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single and appeared
In line with Park's suggestion, younger characters were introduced: Nick Tilsley was recast, played by Adam Rickitt, single mother Zoe Tattersall ( Joanne Froggatt ) first appeared, and the Battersbys moved into No. 5.
At thirteen, she was recording ( the single " Puppy Love ") on a small Louisiana label, Goldband Records, and appeared at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.
For books that did not have a single star, such as anthologies like House of Mystery or team series such as Justice League of America, the title and " DC " appeared in a stylized logo, such as a bat for " House of Mystery.
It features mostly new material, plus re-recordings of four very obscure Devo songs: " I Need A Chick " and " I Been Refused " ( from Hardcore Devo: Volume Two ), " Find Out " ( which appeared on the single and EP of " Peek-A-Boo " in 1982 ), and " Beehive " ( which was recorded by the band in 1974, at which point it was apparently abandoned with the exception of one appearance at a special show in 2001 ).
Apart from these five original single mixes (" Cowboys & Indians ", " We Don't Want To Die ", " Annihilation ", " Carnage ", " Hibakusha "), there was also the version which appeared on the LP and cassette editions of the album Welcome To The Pleasuredome.
Singer Neil Hannon also provided Ted's vocal in the " enhanced " version of My Lovely Horse, which later appeared as a B-side on the band's single Gin Soaked Boy.
In 2005 Coleman appeared in WWE Superstar John Cena's music video for his single Bad, Bad Man ( from the album You Can't See Me ), Coleman played the part of himself as a bad guy taking the 1980s pop stars Madonna and Michael Jackson hostage.
Lee appeared in Broken Social Scene's music video for their 2006 single " Fire Eye'd Boy ", judging the band while they perform various musical tasks, and in 2006, Lee joined Lifeson's supergroup the Big Dirty Band, to provide songs accompanying Trailer Park Boys: The Movie.
Marrow appeared as a featured rapper on " Reckless ", a single by DJ Chris " The Glove " Taylor, and recorded the songs " You Don't Quit " and " Dog ' n the Wax " with Unknown DJ, who provided a sound for the songs.
In 1998, Jamiroquai released " Deeper Underground ", the first single from their fourth studio album, Synkronized, which also appeared in the soundtrack for the 1998 movie Godzilla.
He recorded the single " Muddy River Water " for ( Decca Records ), the Sunset soundtrack and appeared on the Roxy Cast album of Rocky Horror Show.
The band appeared on French television with Salvador Dalí, who splashed black paint on them during a performance of their second single " Rainbow Chaser.
The second – and more guitar-heavy — version appeared on the double A-sided single with " Jackson ", though the Bond theme stalled at # 44 on the Billboard Hot 100.
The " Lombard " appeared in 1999, ( AKA: Bronze Keyboard ) a thinner, lighter, and faster ( 333 or 400 MHz ) PowerBook with a longer battery life and had both USB and SCSI built in and was a New World ROM Mac, and then the " Pismo " in 2000, which replaced the single SCSI port with two FireWire ports, updated the PowerBook line to AGP graphics, a 100 MHz bus speed, and DVD-ROM optical drives standard, in addition to dropping the " G3 " from the PowerBook name.
In 2009, she appeared together with International pop artist Dr. Alban on stage at Way Out West 2009, performing his hit single, " No Coke ".
Williams first single for Skyhooks, " Over the Border ", reached the top 40 in April, and their fifth studio album, Hot for the Orient, appeared in May 1980, but failed to peak into the top 50.
Staind appeared on The Howard Stern Show on August 10, 2005, to promote their new album Chapter V. They performed acoustic renditions of the single " Right Here " and Beetlejuice's song " This is Beetle ".
Pileggi later realized he had been lucky that he had not been cast in one of the earlier roles, as he believed he would have appeared in only a single episode and would have missed the opportunity to play Walter Skinner's recurring role.
A brief reunion occurred, however, later that year for " Sax and Violins ," an original single that appeared on the soundtrack to Wim Wenders ' Until the End of the World.
His only musical output of the year consisted of contributing his cover of Phil Phillips ' " Sea of Love " to the soundtrack of the Al Pacino movie of the same name and contributing vocals to The Replacements song " Date to Church ", which appeared as a B-side to their single " I'll Be You ".
Their debut single was the bush ballad, " Waltzing Matilda ", which appeared in November and reached the Melbourne top 40 singles chart.
The song had been recorded earlier as an Australian single from the 1964 album Hide and Seekers and appeared on the 1965 American debut, The New Seekers.
Mill's book Utilitarianism first appeared as a series of three articles published in Fraser's Magazine in 1861 and was reprinted as a single book in 1863.
Instead, it was released as a B-side of the " Go Your Own Way " single, and would remain in some obscurity until it appeared on the four-disc Fleetwood Mac retrospective 25 Years – The Chain in 1992.
According to the Los Angeles Times article, " The agency also asked the dozens of families that contacted officials to look for signs of disturbances -- shifted or cracked gravestones or anything else that appeared different from previous visits -- and didn ’ t receive a single call back, he said ".

single and on
`` Why single me out on this permit deal ''??
He tells of three men who started out on a trip across a single paddock, a ten-by-ten-mile square owned by a sheep grazer.
Besides doing a single song, `` When The Sun Comes Out '', they worked on the ambitious American-Negro Suite, for voices and piano, as well as songs for films.
New Jersey folk need not be told of the builder's march to the sea, for in a single generation he has parceled and populated miles of our shoreline and presses on to develop the few open spaces that remain.
Designers and manufacturers have produced models for purchasers who run the gamut from a nautical version of the elderly Pasadena lady who never drove more than five miles an hour on her once-a-month ride around the block, to the sportiest boatman who insists on all the dash, color, flair and speed possible to encompass in a single boat.
Every single problem touched on thus far is related to good marketing planning.
new panels are exchanged for the old right in the field on a single trip.
In the present work whole sera have been fractionated by chromatography on DEAE-cellulose using single gradients similar to those described by Sober and Peterson, and certain chemical and serological properties of the fractions containing antibodies of the ABO and Rh systems have been described.
This curve is of symbol Af since it meets **yl, and hence every line of Af in the Af invariant points on **yl and since it obviously meets every line of Af in a single point.
Where boundary maintenance describes the boundaries or limits of the group, systemic linkage is defined `` as the process whereby one or more of the elements of at least two social systems is articulated in such a manner that the two systems in some ways and on some occasions may be viewed as a single unit.
Certain Autocoder statements make provision for more parameters than may be contained in the operand ( columns 21 - 75 ) of a single line on the Autocoder coding sheet.
Extensive observations by physicians during vaginal examinations have established the fact that a single finger inserted along the anterior wall ( the top line of the vagina as the woman lies on her back ) may cause a great deal of distress in a virgin.
A single automobile was parked half-way up the block on the left-hand side.
He paused on the landing to steady his breathing and then bent to examine the single door by the light of the weak bulb overhead.
Rookie southpaw George Stepanovich relieved Hyde at the start of the ninth and gave up the A's fifth tally on a walk to second baseman Dick Howser, a wild pitch, and Frank Cipriani's single under Shortstop Jerry Adair's glove into center.
The Orioles got a run in the first inning when Breeding, along with Robinson, the two Birds who got a pair of hits, doubled to right center, moved to third on Russ Snyder's single to right and crossed on Kunkel's wild pitch into the dirt in front of the plate.
Jim Gentile bounced a hard shot off Kunkel's glove and beat it out for a single, and when Lumpe grabbed the ball and threw it over first baseman Throneberry's head Brandt took third and Gentile second on the error.
Lemon was on with his fourth single of the game, a liner to center.
The White Sox had taken a 5-4 lead in the top of the sixth on a pair of pop fly hits -- a triple by Roy Sievers and single by Camilo Carreon -- a walk and a sacrifice fly.
In announcing Jorda's return, the orchestra also announced that the sale of single tickets for the 50th anniversary season will start at the Sherman Clay box office on Wednesday.
I cannot imagine a single scene that isn't done in a far naughtier manner on TV every week.
Every single instance of altruistic behavior need not always increase inclusive fitness ; altruistic behaviors would have been selected for if such behaviors on average increased inclusive fitness in the ancestral environment.
It is based on of long kacida ( poems ) single rhyme and the monotonous sound of the flute.

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