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site and had
Fort Donelson on the Cumberland River, although in a better location, also was not well – site, had a vulnerable land side and did not have enough heavy artillery for its defense against gunboats.
The novel is most noted for its careful description of the dig site and house, which showed the author had spent much of her own time in very similar situations herself.
There, they hoped to find Descartes material that had not been contaminated by ejecta from South Ray Crater, a large crater south of the landing site.
In 1947, Poland founded a museum on the site of Auschwitz I and II, which by 2010 had seen 29 million visitors — 1, 300, 000 annually — pass through the iron gates crowned with the infamous motto, Arbeit macht frei (" work makes free ").
When the site was excavated by Soviet archaeologists during 1941-45, they realized that they had discovered a building absolutely unique for the area: a large ( 1500 square meters ) Chinese-style, likely Han Dynasty era ( 206 BCE – 220 CE ) palace.
Phillip soon decided that this site, chosen on the recommendation of Sir Joseph Banks, who had accompanied James Cook in 1770, was not suitable, since it had poor soil, no secure anchorage and no reliable water source.
During the Acropolis excavations in Athens, which terminated in 1888, many potsherds of the Mycenaean style were found ; but Olympia had yielded either none, or such as had not been recognized before being thrown away, and the temple site at Delphi produced nothing distinctively Aegean ( in dating ).
The Bonapartes at the time had a modest four-story home in town ( now a museum known as Casa Buonaparte ) and a rarely used country home in the hills north of the city ( now site of the Arboretum des Milelli ).
With the ecclesiastical parishes of St Fagan's ( Trecynon ) and Aberaman carved out of the ancient parish, Aberdare had 12 Anglican churches and one Roman Catholic church, built in 1866 in Monk Street near the site of a cell attached to Penrhys monastery, and at one time had over 50 Nonconformist chapels.
The 1974 Protocol reduced the number of sites to one per party, largely because neither country had developed a second site.
By 1911 the site had been overgrown with vallonea oaks and much plundered, but the circuit of the old walls could still be traced, and in several places they were fairly well preserved.
Originally known as Buckingham House, the building which forms the core of today's palace was a large townhouse built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1705 on a site which had been in private ownership for at least 150 years.
* 1958: Bulldozer operator Jerry Crew took to a newspaper office a cast of one of the enormous footprints he and other workers had seen at an isolated work site at Bluff Creek, California.
In December 2011, more than a year after the official reboot announcement, the Los Angeles Times site reported that Whit Anderson, the writer picked for the new Buffy movie, had her script rejected by the producers behind the project, and that a new writer was being sought.
Henry VIII had used the site as a hunting lodge.
Kevin K. Carroll suggests a site close to High Cross in Leicestershire, on the junction of Watling Street and the Fosse Way, which would have allowed the Legio II Augusta, based at Exeter, to rendezvous with the rest of Suetonius's forces, had they not failed to do so.
* Boadicea may have had her chips on site of McDonald's by Nick Britten
The fact that Wills made his professional debut in blackface was commented on by Wills ' daughter, Rosetta: " He had a lot of respect for the musicians and music of his black friends ," Rosetta is quoted as saying on the Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys Web site.
The site lay astride the land route from Europe to Asia and the seaway from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, and had in the Golden Horn an excellent and spacious harbour.
The large East Terrace had been closed down by the authorities after the Bradford City stadium fire and the ground's owner wanted to use part of the site for housing.
It was founded, as Nea Korinthos or New Corinth in 1858, after an earthquake destroyed the existing settlement of Corinth, which had developed in and around the site of ancient Corinth.
On 17 January 2011, police in Nemi, Italy, announced that they believed they had discovered the site of Caligula's burial, after arresting a thief caught smuggling a statue which they believed to be of the emperor.

site and been
Twenty feet below the street level in the excavation of the new motel to be constructed on this site, a black coal-like deposit has been encountered.
-- Some areas may already have been improved and contain buildings, roads, utilities, cleared land, etcetera which may raise the cost of the site.
The strategic site has been a prohibited zone in the twentieth century.
Agate is one of the most common materials used in the art of hardstone carving, and has been recovered at a number of ancient sites, indicating its widespread use in the ancient world ; for example, archaeological recovery at the Knossos site on Crete illustrates its role in Bronze Age Minoan culture.
The precise archaeological site of the city of Akkad has not yet been found.
The ruins have been excavated at a site near the village of Kanakia of Salamis, a few miles off the coast of Athens.
Although there is no cliff at the site where his body was found there is a very steep rocky embankment-which would have been fatal in the dark.
Recently, Abandan has been the site of major labor activity as workers at the oil refineries in the city have staged walkouts and strikes to protest non-payment of wages and the political situation in the country.
A second temple has also been located at the archaeological site of Metropolis in what is now Western Turkey.
His home a few kilometers outside Banyuls, also the site of his final resting place, has been turned into a museum where a number of his works and sketches are displayed.
The state has been a frequent spring training site since 1946.
It is thus the first site where the archaeology confirms the continuity of Mycenaean and Classical Greek religion, which has been inferred from the presence of the names of Classical Greek divinities on Linear B texts from Pylos and Knossos.
The description of the Uppsala temple is one of the most famous excerpts of the Gesta, however as no archaeological site has ever been found, one can wonder if Adam ’ s description is linked to reality.
The American explorations of the Argive Heraeum, concluded in 1895, also failed to prove that site to have been important in the prehistoric time, though, as was to be expected from its neighbourhood to Mycenae itself, there were traces of occupation in the later Aegean periods.
It has been estimated that around 125, 000 pilgrims visit the site every day.
A cattle market has been held in Abergavenny on its current site since 1863.
A memorial plaque for the deceased has now been placed at the site.
One famous site where historical records have been used to interpret sites is Chichen Itza.
The atoll has long been a maritime hazard and is the site of numerous shipwrecks.
Burkina has been the site of several development success stories.
The only direct enemy action that the site experienced was when 3 bombs, thought to have been intended for Bletchley railway station, were dropped on 20 – 21 November 1940.

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