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show's and creators
The show's creators originally wanted Phil Silvers in the lead role of Pseudolus, but he turned them down, allegedly because he would have to perform onstage without his glasses, and his vision was so poor that he feared tripping into the orchestra pit.
" While writing, he says, the show's creators imagined Ted and Dougal as " just two people who happen to be ".
This included the nation's and the writers ' favourite episodes plus a documentary of the cast and creators that revisited the show's locations.
Frasier hosts The Dr. Frasier Crane Show on talk radio station KACL ( named for the initials of the show's creators, Angell, Casey and Lee ).
The show's creators claim that they were not engaging in a product placement strategy for commercial gain.
She has been stated by the show's creators to be Cantonese, and as such, she is bilingual, speaking both English and Cantonese.
The second and most famous theme was composed by William Loose: " Bob & Merrill's Theme ", named for Bob Quigley and Merrill Heatter, the show's creators and original co-executive producers.
MTV Networks president Van Toffler was reported as saying a revival of the series was being considered, and that the show's creators had been approached about the possibility.
Megavolt was the show's creators ' favorite villain and therefore the most recurring.
Arlene Klasky, one of the show's creators initially did not like Angelica Pickles.
Bender was the most difficult character to cast, as the show's creators had not decided what a robot should sound like.
The season one main opening was a simple eight-second sequence which showed the window of a subway train with moving through and quickly stopping at the original show logo, which then peeled off to reveal the names of the show's creators.
* Full press release documents regarding the show's characters, background, and creators hosted at The Unofficial ReBoot Home Page.
ABC has vehemently denied that thesis, but fans were not convinced, and were particularly irritated by the fact that the creators and writers of the show were fired from ABC following the show's cancellation.
Despite claims by the show's creators that SpongeBob is " somewhat asexual ", several annuals state that SpongeBob holds romantic feelings for Sandy, which could be shown in examples where SpongeBob brings Sandy flowers on occasion.
The focus on the new show was on children from disadvantaged backgrounds, but Cooney and the show's creators recognized that in order to achieve the kind of success they wanted, it had to be equally accessible to children of all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds.
The show's creators have also stated he was lying.
Despite the show's relative failure, fans of the former UK Play spoof interviews show Rock Profile, often recall the creators and future stars of Little Britain, Matt Lucas and David Walliams's, appearance on the show as Danny and Noel from Hear ' Say, in which they constantly sang " Monday, Monday " after Theakston asked them a question.
That same year, he appeared in " Pilots and Pens Lost ", a 1998 episode of The Larry Sanders Shows sixth season, in which he and the executives of the show's nameless television network satirized the treatment to which scriptwriters and show creators were subjected, as well as the executives ' knee-jerk tendencies toward racial stereotypes.
When casting for Futurama, Bender's voice was the most difficult to cast, in part because the show's creators had not yet decided what a robot should sound like.
* In the early stages of planning Deep Space Nine, the show's creators wanted to bring in a Bajoran character named Ensign Ro Laren, who was a recurring character in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
For example: several skits from the cult 1960s TV show At Last the 1948 Show were resuscitated by John Cleese ( one of that show's creators ) and performed by him with various Amnesty show cast members, including fellow Pythons ( Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Graham Chapman ) and other peers ( John Bird, John Fortune and Tim Brooke-Taylor ( the last also an At Last the 1948 Show writer / star ), younger performers ( Rowan Atkinson and Griff Rhys Jones ), and Cleese's then wife, actress / writer Connie Booth.
The show's creators Lewis Rudd and Sue Turner named the programme Magpie as a reference to the magpie's habit of collecting small items, and because of " mag " being evocative of " magazine ", and " pie " being evocative of a collection of ingredients.
Vieira interviews cast members and the show's creators in California.

show's and Jeff
Sting also led an impromptu super-group of other musicians ( dubbed The Secret Police ) performing at the show including Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Phil Collins, Donovan, Bob Geldof and Midge Ure in the show's grand finale – Sting's own reggae-tinged arrangement of Bob Dylan's I Shall Be Released.
According to the show's host, Jeff Probst, although the standard format calls for 16 people and two tribes ( this also makes it easier to distribute genders across tribes and give the viewers fewer contestants to remember ), at times there have been eighteen-and twenty-player seasons to allow for " wiggle room " in case players quit or are removed due to injury.
DeVito worked with Kaufman on the Taxi television series, and other members of that show's cast, including Marilu Henner, Judd Hirsch, Christopher Lloyd and Jeff Conaway, make cameo appearances in the film, playing themselves.
The CTW wanted to attract the best composers and lyricists for Sesame Street, so songwriters like Joe Raposo, the show's music director, and writer Jeff Moss were allowed to retain the rights to the songs they wrote.
Jeff MacKay had recurring roles on Magnum, P. I., and later JAG ( 1995 – 2005 ), and Marta DuBois played the role of Magnum's estranged wife Michelle, long presumed dead, in a story arc that spanned most of that's show's run.
" Jeff Bond notes, " Although he wrote only two scores for the series, New York composer Sol Kaplan's music was tracked endlessly throughout the show's first two seasons.
A 1999 documentary short, I Created Lancelot Link, was made by Diane Bernard and Jeff Krulik ; it includes a reunion between the show's two creators, and was " shot in shlocky Hi-8 video, and an entertaining juxtaposition of anecdotes from Burns and Marmer and some of the show's finest moments.
One episode featured television critic Jeff Jarvis in an introduction, sarcastically reminding viewers what was going on with the show's plot since it had been so long since the last new episode.
The series ' major underlying gag was of the battle of talent between Ben and Jeff, and their antagonistic treatment of each other during their " show's " production.
Altman felt that since he carried the show, his name should appear in the title, and the network agreed, but Pink Lady's manager strongly protested and threatened a lawsuit if " and Jeff " appeared on the show's title.
Silver and his co-star, actor Jeff Goldblum, were discovered by Hollywood Film Agents during this show's historic run.
Jeff Bond notes, " Although he wrote only two scores for the series, New York composer Sol Kaplan's music was tracked endlessly throughout the show's first two seasons.
In a statement by executive producer Jeff Apploff, the information obtained by the show's research department was incomplete.
The show's full cast, minus Jeff Chandler, played the same characters in the television version ( with most of the scripts adapted from radio ), which continued to revolve largely around Connie Brooks ' daily relationships with Madison High students, colleagues and principal.
The show's theme song was " Truth About Romeo " written by Pancho's Lament, the stage name of songwriter Jeff Cohen.
After a few years, Barnes left the show to move to the Pacific Northwest, leaving James as the show's sole host, although Jeff Laube, Nick Smith and Sandy Rymer occasionally co-hosted the show with James on an informal basis.
( Jeff Silverman, the show's producer, did not want the station to reuse the program tapes of the live segments when contract negotiations failed.
Jeff Spicoli is the center of certain plots throughout the show's short run.

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