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second and opened
Last week it opened at the J. B. Speed Museum in Louisville, at the very moment that a second Schiele exhibit was being made ready at the Felix Landau gallery in Los Angeles.
The stadium " Tivoli ", opened in 1928, served as the venue for the team's home games and was well known for its incomparable atmosphere throughout the whole of the second division.
On August 31, the Diamondbacks acquired former World Series MVP David Eckstein to fill the hole at second base which was opened after Orlando Hudson was placed on the disabled list.
Construction of the second line started in December 2008, which is due to be opened according to initial forecasts by the end of 2012.
Charlton opened the scoring with a crisp side-footed finish after a run by Roger Hunt had forced the Portuguese goalkeeper out of his net ; his second was a sweetly struck shot after a run and pull-back from Geoff Hurst.
He opened a second club, the Bob Wills Ranch House in Dallas, Texas.
Arias thus remained barred from a second term as president ; however, in April 2003 – by which time two of the four judges who had voted against the change in 2000 had been replaced – the Court reconsidered the issue and, with the only dissenters being the two anti-reelection judges remaining from 2000, declared the 1969 amendment null and thus opened the way to reelection for former presidents – which in practice meant Arias.
A second bridge, the Canal Bridge, opened in 1809 alongside the new Middlesex Canal.
Construction of a second terminal began in 2007 and was officially opened on 19 November 2010.
A second Canadian production by the Sock ' n Buskin Theatre Company opened on March 12, 2009 for a short run in Ottawa at Kailash Mital Theatre at Carleton University.
Home games typically use an ante ; the first betting round begins with the player to the dealer's left, and the second round begins with the player who opened the first round.
A second " after the draw " betting round occurs beginning with the player to the dealer's left or else beginning with the player who opened the first round ( the latter is common when antes are used instead of blinds ).
A second location was opened in Johnstown, Pennsylvania in 1933.
Dublin Airport is the busiest of these, carrying over 22 million passengers per year ; a second terminal ( T2 ) was opened in November 2010.
Once the observations were completed, Cook opened the sealed orders which were additional instructions from the Admiralty for the second part of his voyage: to search the south Pacific for signs of the postulated rich southern continent of Terra Australis.
* 1982 – The Sentosa Musical Fountain was officially opened as part of the second phase of construction on the island of Sentosa, Singapore.
The second stage, opened in 1999, was a 3 km-long tunnel linked to the first one, allowing the new " underground railway station of Monaco-Monte Carlo " to open.
* 1847 – The second Canadian railway line, the Montreal and Lachine Railway, is opened.
Despite finishing with a 6 – 10 record in the 2005 – 2006 season, the Eagles ranked second in the NFL in merchandise sales, and single-game tickets for the next season were sold out minutes after phone and Internet lines opened.
Just three years later a second railway terminus opened in the vicinity.
* The second, the Eastern Suburbs line, opened in 1979.
Both teams opened the second half trading punts.
Green Bay then opened up the scoring with Brett Favre's 54-yard touchdown pass to Andre Rison on their second offensive play of the game.
The Broncos opened the second half by driving 74 yards to the Atlanta 20-yard line, but ended up scoring no points after Elam's 38-yard field goal attempt sailed wide right.
In January 2009, the company opened a second location in Saudi Arabia, in the city of Jeddah.

second and with
Greg himself took two flights, with Todman leading the second, to patrol and look for targets of opportunities around Ormoc on the east coast of Leyte.
Their skin was covered with a thin coating of sweat and dirt which had almost the consistency of a second skin.
Steinberg spoke with warmth and enthusiasm about Italy: `` Rome is my second home.
John Adams fashioned much of pre-Revolutionary radical ideology, wrote the constitution of his home state of Massachusetts, negotiated, with Franklin and Jay, the peace with Britain and served as our first Vice President and our second President.
The active sponsor of Jefferson's measure for religious liberty in Virginia, Madison played the most influential single role in the drafting of the Constitution and in securing its ratification in Virginia, founded the first political party in American history, and, as Jefferson's Secretary of State and his successor in the Presidency, guided the nation through the troubled years of our second war with Britain.
Sibylla is pregnant with their second child when she finds the ivory tablet concealed by her husband, and the identities of mother and son are revealed.
The second reason for his popularity is his complete spontaneity with the guitar.
Peter Marshall noted that Bang-Jensen had later referred to his two interviews with the Gross group as `` unfortunate experiences '', and after his second meeting on the sixteenth the Dane refused to attend further hearings without legal counsel.
During the next years he gave me the second of the five contracts I would sign with the Hearst Service.
The second timely part of this sketch of literature and the search for identity has to do with the difference between good and enduring literary works and the ephemeral mass culture products of today.
By 1783 her legions had managed to annex the Crimea amid scenes of wanton cruelty and now, in this second combat with the Crescent, were aiming at suzerainty over all of the Black Sea's northern shoreline.
In his second letter the old mercer advised his son `` to bye some such warys as yow may selle presentlye with profet.
Carvey considers that former Vice President Nixon would be Brown's most formidable foe, with ex-Gov. Knight a close second.
But during the second half of the century its fortunes reached a low point and when in 1897 Cyrus H. K. Curtis purchased it -- `` paper, type, and all '' -- for $1,000 it was a 16-page weekly filled with unsigned fiction and initialed miscellany, and with only some 2,000 subscribers.
The 15th Street deposit is not to be confused with the nearby famous Mayflower Hotel cypress swamp on 17th Street reported in The Washington Post, August 2, 1955, which was probably formed during the second interglacial period and is therefore much younger.
and second, to increase uniformly the allotments to those States whose allotments are below their maximums, with adjustments to prevent the allotment of any State from thereby exceeding its maximum.
The second capability is represented by our deployed ground, naval, and air forces in essential forward areas, together with ready reserves capable of effecting early emergency reinforcement.
A second fundamental principle is that involved particularly in the present proceeding -- the difference between nighttime and daytime propagation conditions with respect to the standard broadcast frequencies.
A second and also good practice is to shear off the tops, leaving an inch high stub with just a leaf or two on each branch.
Going through the Imperial Gate in the wall, I entered the grounds of Topkapi Palace, home of the Sultans and nerve center of the vast Ottoman Empire, and walked along a road toward another gate in the distance, past the Church of St. Irene, completed by Constantine in 330 A.D. on my left, and then, just outside the second gate, I saw a spring with a tap in the wall on my right -- the Executioner's Spring, where he washed his hands and his sword after beheading his victims.
In recognition of the growing trend for second homes, or vacation cottages, we have designed this one specifically with the family handyman in mind.
The video signal is amplified and then switched, in synchronism with the three ultraviolet light sources which are sequenced by the rotating mirror so that during one-twentieth of a second only one wavelength, corresponding to red, green, or blue, is seen.
As shown in Fig. 4, an external antenna is placed over or around the patient and excited 3000 times a second with short 400-kc. bursts.

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