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series and is
Let us quote once more from R. G. Collingwood: `` History is properly concerned with the actions of human beings Regarded from the outside, an action is an event or series of events occurring in the physical world ; ;
This is a radical change in attitude from the conditions which prevailed several years ago, when a series of bombings was directed against Negroes who were moving into previously all-white neighborhoods of Dallas.
RCA Victor has an ambitious and useful project in a stereo series called `` Adventures In Music '', which is an instructional record library for elementary schools.
Pauling's estimate of 200 megatons yield from the present series of Russian tests will probably turn out to be too high, but a total of 100 megatons is a distinct possibility.
Secondly, a whole series of addresses and actions by the Pope and by others show that concern for Christian unity is still very much alive and growing within the Church.
Using Edgerton's method, the fast-closing action is obtained from the blackening of a window by exploding a series of parallel lead wires.
The exercise I shall discuss in this -- the first of a new series of articles on muscle definition-specialization of a particular body part -- is the One Leg Lunge.
A tsunami is not a single wave but a series.
Hypothesizing a series of developmental stages that begin in the individual's infancy and end in his old age, Erikson has indicated that the adolescent is faced with a series of identity crises.
In a series of fairy tales and fantasies, Melies demonstrated that the film is superbly equipped to tell a straightforward story, with beginning, middle and end, complications, resolutions, climaxes, and conclusions.
Physically, a movie is possible because a series of images is projected one at a time at such a speed that the eye `` remembers '' the one that has gone before even as it registers the one now appearing.
Perhaps the Pirate who will be the unhappiest over the news that Musial probably will sit out most of the series is Bob Friend, who was beaten by The Man twice last season on dramatic home runs.
The series of ballets is sponsored by the Milenoff Ballet Foundation, Inc., a non-profit foundation with headquarters in Coral Gables.
The Leningrad Kirov Ballet, which opened a series of performances Friday night at the Opera House, is, I think, the finest `` classical '' ballet company I have ever seen, and the production of the Petipa-Tschaikowsky `` Sleeping Beauty '' with which it began the series is incomparably the finest I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.
About that same time John Crosby's TV series on the popular arts proved again that giving jazz ample breathing space is one of the most sensible things a producer can do.
London explains that the very distinct directional effect in the Phase 4 series is due in large part to their novel methods of microphoning and recording the music on a number of separate tape channels.
This is not only a compliment to Mijbil, of whom there are a fine series of photographs and drawings in the book, but to the author who has catalogued the saga of a frightened otter cub's journey by plane from Iraq to London, then by train ( where he lay curled in the wash basin playing with the water tap ) to Camusfearna, with affectionate detail.
This music is characterized by a large technical research and focuses mainly on twelve long Noubate " series ", its main instruments are the mandolin, violin, lute, guitar, zither, flute and piano.
A series of linked carbon atoms is known as the carbon skeleton or carbon backbone.

series and developed
In doing away with the tea tray, the elephants and the giant tortoise, science has developed a series of rationally defensible explanations of the cosmos.
AIX ( Advanced Interactive eXecutive, pronounced ) is a series of proprietary Unix operating systems developed and sold by IBM for several of its computer platforms.
The AIX family of operating systems debuted in 1986, became the standard operating system for the RS / 6000 series on its launch in 1990, and is still actively developed by IBM.
The full typical series of 44 teeth was developed in each, but whereas in the Periptychidae, the upper molars were bunodont and tritubercular, in the Pantolambdidae, they had assumed a selenodont structure.
Borland successfully launched a series of blockbusters that included Turbo Pascal, SideKick, SuperKey, and Lightning, all developed in Denmark.
Borland developed a series of well-regarded software development tools.
Starting in 1924, Hubble painstakingly developed a series of distance indicators, the forerunner of the cosmic distance ladder, using the Hooker telescope at Mount Wilson Observatory.
* Blitz: The League, a 2005 American football game series developed by Midway Games
Previous styles have included a series of fictional flags set to music between 1997 and 1999 before the major relaunch, incorporating the new contemporary music composed by David Lowe, and graphics developed by Lambie-Nairn.
* Boomer ( Bubblegum Crisis ), a fictional synthetic life form developed by Katsuhito Stingray in the anime series Bubblegum Crisis
A comic series was developed from the plot of the film as well.
The mathematics of crystal structures developed by Bravais, Federov and others was used to classify crystals by their symmetry group, and tables of crystal structures were the basis for the series International Tables of Crystallography, first published in 1935.
The company developed the inaugural entry in its Resident Evil survival horror series in 1996.
* The development environment for the Jak and Daxter video game series, developed by Naughty Dog.
Besides a customized Linux distribution for the Latin American market, Conectiva developed a series of products and additional services directed to meet the market demand for open source tools, including books, manuals, additional software like Linux Tools and embedded systems, OEM programs, applications port, training kits and the " Revista do Linux " Linux magazine.
It tells of a post-nuclear war experiment in time travel by using a series of filmed photographs developed as a photomontage of varying pace, with limited narration and sound effects.
It was developed on the T-54 hull in 1951 ; series production started in 1955.
CuteFTP is a series of FTP ( file transfer ) client applications developed by GlobalSCAPE since 1996, with both a Windows-based or Mac-based interface and made for both home and professional use.
is a 1998 Japanese anime series developed by Sunrise.
Notable examples of space adventure anime series developed around this period include Sunrise's Outlaw Star and Madhouse's Trigun.
Clark also developed a method of rapidly spinning into his costume at super speed which became a trademark change, especially during the third and fourth seasons of the series, and extremely popular with the show's fans.
The Old English word for carry was dragen which developed into a series of related words, including drag, draw, and draught.
A series of composite sketches was developed.
After 350, 000 BP ( Before Present ) the more refined so-called Levallois technique was developed, a series of consecutive strikes, by which scrapers, slicers (" racloirs "), needles, and flattened needles were made.
His fully developed camera, called the Kinetograph, was patented in 1891 and took a series of instantaneous photographs on standard Eastman Kodak photographic emulsion coated on to a transparent celluloid strip 35 mm wide.

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