14, 1732-December 17, 1831 ) was the primary founder of English settlements on the scenic Mount Desert Island, which is now part of Acadia National Park in present-day Maine.
A scenic vista from an observation area at Hunting Island | Hunting Island State Park near Beaufort, South Carolina | Beaufort.
A scenic provincial park at Graves Island just east of Chester is a popular camping destination.
The larger of these include Echo, Liberty, Favre, Lamoille, Castle, and Griswold Lakes, while smaller tarns include the scenic Island, Dollar, Verdi, Snow, Box, and Seitz Lakes.

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