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show's and popularity
O ' Daniel had parlayed the show's popularity into growing power within Light Crust Flour's parent company, Burrus Mill and Elevator Company and wound up as General Manager, though he despised what he considered " hillbilly music.
During the show's peak in popularity, Hee Haw often competed in syndication against The Lawrence Welk Show, a long-running ABC program which had also been canceled in 1971, also in an attempt to purge the networks of older demographic-leaning programs.
The show's popularity by early 1998 was evident to the cast members, and Hannigan remarked on her surprise specifically.
As the show's popularity rose, many celebrities were eager to perform with the Muppets on television and in film.
As Morrow stated, Henson's puppets were a crucial part of the show's popularity and it brought Henson national attention.
The show's continuing popularity rested heavily on its juxtaposition of modern everyday concerns in the Stone Age setting.
Ace Books published a series of novels due to the show's popularity, beginning in 1992 and continuing until the year 2000.
The show's popularity waned after this move, and it was soon cancelled.
In 1976, the show's success, and celebrity panelist Richard Dawson's popularity, prompted Goodson-Todman to develop a new show for ABC entitled Family Feud with Dawson hosting.
The tipping point comes when, due to Dorothy's popularity, the show's producers want to extend her contract for another year.
The show's popularity allowed for two spin-off series: Saved by the Bell: The College Years ( 1993 – 1994 ), a prime time series which followed several of the original characters ' college experiences, and Saved by the Bell: The New Class ( 1993 – 2000 ), a Saturday-morning series which followed a new group of students at Bayside High School.
The show's popularity on Saturday morning is what led NBC to shift from airing mainly cartoons to more live-action teen-oriented shows ( California Dreams, Hang Time, etc.
In his book, Barris says that at the height of the show's popularity in the late 1950s, the individual panelists became major celebrities in Canada.
He, along with newcomers Phil Hartman, Kevin Nealon, Jan Hooks, and Victoria Jackson, helped to reverse the show's declining popularity and made SNL " must-see " TV once again.
Many memorable episodes and storylines took place during the second season, which built up the show's popularity among young viewers.
Bart quickly became the show's breakout personality and one of the most celebrated characters on television — his popularity in 1990 and 1991 was known as " Bartmania ".
" These catchphrases, his trademark silver bullets, and the theme music from the William Tell overture are remembered by the millions who came of age during the decades of the show's initial popularity or have viewed the television series.
After gaining popularity among the show's listeners, the narrator became the star of The Shadow Magazine on April 1, 1931, a pulp series created and primarily written by the prolific Gibson.
The show's immense popularity has been the target of numerous parodies.
In spite of the show's popularity, the show was beset with production delays and censorship battles with Nickelodeon, which fired Kricfalusi in 1992.
Radio historian Jim Harmon attributes the show's popularity in The Great Radio Heroes to the fact that it was the only radio show to deal with and appeal to young children.
Yet the New Year's Day 2006 episode of The Mystery of the Blue Train attracted a high 30 percent audience rating ( 7. 4 million viewers ), and the show's enduring popularity was shown once again in August 2008, when a repeat received 3. 2 million viewers and a 16 percent of the viewing population.
The band recorded two sessions for John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show in 1990, and their popularity with the show's listeners saw them with three tracks in the Festive Fifty that year, with " Dreams Burn Down " and " Like a Daydream " at numbers 3 and 4 respectively, and " Taste " at number 25.
For roughly the first half of the show's run, Cornfed is a virgin, which contrasts to his popularity among women and earns Duckman's mockery.

show's and eventually
The show's finale included a special appearance by Naomi Judd, who joined Wynonna in performing The Judds ' single " Love Can Build a Bridge ", to which everyone eventually joined in.
In reality, however, the slime recipe used through most of the show's run consisted of a mixture of lime green gelatin powder and flour ; eventually, oatmeal was added to the recipe, as was baby shampoo so that it would wash out of the actors ' hair more easily.
( Convy would later be chosen as host of the show's 1990 revival before being diagnosed with a brain tumor which eventually took his life.
Rogers did, however, still enjoy working with Alda and the rest of cast as a whole ( Alda and Rogers quickly became close friends ), but eventually chafed that the writers were devoting the show's best humorous and dramatic moments to Alda.
Three specific targets of satire — racism, the President of the United States, and the Vietnam War — would wind up defining the show's content for the remainder of its run, and eventually lead to its demise.
He was eventually able to pitch to the show's producers, who bought a script from him, and then hired him as a staff writer.
The two starring characters eventually moved to Los Angeles in the show's later years.
A time switch from a concrete Saturday schedule to a revolving Friday timeslot caused the show's ratings to dip even more, and it was eventually canceled after one season.
Three specific targets of satire — racism, the President of the United States, and the Vietnam War — would wind up defining the show's content for the remainder of its run, and eventually lead to its demise.
The new main cast included Eliza Coupe returning to the recurring role of Denise " Jo " Mahoney from season eight, Dave Franco as Cole, a charming, confidently stupid and incredibly entitled medical student whose family donated the money to build the school, Kerry Bishé as Lucy, who shared the starring role with Braff in the beginning of the season and eventually became the show's new narrator, and Michael Mosley as Drew, a 30-year-old med student on his last attempt at school.
While Matt eventually got all of the prizes in the rigged contest, the show's central running joke was in the same existential ballpark as The Truman Show.
Initially introduced solely for the storyline concerning Sharon ( and serving as an opponent for Bea during her stay ), Judy was received well enough by viewers for her to remain in the series as a regular, and stayed as part of the core group of prisoners ( and becoming Bea's unofficial " second in command " in the process ), and eventually became the show's longest serving inmate ( with a few spells on the outside ), and the second longest running character behind Elspeth Ballantyne's portrayal of Meg Jackson, later Morris.
In the show's early days, the voices of the bananas were provided by the same actors as were inside the costume, but the original actors eventually gave up that aspect of the show and substitutes manned the hot, stuffy costumes.
The horn section for The Power Station's Saturday Night Live appearance included saxophonist Lenny Pickett, who would join the show's house band that fall and eventually become the show's musical director.
" Fields eventually became the show's announcer from 2004 to 2010.
Brooks and Burns hired all of the show's staff themselves and eventually ended it of their own accord.
Visnjic joined ER in the sixth season in late 1999, eventually becoming the show's male lead in mid-season 11.
After the show's cancellation, she got a job as a campus adviser to student groups at UCLA and eventually became an associate dean of students.
Stock was replaced in the show's second season by Carolyn McCormick as ADA Rita Fiore, whom at first abhores Spenser, but eventually falls for his charms.
Wagner eventually returned to the role in 1985 and in 1986 she and an ailing MacLaughlin, who played her on-screen husband, were prominently featured in the show's 30th anniversary episode.
Maharis was eventually replaced by Glenn Corbett as Linc Case, but Milner starred throughout the show's run.
However, this is never consistent, as he would again eventually speak a line or perform an action, and by the show's final story arc, this strange trait had disappeared.
( which eventually went to Celeste Holm ), but the show's librettist Oscar Hammerstein cast her as the female lead, Laurey.

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