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site and today's
Originally known as Buckingham House, the building which forms the core of today's palace was a large townhouse built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1705 on a site which had been in private ownership for at least 150 years.
Until the early 20th century, unsure of the site of Palaepharsalos, scholars followed Arrian ( 2. 75 ) and located the battle south of the Enipeus or close to Pharsalos ( today's Pharsala ).
The original village site is in the heart of today's Harvard Square.
By the 1930s the place would evolve to become her greatest legacy, the Whitney Museum of American Art, on the site of today's New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture.
During the Ostsiedlung, a settlement was founded by German settlers some kilometers off the site of the Slavic one, the official city website mentions that it was located within the boundary of today's downtown of Kołobrzeg and that certain part of inhabitants of the Polish town moved to the new settlement.
A temple dedicated to Athena ( on the site of today's Cathedral ), was erected in the city to commemorate the event
* c. 7000 BC: Mesolithic site Lepenski Vir emerges in today's Serbia.
In 1868, the Central Pacific constructed the Oakland Long Wharf at Oakland Point, the site of today's Port of Oakland.
Garnet Wolseley lived at ‘ Monastery Camp ' until a prefabricated residence had been built for him near Strovolos on the site of today's Presidential Palace.
Between 1785 and 1786, the old hall was dismantled and replaced on the same site by the first of several phases of building that were to make up today's Reading Town Hall.
Between 1785 and 1786, the refectory building was dismantled and replaced on the same site by the first of several phases of building that were to make up today's Town Hall.
The first plan shows a predominantly parkland estate, with the site of today's Northern Gardens occupied by a field.
In 1824, the United States Army established a frontier outpost called Fort Brooke at the mouth of the Hillsborough River, near the site of today's Tampa Convention Center.
* 1241: The name " Gatwick " is first recorded, as Gatwik, the name of a manor, on the site of today's airport ( under the northmost edge of North Terminal's aircraft taxiing area ).
The small plant, built at the site of Woolsey's earlier mill at today's Humboldt, proved the value of the region, but was too isolated to make a profit.
She cited another report that a Kitanemuk Indian referred to the site Campo del Soldado ( Soldier's Camp ), " which was where the soldiers stayed when they cut timber from a mountain they called Pinery Mountain, today's Frazier Mountain.
The rail junction ( today's MARC station ) at Odenton Road, already a busy thoroughfare from Annapolis to Frederick, became the site of Odenton's first commercial center.
Originally named " Fairchild City ," or just " The City ," after Alpheus Fairchild, who bought most of today's village in 1798 from John A. DeWitt, Fairchild had a dwelling erected on part of the site where the George and John R. Hunt Memorial Building stands today.
Moving north after the battle of Yorktown, the French army camped at the site of today's French Hill Elementary School, where cannonballs and other relics have been found.
In 1921, a boathouse and beach were constructed on the site of today's Lake Naomi Clubhouse.
Seven years later, the Cistercians made a second attempt to found a monastery on the site of today's abbey.
That college is today's Bluefield State College, and the site of a November 21, 1968 terrorist bombing.
The area of today's Sopot contains the site of a 7th-century Slavonic ( Pomeranian ) stronghold.
Weddle thinks that La Salle was murdered just east of the Trinity River, which would put the site somewhere about east or east-northeast of today's Huntsville, Texas.

site and City
A new waterfront site for the bureau is now being built at Atlantic City, New Jersey, to provide the most modern marine testing facilities as a further tool to keep the sport safe.
Two Penn Plaza site of the ACM headquarters in New York City
Lancaster was born in Manhattan, New York City, at his parents ' home at 209 East 106th Street, between Second and Third Avenues, today the site of Benjamin Franklin Plaza.
On his birthday, 16 April, City Lights was screened at a gala at the Dominion Theatre in London, the site of its British premiere in 1931.
Beforehand various rumours arose including plans to return to ground-sharing with QPR in a new 40, 000 seater White City stadium, although these now appear firmly on hold with the construction of the Westfield shopping centre on the proposed site.
The large East Terrace had been closed down by the authorities after the Bradford City stadium fire and the ground's owner wanted to use part of the site for housing.
* City of Carson City – official site.
There was some controversy in 2010, when the Jerusalem City Council threatened to cut off water to the site, due to disputed water bills.
The Bible describes Jesus ' tomb as being outside the city wall, as was normal for burials across the ancient world, which were regarded as unclean, but the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is in the heart of Hadrian's city, well within the Old City walls, which were built by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in 1538 Some have claimed that the city had been much narrower in Jesus ' time, with the site then having been outside the walls ; since Herod Agrippa ( 41 – 44 ) is recorded by history as extending the city to the north ( beyond the present northern walls ), the required repositioning of the western wall is traditionally attributed to him as well.
Dice have been used throughout Asia since before recorded history ; the oldest known dice were excavated as part of a 5000-year-old backgammon set at the Burnt City, an archeological site in south-eastern Iran.
In 2010 the Space Needle Corporation submitted a proposal for an exhibition of Chihuly's work at a site in the Seattle Center, in competition with proposals for other uses from several other groups. The project, which sees the new Chihuly exhibition hall occupy the site of the former Fun Forest amusement park in the Seattle Center park and entertainment complex, received the final green light from the Seattle City Council on April 25, 2011. Divisive Dale Chihuly Glass-Art " Museum " Approved for Former Seattle Amusement Park ARTINFO. com It opened May 21, 2012. Chihuly Garden and Glass Opens with Dedication Ceremony on Monday, May 21 prnewswire. comDale Chihuly's ' Glass House ' shines in Seattle publicbroadcasting. net
* Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution, a collaborative site by the Center for History and New Media ( George Mason University ) and the American Social History Project ( City University of New York )
* Gulf City, Florida, a new town site in Hillsborough, United States
Fondation Baur and Museum of the arts d ' Extrême-Orient, Parc et campagne de la Grange and Library ( neolithic shore settlement / Roman villa ), Bronze Age shore settlement of Plonjon, Temple de la Madeleine archeological site, Temple Saint-Gervais archeological site, Old City with Celtic, Roman and medieval villages
In the early 1880s, City Architect John Carrick was asked to identify a suitable site for a purpose built City Council Chambers.
distinguishing between general diseases and those localized to a particular organ or anatomical site, as used by the City of Paris for classifying deaths.
* 2004 – The cornerstone of the Freedom Tower is laid on the site of the World Trade Center in New York City.
City Island Ballpark in Daytona Beach, Florida — the baseball field that became the Dodgers ' de facto spring training site in 1947 — was renamed Jackie Robinson Ballpark in 1989.
The developer then sought a new site, quickly settling on a similar development in Kansas City, Kansas, known as Village West, near CommunityAmerica Ballpark and Kansas Speedway.
Planning permission was granted in July 2004, and in September 2006, Liverpool City Council agreed to grant Liverpool a 999-year lease on the proposed site.

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