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shoulder and girdle
* In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Gawain returns from his battle with the Green Knight wearing the green girdle " obliquely, like a baldric, bound at his side ,/ below his left shoulder, laced in a knot, in betokening the blame he had borne for his fault.
Successful vaults depend on the speed of the run, the length of the hurdle, the power the gymnast generates from the legs and shoulder girdle, the kinesthetic awareness in the air, and the speed of rotation in the case of more difficult and complex vaults.
He designed Hermes ' winged helmet and sandals, the Aegis breastplate, Aphrodite's famed girdle, Agamemnon's staff of office, Achilles ' armor, Heracles ' bronze clappers, Helios ' chariot ( and one for himself, to be used on account of his lameness ), the shoulder of Pelops, and Eros ' bow and arrows.
P. occidentalis mount wherein arms, shoulder girdle, and fingers are actual bones, and the rest has been drawn from other specimens.
It is mostly protected and supported by the ribcage, spine, and shoulder girdle.
The choir and outdoor dress of the friars is a tunic of black woolen material, with long, wide sleeves, a black leather girdle and a large shoulder cape to which is attached a long, pointed hood reaching to the girdle.
It makes up part of the shoulder and the pectoral girdle and is palpable in all people, and, in people who have less fat in this region, the location of the bone is clearly visible as it creates a bulge in the skin.
The scapula forms the posterior ( back ) located part of the shoulder girdle.
The axillary nerve is located at the proximal end, against the shoulder girdle.
Successful vaults depend on the speed of the run, the length of the hurdle, the power the gymnast generates from the legs and shoulder girdle, the kinesthetic awareness in the air, and the speed of rotation in the case of more difficult and complex vaults.
* Operculum ( small bone in the skull, linked to shoulder girdle by the opercularis muscle ; perhaps involved in hearing and balance ; absent in caecilians and some salamanders, fused to the stapes ( ear bones ) in most anurans )
Ichthyostegas skull seems more fish-like than that of Acanthostega, but its girdle ( shoulder and hip ) morphology seems stronger and better adapted to land-life.
Most notably, the shoulder girdle was disconnected from the skull, resulting in improved terrestrial locomotion.
Moderate and severe cases can present with pelvic and shoulder girdle muscle weakness.
Rhythmic Stabilisation: and Alternating Isometrics are very similar in that they both encourage stability of the trunk, hip, and shoulder girdle.
The original fossil remains of Supersaurus, discovered in the Dry Mesa Quarry, yielded only a few bones: the shoulder girdle ( type specimen BYU 12962, earlier BYU 5500 ), an ischium ( BYU 12946 ) and a few neck vertebrae.
This shoulder girdle ( or scapulocoracoid ) stood some 2. 4 meters ( 8 ft ) tall, if placed on end.
Other bones that were found at the same location and originally thought to belong to Ultrasauros, like a shoulder girdle ( scapulocoracoid, BYU 9462 ), actually belonged to Brachiosaurus, possibly a large specimen of Brachiosaurus altithorax.
While a grouping by innervation reveals embryological and phylogenetic origins, the functional-topographical classification below reflects the similarity in action between muscles ( with the exception of the shoulder girdle, where muscles with similar action can vary considerably in their location and orientation.
Bones of the shoulder girdle
Between them these two joints allow a wide range of movements for the shoulder girdle, much because of the lack of a bone-to-bone contact between the scapula and the thoracic cage.
The mobility of the shoulder girdle is supported by a large number of muscles.

shoulder and pectoral
Alvaro del Portillo, Opus Dei Personal prelature | Prelate, wearing a black cassock with shoulder cape piped in Amaranth ( color ) | amaranth, a purple fascia ( vestment ) | fascia and a gold or gilt pectoral cross.
As for the pectoral girdle of H. floresiensis, they studied a broken clavicle of LB1 and a shoulder blade of LB6.
They compared their finding with the skeleton of Nariokotome Boy ( variously classified as H. ergaster or H. erectus ), and suggested that the pectoral girdle of H. floresiensis was a transitional stage in human shoulder evolution.
Skeletal similarities include the neck, the pubis, the wrists ( semi-lunate carpal ), the ' arms ' and pectoral girdle, the shoulder blade, the clavicle and the breast bone.
The pope's ordinary dress ( also called house dress ), which is worn for daily use outside of liturgical functions, consists of a white simar ( cassock with a shoulder cape attached to it ) girded with the fringed white fascia ( often with the papal coat of arms embroidered on it ), the pectoral cross suspended from a gold cord, the red papal shoes, and the white zucchetto.

shoulder and composed
Long guns typically have a barrel between 10 and 30 inches ( there are restrictions on minimum barrel length in many jurisdictions ; maximum barrel length is usually a matter of practicality ), that along with the receiver and trigger group is mounted into a wood, plastic, metal or composite stock, composed of one or more pieces that form a foregrip, rear grip, and optionally ( but typically ) a shoulder mount called the butt.
The shoulder joint is composed of three bones: the clavicle ( collarbone ), the scapula ( shoulder blade ), and the humerus ( upper arm bone ) ( see diagram ).
The rotator cuff is a structure composed of tendons that, with associated muscles, holds the ball at the top of the humerus in the glenoid socket and provides mobility and strength to the shoulder joint.
The arm proper ( brachium ), sometimes called the upper arm, the region between the shoulder and the elbow, is composed of the humerus with the elbow joint at its distal end.
Despite its name, it is primarily composed of pork shoulder meat, according to McDonald's.
The shoulder elements and upper chest are of plate iron, whilst the waist is composed of scale armour for ease of movement.

shoulder and clavicle
The clavicle or collar-bone forms the lower limit of the neck, and laterally the outward slope of the neck to the shoulder is caused by the trapezius muscle.
* Acromioclavicular joint ( AC joint ), the shoulder junction between the scapula and the clavicle
* The clavicle and scapula protect the shoulder.
In anatomy, the scapula ( Medical Latin ), or shoulder blade, is the bone that connects the humerus ( upper arm bone ) with the clavicle ( collar bone ).
The acromioclavicular ( AC ) joint is located between the acromion ( part of the scapula that forms the highest point of the shoulder ) and the clavicle.
A shoulder separation occurs where the collarbone ( clavicle ) meets the shoulder blade ( scapula ).
A bone fracture of the shoulder involves a partial or total crack through one of the three bones in the shoulder, the clavicle, the scapula, and the humerus.
The human shoulder is made up of three bones: the clavicle ( collarbone ), the scapula ( shoulder blade ), and the humerus ( upper arm bone ) as well as associated muscles, ligaments and tendons.
* Forequarter ( amputation of the whole arm, along with the shoulder blade and the clavicle )
* Mumford procedure, also called distal clavicle excision or distal clavicle resection, an orthopedic surgical procedure used in shoulder surgery
The condemned knelt before the executioner, who placed a wad of cotton or similar material on the subject's shoulder or clavicle area.
TOS may occur due to a positional cause-for example, by abnormal compression from the clavicle ( collarbone ) and shoulder girdle on arm movement.
Horses do not have a clavicle, so the shoulder can freely rotate backwards.
Skeleton showing shoulder girdle1 suprascapula, 2 scapula, 3 clavicle, 4 procoracoid
The clavicle was relatively short, which in combination with the shape of the shoulder blade and the low twist of the arm bone resulted in the shoulder being moved slightly forward, as if it was shrugged.

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