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show and was
there was not a match-width of damp mark to show they were receding.
Now he was going to show how much he knew.
In certain respects, their task was incomparably greater than ours today, for there was nobody before them to show them the way.
The show was colorful, indeed, exuberant, but the press for all its assiduity could detect no note of a fateful rendezvous with destiny.
Years were to pass before these plans came off the paper, and Wright was justified in thinking, as the projects failed, that much of what he had to show his country and the world would never be seen except by visitors to Taliesin.
But all the reports of this first embassy show that the two Savoyards were the heads of it, for they were the only ones who were empowered to swear for the king that he would abide by the pope's decision and who were allowed to appoint deputies in the event that one was unavoidably absent.
What they meant was that there was no evidence to show that the south and east coasts of Britain received Germanic settlers conspicuously earlier than some other parts of England.
When Fosdick showed the letter to Baker his negative response was: `` For God's sake, Raymond, don't show this to the President or he'll stop the war ''.
Her mother, now dead, was my good friend and when she came to tell us about her plans and to show off her ring I had a sobering wish to say something meaningful to her, something her mother would wish said.
It was not until the last year of his life that he had his first moneymaking show.
But there was no need, he remembered, for his hand to reach out, for his face to show concern or stoicism.
It took a piece of bad luck to show Michelangelo that the boy was devoted to him.
The oyabun was entertaining a group of dignitaries, the secretary said, businessmen from Tokyo for the most part, and Kayabashi wished to show them the mission.
Petitioner was not entitled to have the hearing officer's notes and report, especially since he failed to show any particular need for them and he did have a copy of the Department of Justice's recommendation to the appeal board.
It was interesting to note that many of these Juniors were showing dogs in various other classes at the show prior to the Finals of the Junior Class.
At the recent horse show convention in New York it was stated that this Intermediate Judging Class is meeting with great success and will be a great help to future judges in the horse world.
The founder of the Junior Showmanship Competition the late Leonard Brumby, Sr. ( for whom the trophy is named after at Westminster ) was an outstanding Handler and believed a Junior should have an opportunity to exhibit in a dog show starting with the Junior Showmanship Division.
Some years ago this Class was judged by celebrities who knew nothing of what was required of a Junior's ability to show a dog.
She patronized Greenwich Village artists for awhile, then put some money into a Broadway show which was successful ( terrible, but successful ).
Specific staining by DEAE-cellulose treated Af and Af, although clearly distinguishable under the microscope from either nonspecific staining or autofluorescence of cells, was not satisfactorily photographed to show such differences in spite of many attempts with black and white and color photography.
This information was accepted with the frequent interpretation that those persons who did not show arm-levitation must be preventing it.
What had been an unmanageably powerful introject was now, despite its continuing charge of energy disconcerting to me, sufficiently within control of her ego that she could use it to show me what this introjected mother was like.

show and lighter
Among lighter group 12 members, for which the + 2 oxidation state is the most common, only mercury can show + 4 oxidation state, but it is highly uncommon, existing at only one compound ( mercury ( IV ) fluoride, HgF < sub > 4 </ sub >) at extreme conditions .< ref >
Not all models show the higher elements following the pattern established by lighter elements.
On a lighter note, entertainer Bob Hope's first USO show was held at March on 6 May 1941.
For the United Kingdom, the Independent Television Commission banned Springer and other tabloid talk programs from being shown on television during daytime hours on school holidays in response to numerous parental complaints and concerns about children's potential exposure to the salacious content ( there was a short-running British version of the show made for ITV called The Springer Show that was lighter and more tongue-in-cheek ).
An offshoot of the Boston Symphony Orchestra is the Boston Pops Orchestra, founded in 1885, which plays lighter, more popular classics, and show tunes.
Beginning in 2011, the program had focused on hard news in contrast to the other breakfast television shows that show a mix of hard news, lighter news, and infotainment.
These show a somewhat lighter brown bird than the Tahiti specimen, with no white spot behind the eye, a more conspicuous light rusty eye-ring, two white wing-bars and rusty secondary and primary coverts ; one of Latham's specimens had yellow legs and feet.
Areas where radiation is absorbed show up as lighter shades of grey ( closer to white ).
Seppalas of today differ markedly from many other Siberian Husky bloodlines in physical appearance, being in general less flashily marked, longer in leg and body length, and lighter in weight and physical build than most Siberian Husky show dog lines.
" The show featured new characters such as Zippo ( changed to Zippeau for the TV series to avoid legal issues with the lighter maker Zippo ), a troodon who is said to have worked with Sylvia ; and a new plot device, the sunstones, which are described as a source of power and protection originating in the World Beneath.
In the IFC series, he has lighter skin and smaller eyes than he does on the Fox show.
The paint hit by the points is displaced and leaves only a thin dot of paint through which a lighter layer of colour underneath will show through.
He hosted the TV show HouseCapades, a real estate show depicting the lighter side of selling one's home.
Specialty show that features acoustic, live, and lighter rock hosted by Matt Jones with sidekick, Kyl.
The terms harness horse and light harness horse refer to horses of a lighter build, such as traditional carriage horses and show horses, and are not terms generally used to denote " heavy " or draught horses.
Running for eight seasons on ABC from 1997 to 2004, the show won the Emmy in 1998 and 1999 for Best Drama Series, and spawned the successful and lighter spin-off series Boston Legal, which ran for five more seasons, from 2004 to 2008.
Results cannot be considered conclusive, however, as the show utilized a 250-grain lead slug in a. 45-caliber Colt long shell vs a lighter ( 190-grain ) silver slug fired at closer range.
Post-1997 3. 2 L North American Acura examples are known to achieve a 13. 3 second quarter-mile time ( 1997-2005 model year NSX-T ; the lighter Zanardi Edition NSX is closer to 13. 2 seconds ), while the Japanese NSX-R ( 2002 +) is known to perform a 12. 8 second quarter-mile time as measured by Japan's " Best Motoring " TV show.
Although the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class has more assistance systems on-board than its predecessor and therefore does actually sacrifice some of the weight saved through the aluminium bodyshell, the scales show some better figures: the SL 500 ( 1. 785 kg ) weighs around 125 kilograms less and the SL 350 ( 1. 685 kg ) is 140 kilograms lighter than its predecessor.
The EBM influence still shines, but more texture and rhythm of her own design emerges alongside it, and her vocals show increasing variation, sometimes maintaining the girly sound she often uses as a characteristic of the lighter portion of her sound, but also playing with vocal synth and modifiers as well as other stylistic tones in her singing itself.
Some fossils of Sinosauropteryx show an alternation of lighter and darker bands preserved on the tail.
Specialty show that features acoustic, live, and lighter rock hosted by Matt Jones.
The show was shot in Nashville and features Trisha cooking family recipes and sharing healthy tips to enjoy lighter versions of the traditionally heavier Southern cuisine.

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