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second and slab
However, the placement of the slab at Caput Bovis suggests that the canal extended to this point or that there was a second canal downriver of the Kasajna-Ducis Pratum one.
According to Neilsen in 2009 Victoria Bitter was claimed to be Australia's only billion dollar retail beer brand, selling the equivalent of one slab every second.
A stone slab that may be a portion of a second cross at Gosforth also shows a fishing scene using an ox head for bait.
A stone slab that may be a portion of a second cross at Gosforth also shows a fishing scene using an ox head.
Silva's debut CD a stunning slab of infectious grooves ( Amy Hanson AMG-All Music Guide ) was the talk of the internet, and would earn her a second license deal with a Dutch label Challenge Records and headline performances such as The North Sea Jazz Festival in Den Haag Holland were written to be electrifying.
* Counter slab, the second impression of a fossil
On the technology wing, forming is being erected for the structural concrete slab for the second floor.
The barely wet dough is then cooked twice: once in slab form, and after cutting in sliced form, with the second baking defining how hard the biscotti are.
A second theme leads to a second musical slab, this time pushing forward with the loudest climax Tchaikovsky ever wrote.
A special, reinforced, extra-thick " protection slab " existed beneath the second floor to help protect the building from street-level explosions.
The first known restoration was in 1177 under orders of the Fatimid wazir Badr al-Jamālī, who left a second inscription slab on the mosque, which is noted for containing the Shī ' ī version of the shahada, adding the phrase " And Ali is the wali of God " after acknowledging the oneness of God and the prophethood of Muhammad.
File: Kalema on second inscription slab, byFatimid wazir Badr al-Jamāl. jpg | Kalema on second inscription slab, by Fatimid wazir Badr al-Jamāl in era of Imam Mustansir
The interiors had numerous unorthodox and innovative features including: exposed post-and-beam construction ; tongue and groove decking for the ceilings following the roofline ; concrete slab floors with integral radiant heating ; lauan ( Philippine mahogany ) paneling ; sliding doors for rooms, closets, and cabinets ; and a standard second bathroom located in the master bedroom.
The third slab retains only part of a female figure with a ledger line containing the words: ... erine the second wyfe of Robert Poyntz.
In the Portington chapel, a ' coffin shaped cross slab with lead filled design ' can be found on the floor dated from the early 13th century, also a second cross slab carved in relief, dated from the late 13th century.

second and is
In spots such as the elbows and knees the second skin is worn off and I realized the aborigines were much darker than they appeared ; ;
Steinberg spoke with warmth and enthusiasm about Italy: `` Rome is my second home.
He must construct transitions so that a dancer who is told to lie prone one second and to leap wildly the next will have some physical preparation for the leap.
The first half of The Charles Men, ending on the climax of the battle of Poltava in 1709, is more dramatically coherent than the second.
Sibylla is pregnant with their second child when she finds the ivory tablet concealed by her husband, and the identities of mother and son are revealed.
The second reason for his popularity is his complete spontaneity with the guitar.
The idea here is one of discharge but this must stand in opposition to a second view, Plato's notion of the arousal of emotion.
There is a second feature of the influences of literature, good literature, on emotional life which may have some special value for our time.
Again omitting recent developments, E.T. Leeds' dictum of 1913 has stood unchallenged: `` So far as archaeology is concerned, there is not the least warrant for the second ( shore occupied by ) of these theories ''.
And the second requirement for convincing people without their knowledge is artistic talent to prepare the words and pictures which persuade by using the principles which the scientists have discovered.
Even to be `` from hope and fear set free '' is at least better than to have lost the first without having got rid of the second.
Obviously, if this club is going to move from second to first in the American League, it will have to show improvement someplace.
Hank Foiles, backed up by Frank House who will be within calling distance in the minors, make up better second line catching than the Birds had all last year, but Gus is still that big man you need when you start talking pennant.
The 15th Street deposit is not to be confused with the nearby famous Mayflower Hotel cypress swamp on 17th Street reported in The Washington Post, August 2, 1955, which was probably formed during the second interglacial period and is therefore much younger.
The second mistake is Tibet.
Even apart from the fact that now at the age of 31 my personal life is being totally disrupted for the second time for no very compelling reason -- I cannot help looking around at the black leather jacket brigades standing idly on the street corners and in the taverns of every American city and asking myself if our society has gone mad.
He is interested in public opinion for two reasons: first, because it is important in itself, and, second, because he knows that the American public cares about a decent respect for the opinions of mankind.
The second capability is represented by our deployed ground, naval, and air forces in essential forward areas, together with ready reserves capable of effecting early emergency reinforcement.
A second fundamental principle is that involved particularly in the present proceeding -- the difference between nighttime and daytime propagation conditions with respect to the standard broadcast frequencies.
A second and also good practice is to shear off the tops, leaving an inch high stub with just a leaf or two on each branch.
I like to shear half my plants at a time, leaving one half of them to blossom while the second half is getting started on its new round of blooming.
If the plants are cared for and protected over the winter, the second year is more prolific than the first.

second and incised
The linear writings of Crete in the first half of the second millennium BC were made on sun dried clay tablets that were left to dry in order to become ' leather ' hard before they were incised by the stylus.

second and with
Greg himself took two flights, with Todman leading the second, to patrol and look for targets of opportunities around Ormoc on the east coast of Leyte.
Their skin was covered with a thin coating of sweat and dirt which had almost the consistency of a second skin.
John Adams fashioned much of pre-Revolutionary radical ideology, wrote the constitution of his home state of Massachusetts, negotiated, with Franklin and Jay, the peace with Britain and served as our first Vice President and our second President.
The active sponsor of Jefferson's measure for religious liberty in Virginia, Madison played the most influential single role in the drafting of the Constitution and in securing its ratification in Virginia, founded the first political party in American history, and, as Jefferson's Secretary of State and his successor in the Presidency, guided the nation through the troubled years of our second war with Britain.
Peter Marshall noted that Bang-Jensen had later referred to his two interviews with the Gross group as `` unfortunate experiences '', and after his second meeting on the sixteenth the Dane refused to attend further hearings without legal counsel.
During the next years he gave me the second of the five contracts I would sign with the Hearst Service.
The second timely part of this sketch of literature and the search for identity has to do with the difference between good and enduring literary works and the ephemeral mass culture products of today.
By 1783 her legions had managed to annex the Crimea amid scenes of wanton cruelty and now, in this second combat with the Crescent, were aiming at suzerainty over all of the Black Sea's northern shoreline.
In his second letter the old mercer advised his son `` to bye some such warys as yow may selle presentlye with profet.
Carvey considers that former Vice President Nixon would be Brown's most formidable foe, with ex-Gov. Knight a close second.
But during the second half of the century its fortunes reached a low point and when in 1897 Cyrus H. K. Curtis purchased it -- `` paper, type, and all '' -- for $1,000 it was a 16-page weekly filled with unsigned fiction and initialed miscellany, and with only some 2,000 subscribers.
and second, to increase uniformly the allotments to those States whose allotments are below their maximums, with adjustments to prevent the allotment of any State from thereby exceeding its maximum.
Going through the Imperial Gate in the wall, I entered the grounds of Topkapi Palace, home of the Sultans and nerve center of the vast Ottoman Empire, and walked along a road toward another gate in the distance, past the Church of St. Irene, completed by Constantine in 330 A.D. on my left, and then, just outside the second gate, I saw a spring with a tap in the wall on my right -- the Executioner's Spring, where he washed his hands and his sword after beheading his victims.
In recognition of the growing trend for second homes, or vacation cottages, we have designed this one specifically with the family handyman in mind.
The video signal is amplified and then switched, in synchronism with the three ultraviolet light sources which are sequenced by the rotating mirror so that during one-twentieth of a second only one wavelength, corresponding to red, green, or blue, is seen.
As shown in Fig. 4, an external antenna is placed over or around the patient and excited 3000 times a second with short 400-kc. bursts.

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