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schooner and sailing
The voyage across the western Mediterranean, around the Iberian Peninsula by sailing schooner took about five weeks.
A schooner () is a type of sailing vessel characterized by the use of fore-and-aft sails on two or more masts with the forward mast being no taller than the rear masts.
A two or three masted schooner is quite maneuverable and can be sailed by a smaller crew than some other sailing vessels.
“ On a balmy day in the late summer of 1847, The Eagle, a sailing schooner northbound from Chicago, with a family of six aboard, stood off the entrance to Pere Marquette Lake.
He also developed an interest in sailing, and briefly commanded a small merchant schooner trading between Britain and Holland, which allowed him to import examples of furniture and carving from Flanders, with which he later furnished his house at Ramsgate.
In 1868 he led the escape of 168 prisoners, seizing the schooner Rifleman and sailing back to the North Island where he began a series of raids.
Harstad is home port for the Anna Rogde, the world's oldest sailing schooner, also known as the sailing queen of Norway.
Cabin Fever consisted of a group of ten contestants chosen specially for the show, most of whom had no sailing experience ( though they had received a quick course in sailing technique prior to setting sail ), who were to be put on the 27. 4 metre ( 90 foot ), two-masted schooner with a professional crew of two.
See also the Thames sailing barge and the Norfolk wherry, two British equivalents to the scow schooner.
Its building is filled with interactive exhibits, theaters, the Reiman Family Aquarium and Wisconsin's official flagship, the Denis Sullivan, a fully functional sailing vessel modeled after a 19th-century Great Lakes schooner.
They returned to the UK in 1931 where he built his own schooner, the Mary Fortune, which he and his mother spent the next two years sailing around the British coast.
On April 15, 1848, seventy-seven slaves attempted to escape Washington D. C. by sailing away on a schooner called The Pearl.
* Adventure ( schooner ), an American sailing vessel built in 1926
U. S. Navy Lieutenant John M. Brooke, sailing on the naval schooner Fenimore Cooper, formally took possession of French Frigate Shoals for the United States on 14 January 1859, in accordance with the Guano Islands Act.
The school also owns Tabor Boy, a Dutch Pilot schooner, which is a certified school sailing vessel.
The following year saw the launching of one of the fastest and most famous sailing vessels in history, the three-masted schooner Atlantic.
Robinson subsequently returned to Saint-Paul in 1826 to gather sealskin, sailing from Hobart aboard his own vessel, the schooner Hunter.
He first arrived in Australia in January 1849 as captain of the schooner Royal Sovereign, visiting Adelaide, Circular Head and Sydney., sailing in ballast for Singapore in June.
The schooner Alma Doppel sailing off Grassy Point at Portarlington in 1997. The Port Phillip area was first significantly explored by Europeans in January 1802, when Lieutenant John Murray spent three weeks investigating the Bay entrance.
One gang member however, Slipsey Ward, was arrested and imprisoned at Auburn Prison after attempting to hijack a schooner sailing past Pike Street killing three of the six man crew before he was detained by the remaining crew members.
Odin centers around the novice crew of the laser sailing space schooner Starlight as they embark on an historic interstellar test flight.
* Albatross ( 1920 schooner ), a Dutch / German sailing ship that was later used as a training ship, inspiring the film White Squall

schooner and ship
* Enterprise ( 1776 ) schooner ( 20 December 1776 February 1777 ), the second American ship to bear this name served on Chesapeake Bay during the Revolutionary War.
* 12-gun schooner / 14-gun brig ( 17 December 1799 9 July 1823 ), the third ship to bear this name, was built as schooner, and later rerigged as a brig.
* 10-gun schooner ( 15 December 1831 24 June 1844 ), the fourth ship to bear this name
* Grafton ( ship ), a schooner wrecked on the Auckland Islands in 1864
The only seven-masted schooner ever built, Thomas W. Lawson ( ship ) | Thomas W. Lawson.
* Marion ( ship ), a schooner that went missing off St. Pierre and Miquelon in 1915
Some sailors who have sailed on them say it is a poor-handling compromise between a barque and a ship, though having more speed than a barque or schooner.
Schooners have a heavier rig and require more ballast than ships, which increases the wetted area and hull friction of a large schooner compared to a ship of the same size.
The result is that a ship can run down or away from a schooner of the same hull length.
The ship, the schooner Sultana, is then boarded by the angry citizens, and the tea is thrown into the sea.
In 1997, John Swain came up with blueprints for a reproduction of the American-built yacht, later Royal Navy schooner, planning the construction and home of the ship to be centered in Chestertown.
The first ship commissioned for the US military, by the US Army ( the US Navy had yet to exist ), was the armed schooner Hannah.
The ship became infamous after it sank in a storm in 1901, and the wooden nameplate of the schooner floated back to the shores of the City of Montague, where it was found in 1902.
In partial payment for the work, he was given the ninety-ton schooner, Pato, the first ship he could call his own.
The article reported the discovery of a derelict ship in the Pacific Ocean with only one survivor-Norwegian sailor Gustaf Johansen, second mate on the schooner Emma, which sailed from Auckland, New Zealand.
A brig is “ generally built on a larger scale than the schooner, and often approaches in magnitude to the full-sized, three-masted ship .” Brigs vary in length between 75 and 165 ft ( 23 50 m ) with tonnages up to 480.
Another advantage is that a barque can outperform a schooner or barkentine, and is both easier to handle and better at going to windward than a full-rigged ship.
* Mexicana ( ship ), a topsail schooner built in 1791 by the Spanish Navy
* Western Union, 1939 schooner chartered by Western Union Telegraph Company, used in film as slave ship La Amistad
* Caroline ( ship ), an American schooner that disappeared in 1802
* USS Chippewa ( 1813 ), was a schooner captured in 1813 from British forces, which later burned the ship in the same year.
A ship claimed to be from France unloaded illicit tea and brandy at Aberdaron in 1767, and attempted to sell its cargo to the locals ; a Revenue cutter discovered salt being smuggled at Porth Cadlan in 1809 ; and a schooner on route from Guernsey to Scotland was reported to have offloaded lace, tea, brandy and gin at Y Rhiw in 1824.
There was shipbuilding at Porth Neigwl, where the last ship, a sloop named the Ebenezer, was built in 1841 ; and at Porthor, which came to an end with the building of a schooner, the Sarah, in 1842.

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