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second and section
His burst held for a second on the engine section of the plane.
In the second section he returns to the topic of hard skepticism by sharply denouncing it.
By the 19th century orchestral music in Europe had standardized the string section into the following homogeneous instrumental groups: first violins, second violins, violas, cellos, and double basses.
Naming the central ray passing through the entrance pupil the axis of the pencil or principal ray, it can be said: the rays of the pencil intersect, not in one point, but in two focal lines, which can be assumed to be at right angles to the principal ray ; of these, one lies in the plane containing the principal ray and the axis of the system, i. e. in the first principal section or meridional section, and the other at right angles to it, i. e. in the second principal section or sagittal section.
The second section, detailing the Gregorian mission of Augustine of Canterbury was framed on the anonymous Life of Gregory the Great written at Whitby.
By then, the Texas Playboys were virtually two bands: one a fiddle-guitar-steel band with rhythm section and the second a first-rate big band able to play the day's swing and pop hits as well as Dixieland.
Ismail Omar Guelleh took the oath of office as the second President of the Republic of Djibouti on May 8, 1999, with the support of an alliance between the RPP and the government-recognized section of the Afar-led FRUD.
The second section of the book deals with George's London life.
The second section of Afghan border demarcated during Abdur Rahman's reign was in the Wakhan.
Refer to the lower Directrix section of this article for a second equivalent construction of an ellipse.
The coulomb is defined as the quantity of charge that has passed through the cross section of an electrical conductor carrying one ampere within one second.
The letter consists of two parts: first a doctrinal section, then a second regarding conduct.
An example of this is Vladimir Nabokov's novel Pale Fire, the second section of which is a 999 line, 4 canto poem largely written in loose heroic couplets but also allowing for frequent enjambment.
The second major issue was over the inclusion of God in the last section of the document, with the draft using the phrase " and placing our trust in the Almighty ".
Susan, 16-years-old, competed in the grandmaster section and had a victory against GM Walter Browne and Sophia, 11-years-old, finished second in her section, but Judit gathered most of the attention in the tournament.
For the first seventy-eight authors Eusebius ( Historia ecclesiastica ) is the main source ; in the second section, beginning with Arnobius and Lactantius, he includes a good deal of independent information, especially as to western writers.
This section deals with some popular theories of the second type.
In some experiments, if a section of a leaf was torn away after the first photograph, a faint image of the missing section would sometimes remain when a second photograph was taken.
If the imaging surface is cleaned of contaminants and residual moisture before the second image is taken, then no image of the missing section would appear.
Macduff declares that he was " from his mother's womb / Untimely ripp'd " ( 5. 8. 15 – 16 ), ( i. e., born by Caesarean section ) and was not " of woman born " ( an example of a literary quibble ), fulfilling the second prophecy.

second and extends
A four-piece kit extends the three-piece by one tom, either a second hanging tom mounted on the bass drum and often displacing the cymbal, or a floor tom.
Metzger and Aland list the probable date for this manuscript as c. 125 but the difficulty of estimating the date of a literary text based solely on paleographic evidence must allow potentially for a range that extends from before 100 to well into the second half of the 2nd century.
The second extends from Pope Urban VI ( 1378 – 1389 ) to Pope Pius II ( 1458 – 1464 ).
A second north-south range extends along the western borders of Agusan and Davao provinces from Camiguin Island in the north to Tinaca Point in the south.
One might expect that by the Hahn-Banach theorem for bounded linear functionals, every bounded linear functional on C < sub > c </ sub >( X ) extends in exactly one way to a bounded linear functional on C < sub > 0 </ sub >( X ), the latter being the closure of C < sub > c </ sub >( X ) in the supremum norm, and that for this reason the first statement implies the second.
GAVI is now entering its second phase of funding, which extends through 2014.
The metro railway extends along most of Gran Valparaíso and is the second metro system in operation in Chile ( after Santiago ’ s ), and includes an underground section that crosses Viña del Mar ’ s downtown.
A second branch extends southward along Highway 71 from Kenora to Chapple, a routing of, and then eastward along Highway 11 for to Shabaqua, where it reunites with the main Highway 17 route.
Furthermore, the time period during which such a death or the onset of such a legal disability or disqualification might call for such an adaptation extends, under the Electoral College system, from before Election Day ( many states cannot change ballots at a late stage ) until the day the electors vote ( the first Monday after the second Wednesday of December ).
The second, which extends to the present day, is as a papermaking center.
In the same work the archbishop claims to have written his Chronicon januense in the second year of his episcopate ( 1293 ), but it extends to 1296 or 1297.
The second period includes the Genoese crusading exploits in the East, and extends to their victory over the Pisans ( c. 1130 ), while the third reaches down to tha author's days as archbishop.
Richmond Park is the second largest park in London ( after the 10, 000 acre Lee Valley Park, whose area extends beyond the M25 into Hertfordshire and Essex ) and is Britain's second largest urban walled park after Sutton Park, Birmingham.
The first carries the history from 1096 to the death of Ranulf Flambard ( 1129 ); the second extends from 1133 to 1144.
Its cell body sits in the central nervous system and its axon usually extends to a ganglion somewhere else in the body where it synapses with the dendrites of the second neuron in the chain.
A second, pedestrian-only bridge, known as " the Living Bridge ", extends between the North and South Banks from the Millstream Courtyard to the Health Sciences Building.
* Morton's toe, condition in which the second toe extends further than the first toe
The second incision begins at the blue dot and extends upwards, along the black arrow, until meeting the zig-zag line ( red ).
# During the second episode, eruptive activity was along the chain of scoria cones and lava flows that extends from the south side of Sheridan Mountain to the explosion crater at the south end of the chain.
The two petitions, transcripts of which are extant among the Harleian manuscripts, are undated, but in the first of them he speaks of having been ten years hanging about the court in hope of preferment, and in the second he extends the period to thirteen years.
The first groove spiral usually starts on the inner edge and extends outwards, while the second groove starts on the outer edge and extends inwards.
It usually starts from the level of the second lumbar vertebra and extends to the root of the neck.

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