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second and specific
When 1 ml of conjugate was passed through a column ( Af ), the first and second milliliter fractions collected were the most specific and gave no nonspecific staining in some experiments, and very little in others.
In our work the best procedure for removing substances causing nonspecific staining in order to obtain specific conjugates was to pass the conjugates through a DEAE-cellulose column and in some cases to absorb the first and second milliliter fractions with sweet clover tissue powder.
The specific instance I have in mind is the Afro-Asian version which has gained prominence only in this second half of the twentieth century.
The next session of Congress produced a second Reconstruction Act to further implement the first with specific voting regulations, which the President vetoed and Congress overrode.
The demonstration that the phase transition is second order, that it reproduces the Meissner effect and the calculations of specific heats and penetration depths appeared in the December 1957 article, " Theory of superconductivity ".
In 1967, a specific frequency from the emission spectrum of caesium-133 was chosen to be used in the definition of the second by the International System of Units.
The second half of the 20th century also saw the publication of several encyclopedias that were notable for synthesizing important topics in specific fields, often by means of new works authored by significant researchers.
The second area is the systematic review of medical literature to evaluate the best studies on specific topics.
" On second reading, the reader should realize that " breast " does not carry the general androgynous connotation of " chest " but instead the specific idea of a woman's breasts, which are so attractive that a man of any religion would kiss the Christian cross to be near.
He is considered to have been the second of eight emperors without specific legends associated with them, also known as the.
The second observation is that the specific choice of name for a function's arguments is largely irrelevant.
A second category of gravis is due to autoantibodies against the MuSK protein ( muscle specific kinase ), a tyrosine kinase receptor which is required for the formation of the neuromuscular junction.
According to the Mevo Hatalmud many rulings were given about specific things that could have been taken out of context or where a ruling was revisited but the second ruling was not as popularly known.
Davis has produced a second stabilized version incorporating enlargements of specific elements that he believes are significant.
The second reason is that it is a theory that is contrasting and does not have a specific way of presenting or explaining itself.
The frames are later played back in a movie projector at a specific speed, called the " frame rate " ( number of frames per second ).
Points races assign value to specific laps throughout a race and riders position in relation to the field, generally the leading rider and occasionally the second place rider will be awarded points.
In zoological code ( ICZN ), the second part of the name is a " specific name ", or in the botanical code ( ICN ) a " specific epithet ".
If mass is used, specific impulse is an impulse per unit mass, which dimensional analysis shows to be a unit of speed, and so specific impulses are often measured in meters per second and are often termed effective exhaust velocity.
The measurement of how well a receiver can reject a second signal on the same frequency is called the capture ratio for a specific receiver.
Other definitions fall between the first and second set, seeing democratic socialism as a specific political tradition closely related to and overlapping with social democracy.
The American Psychiatric Association released its second task force report in 1990 where specific details on the delivery, education, and training of ECT were documented.

second and comment
A second point requires more extended comment.
Williams dominated F1 in 1992 and Patrese continued to deliver in his role of second driver to Nigel Mansell, moving out of the way for Mansell while leading comfortably at that year's French Grand Prix. Again Patrese handled the delicate situation about team orders diplomatically, repeatedly offering a " No comment " to questions about the team orders that had been imposed on him at the red flag period of the French race.
It was followed by a second compilation, The World Won't Listen – the title was Morrissey's comment on his frustration with the band's lack of mainstream recognition, although the album reached number two in the charts – and the single " Sheila Take a Bow ", the band's second ( and last during the band's lifetime ) UK top-10 hit.
He composed longer pieces on a Persian War theme, including Dirge for the Fallen at Thermopylae, Battle at Artemisium and Battle at Salamis but their genres are not clear from the fragmentary remains-the first was labelled by Diodorus Siculus as an encomium but it was probably a hymn and the second was characterized in the Suda as elegiac yet Priscian, in a comment on prosody, indicated that it was composed in lyric meter.
Elvis's second set in the show consisted of " Ready Teddy " and a short on-air comment to Sullivan, " Ah, Mr Sullivan.
The final mention of Alan's children is an offhand comment in the second episode of the second series of I'm Alan Partridge, in which Alan glibly states that he has access to his children, but that they have no desire to see him.
* Topic – comment constructions, in which sentences are frequently structured with a topic as the first segment and a comment as the second.
Another seeming discrepancy in Peggy's history arises due to a comment she makes to Luanne in the series ' second episode (" Square Peg ").
On September 10, 2008, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals controversially rejected without comment Routier's motion for a second chance to make a case for more DNA testing.
These were not errors but rather clarified and expanded text, for example, adding a second example for both a blog post and a blog comment.
For the second year running, the BBC convened a panel to pass comment on each of the songs.
This 30 second clip of Nirvana's " Come as You Are " is used for the purposes of criticism and comment on the article Come as You Are ( Nirvana song ).
This 30 second clip of Nirvana's " Come as You Are " is used for the purposes of criticism and comment on the article Nevermind.
This 24 second clip of PJ Harvey's " Water " is used for the purposes of criticism and comment on the artist PJ Harvey.
The second dead newt was found by Donald A. Thomas late on Sunday 17 July 1994 while checking the tanks, however the second death was called " peculiar " in a comment by Dr. Michael Wiederhold, a scientist on the ground.
Clements had turned the tables on White in a near mathematical reversal of the 1982 results and was inaugurated for a second nonconsecutive term on January 20, 1987, just after White came " Striding up to Clements in the Capitol rotunda " and extended a hand for a handshake with congratulations and Clements simply shook it without comment and turned away.
This resulted in a second scandal in 2004, leading to the resignation of Australian Broadcasting Authority head David Flint, after he had been found to have been less than impartial in his role in " cash for comment " investigations.
By the second half, the ARD commentator Eberhard Stanjek refused any further comment on the game, while the Austrian television commentator Robert Seeger advised viewers to switch off their sets.
In the second half of the novel, Farmer uses his fictional Jesus to comment on contemporary religious belief.
It is believed a second and original British bodied Aurea survives in England, but has not been seen or heard of for at 25 years ( per this year 2008 comment ).

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