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single-barrel and is
Each bottle of a single-barrel whisky is from an individual cask, and often the bottles are labelled with specific barrel and bottle numbers.
The cannon is a single-barrel, high performance, breech-cylinder gun operated by a fully automatic electrically fired gas-operated system at a selective rate of 1000 or 1700 rounds per minute.
The Hughes M230 Chain Gun is a 30 mm, single-barrel automatic cannon developed by Hughes and now manufactured by Alliant Techsystems.

single-barrel and with
In 1960, the only engine available was the 144 cid Thriftpower straight six with a single-barrel Holley carburetor which produced at 4200 rpm.
In response to complaints about the low performance of the 144 cid engine, a 170 cid straight-6 with a single-barrel Holley carburetor producing at 4400 rpm was released for the 1961 model year.
The base engine was the 170 cid inline-6 with a single-barrel carburetor producing at 4200 rpm.
Optional engines were the 200 cid inline-6 with a single-barrel carburetor producing and a 302 cid V8 with a 2-barrel carburetor producing.
A new engine option for 1972 was the 250 cid six with a single-barrel carburetor rated at.
Equipped with a single-barrel carburetor, it generates a peak power output of at 4200 rpm.
There were three versions of the engine: an 8. 6: 1, low compression, single-barrel carburetor ; a 10. 25: 1 high-compression with single barrel ; and a high-compression engine with a four-barrel carburetor.
Tuner Steinmetz developed a special version of the Ascona SR, with two single-barrel Solex carburettors, lifting power to 125 PS ( 92 kW ).
It came with a 225 Slant Six with its distributor and single-barrel carburetor calibrated for economy, a low-restriction exhaust system, an extra-high rear axle ratio, and was offered with either the Torqueflite 3-speed automatic or A833 overdrive 4-speed manual transmission.
A more efficient 2. 0 L I4, producing 90 hp ( 66 kW ) with a single-barrel carb replaced the existing engines.
A more efficient 2. 0 L I4, producing 90 hp ( 66 kW ) with a single-barrel carb replaced the existing engines.
In January 1981, the F5A four-stroke 543 cc known from the Fronte was also installed ( though with only a single-barrel carburettor ), it too put out but at 6, 000 rpm.
* Certain monsters were rebalanced with new behaviors or attack properties ( e. g. such as giving the arachnotron a weaker twin plasma gun instead of a stronger single-barrel one ).

single-barrel and than
It provides a much faster rate of fire for lower mechanical wear than a single-barrel weapon, although it cannot match the rate of fire of an electric Gatling gun like the M61 Vulcan.

single-barrel and .
* Single cask ( also known as single-barrel ) whiskies are usually bottled by specialist independent bottlers, such as Duncan Taylor, Gordon & MacPhail, and Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, amongst others.
Still using a single-barrel carburetor, it produced at 4400 rpm.
A 250 cid inline-6 using a single-barrel carburetor and generating at 4000 rpm would replace the previous 200 cid 6 as standard.
This engine could be modified by using an additional intake system and two single-barrel Solex carburettors, producing 90 HP.
While the single-barrel version produced, the four-barrel was capable of ( SAE gross ) at 4, 800 rpm and of torque at 2, 800 rpm.
The single-barrel engine and three-speed manual transmission were dropped.
The single-barrel carburetor version produced ; the two-barrel version ( RPO L11 ) produced.

Stevens and under
There's another addition to the Stevens line, the pump-action Model 77 in ( under $75 ), which you may or may not consider a kid's gun ; ;
" In keeping with that sentiment, Lincoln led the moderates regarding Reconstruction policy, and was opposed by the Radical Republicans, under Rep. Thaddeus Stevens, Sen. Charles Sumner and Sen. Benjamin Wade, political allies of the president on other issues.
Commercial whaling by Europeans of the species in the North Pacific began in the winter of 1845-46, when two United States ships, the Hibernia and the United States, under Captains Smith and Stevens, caught 32 in Magdalena Bay.
By 1997, the phrase had entered the legal lexicon as seen in an opinion by Supreme Court of the United States Justice John Paul Stevens, ' An example of " junk science " that should be excluded under the Daubert standard as too unreliable would be the testimony of a phrenologist who would purport to prove a defendant ’ s future dangerousness based on the contours of the defendant ’ s skull.
Brigadier Lansana placed Stevens under house arrest in Freetown and insisted the determination of office of the Prime Minister should await the election of the tribal representatives to the house.
Stevens had campaigned on a platform of bringing the tribes together under socialist principles.
In April 1971, a new republican constitution was adopted under which Stevens became President.
With the lack of new faces in the new APC cabinet under president Momoh and the return of many of the old faces from Stevens government, criticisms soon arose that Momoh was simply perpetuating the rule of Stevens.
There, Engels booked passage on the English schooner, Cornish Diamond under the command of a Captain Stevens.
Stevens, 529 U. S. 765 ( 2000 ), the United States Supreme Court endorsed the " partial assignment " approach to qui tam relator standing to sue under the False Claims Act — allowing private individuals to sue on behalf of the U. S. government for injuries suffered solely by the government.
1966 ); Crapsey, Adelaide: " Pierrot " ( c. 1914 ); Faulkner, William: Vision in Spring ( 1921 ); Ficke, Arthur Davison: " A Watteau Melody " ( 1913 ); Garrison, Theodosia: " Good-Bye, Pierrette " ( 1906 ), " When Pierrot Passes " ( before 1917 ); Griffith, William: Loves and Losses of Pierrot ( 1916 ), Three Poems: Pierrot, the Conjurer, Pierrot Dispossesed, The Stricken Pierrot ( 1923 ); Hughes, Langston: " A Black Pierrot " ( 1923 ), " Pierrot " ( 1926 ), " For Dead Mimes " ( 1926 ), " Heart " ( 1932 )— see " Goldweber " under External links below ; Loveman, Samuel: " In Pierrot's Garden " ( 1911 ; five poems ); Lowell, Amy: " Stravinsky's Three Pieces " ( 1915 ); Masters, Edgar Lee: " Poor Pierrot " ( 1918 ); Moore, Marianne: " To Pierrot Returning to His Orchid " ( c. 1910 ); Shelley, Melvin Geer: " Pierrot " ( 1940 ); Stevens, Wallace: " Pierrot " ( 1909, first pub.
* 1960 — Four separate researchers ( S. Weiss, J. Hurwitz, Audrey Stevens and J. Bonner ) discovered bacterial RNA polymerase, which polymerizes nucleotides under the direction of DNA.
The documents required to claim Stevens ' assets and assume his identity are in a safe deposit box in a Portland bank ; the key to the box is hidden under a black volcanic rock along a rock wall lining a hay field in the small town of Buxton, not far from Shawshank.
The receipt of the letter coincides with Stevens having the opportunity to revisit this once-cherished relationship, if only under the guise of investigating the possibility of re-employment.
Such aspects of refined dignity, especially when applied under stressful situations, are, to Stevens, what define a " great butler ".
Late in the day, Jackson clashed with Union forces under Brigadier General Isaac Stevens and Major General Philip Kearny near Ox Hill, west of Fairfax.
Lake Stevens government operates under the mayor-council system.
During World War II, Stevens joined the U. S. Army Signal Corps and headed a film unit from 1943 to 1946, under General Eisenhower.
From here, the mainline crossed the Cascade Mountains through the Cascade Tunnel under Stevens Pass, reaching Seattle, Washington in 1893, with the driving of the last spike at Scenic, Washington, on January 6, 1893.
Chief Justice Burger, Justice Stewart, and Justice Rehnquist joined Justice Stevens ' view that whether race could ever be a factor was not at issue in the case, but that the special admissions program under consideration violated Title VI because it excluded from consideration an applicant on the basis of race.
Singer and actress Connie Stevens remembered her 1969 tour with Bob Hope, when she decided to go despite the fact she had two children both under the age of two.
Stevens noted, under " Obstruction of my Enquiries ":
He then released a novelty single: under the pseudonym " Henhouse Five Plus Too ," Stevens recorded a version of Glenn Miller's " In The Mood " in the style of a clucking chicken ; it became a Top 40 hit in the US and UK in early 1977.

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