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song and had
Each song or ditty was prefaced by an author's note which indicated the origin and meaning of the song as well as special interest the song had, musical arrangement, and most of the chorus and verses.
Everett Miller, then assistant director for the Garrick Gaieties, a Theatre Guild production, needed a lyricist for a song he had written ; ;
In her first song she waved away one encroaching photographer who dared approach the throne unbidden and thereafter the boys with the cameras had to unsheathe their 300 mm. lenses and shoot at extreme range.
To help him on this religious aspect of primitive jazz he had `` Big '' Miller, as a preacher-singer and Hannah Dean, Gospel-singer, while Oscar Brown Jr., an extremely talented young man, did a slave auctioneer's call, a field-hands' work song, and a beautifully sung Negro lullaby, `` Brown Baby '', which was one of the truly moving moments of the festival.
They were concept albums, and typically began with an instrumental introduction which faded into the first song, often had an instrumental piece in the middle of the second LP side, and concluded with a quiet, melancholic, or powerful song.
The hymn was translated into other languages as well: while on the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee sang Christian hymns as a way of coping with the ongoing tragedy, and a version of the song by Samuel Worcester that had been translated into the Cherokee language became very popular.
In order for the song to become the anthem, it had to face a vote between the Royal anthem God Save the Queen, the " unofficial anthem " Waltzing Matilda and Song of Australia.
*" Take Me Out to the Ball Game " is a 1908 Tin Pan Alley song by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer which has become the unofficial anthem of baseball, although neither of its authors had attended a game prior to writing the song.
The shanty was a distinct type of work song, developed especially in American-style merchant vessels that had come to prominence in decades prior to the American Civil War.
When he discovered that the original Desiree, Glynis Johns, was able to sing ( she had a " small, silvery voice ") but could not " sustain a phrase ", he devised the song " Send in the Clowns " for her in a way that would work around her vocal weakness, e. g., by ending lines with consonants that made for a short cut-off.
The theme song introduces the viewer to the world's most fortunate hunting accident – whereby Jed shoots at game but instead hits " black gold, Texas tea ": he had discovered oil.
PolyGram ( London Records ' parent company at that time ) had pressed a number of promo singles and 12 " versions of the song, sending them out to both radio and record stores in the UK.
In 1989 Jonathan Hellyer became lead singer, and the band extensively toured the U. S. and Europe with back-up vocalist Annie Conway and had one minor hit with the song " Cha Cha Heels ", a one-off collaboration sung by American actress and singer Eartha Kitt.
The Rolling Stones had an early hit covering the song.
By the Victorian era, ballad had come to mean any sentimental popular song, especially so-called " royalty ballads ", which publishers would pay popular singers to perform in Britain and the United States in " ballad concerts.
In 1996, a song in Breton represented France in the 41st Eurovision Song Contest, the first time in history that France had a song without a word in French.
Love had written several songs, including an anti-cocaine song titled " Loser Dust ", during her time in rehab in 2005.
The team took a risk by recording and releasing the song before the playoffs had even begun, but were able to avoid embarrassment by going on to win Super Bowl XX by a then-record margin of 46 – 10.
A broadside song Captain Kidd's Farewell to the Seas, or, the Famous Pirate's Lament was printed shortly after his execution and popularised the common belief that Kidd had confessed to the false charges.
The UK punk scene of the late 1970s introduced bands that glorified their working-class heritage: Sham 69 had a hit song " The Cockney Kids are Innocent ".

song and been
In the more casually constructed musicals of the Nineteen Twenties and Nineteen Thirties there would seem to have been less reason for eliminating a song of merit.
At various times in the more than 100 years that have elapsed since the song was written, particularly during the John F. Kennedy administration, there have been efforts to give " America the Beautiful " legal status either as a national hymn, or as a national anthem equal to, or in place of, " The Star-Spangled Banner ", but so far this has not succeeded.
Author James Basker states that the song has been employed by African Americans as the " paradigmatic Negro spiritual " because it expresses the joy felt at being delivered from slavery and worldly miseries.
Bruce Hindmarsh suggests that the secular popularity of " Amazing Grace " is due to the absence of any mention of God in the lyrics until the fourth verse ( by Excell's version, the fourth verse begins " When we've been there ten thousand years "), and that the song represents the ability of humanity to transform itself instead of a transformation taking place at the hands of God.
The Laudes Regiae, or song commending a ruler, that was performed at Matilda's coronation may have been composed by Ealdred himself for the occasion.
*" Oh My Darling, Clementine " ( 1884 ) is an American western folk ballad believed to have been based on another song called Down by the River Liv'd a Maiden ( 1863 ).
Other notable acts include Ali B ( who has been featured on other artists ' tracks, most significantly with Marco Borsato on the song " Wat zou je doen?
The song " Kärlekens Tid "-performed by Helen Sjöholm with BAO !--has also been performed in English by opera baritone Bryn Terfel.
Her stories have been retold in song, film, ballet and animation.
Kusumi Koharu performed a song and dance titled " Balalaika " which has also been flawlessly mirrored in the Hatsune Miku phenomenon.
The incident has been commemorated by Irish band, U2, in their 1983 protest song " Sunday Bloody Sunday ".
Co-penned by Linda Perry, the song offers a rare glimpse into the mind of a woman who, for the last 15 years, has been as famous for being a rock star as she's been for being a victim.
The song has often been covered by other artists and gave Paul Young a hit single in 1991.
The song is also well known by the opening words and refrain of the first stanza, "" ( literally, " Germany, Germany above all "), but this has never been its title.
Deicide has been banned from playing in several venues ( such as Valparaiso, Chile over a promotional poster featuring Jesus Christ with a bullet hole in his forehead ) and with various festivals such as Hellfest, after several graves had been spray-painted with " When Satan Rules His World ", which is a song from Deicide's 1995 album Once Upon the Cross.
Casale said that this song was chosen from a batch of songs that the band was working on, and that also this is the closest the band has been to a new album.
" So powerful was the performance, that the band said they were not sure the song should have been used in the film, and after watching the film, they considered not playing it on future tours.
The President's speech commences and he offers the content of the cassette to the summit ; but to the President's embarrassment, the tape has been switched for a cassette of the swing song " Bandstand Boogie ," Cabbie's favorite song.
General, who had been sent up north, was at the top of the Wani acclivity, when a certain maiden approached him and sang him a cryptic song, and disappeared.
The distinction between " authentic " folk and national and popular song in general has always been loose, particularly in America and Germany-for example popular songwriters such as Stephen Foster could be termed " folk " in America.

song and inspired
The U. S. Library of Congress has a collection of 3, 000 versions of and songs inspired by " Amazing Grace ", some of which were first-time recordings by folklorists Alan and John Lomax, a father and son team who in 1932 traveled thousands of miles across the South to capture the different regional styles of the song.
During the Labor Day weekend in 1952, The Saddlemen were renamed Bill Haley with Haley's Comets ( inspired by a popular mispronunciation of Halley's Comet ), and in 1953, Haley's recording of " Crazy Man, Crazy " ( co-written by Haley and his bass player, Marshall Lytle although Lytle would not receive credit until 2001 ) became the first rock and roll song to hit the American charts, peaking at no. 15 on Billboard and no. 11 on Cash Box.
The John Lennon album Some Time in New York City features a song entitled " Sunday Bloody Sunday ", inspired by the incident, as well as the song " The Luck of the Irish ", which dealt more with the Irish conflict in general.
* Lord Beginner's song " General Election " was inspired by Attlee's victory in the 1950 British general election.
In addition to the " Super Bowl Shuffle " rap song, the Bears ' success in the 1980s – and especially the personality of head coach Mike Ditka – inspired a recurring sketch on the American sketch comedy program Saturday Night Live, called " Bill Swerski's Superfans ".
* Two Witches, a Finnish Gothic rock band, created a song in the early 1990s called " Mircalla ", inspired by the novel.
The incident inspired the 1977 Nick Lowe song " Marie Prevost ".
The album s title song was inspired by Jack Kerouac s book, The Lonesome Traveller in which Kerouac tells the story of America s “ homeless brothers ,” or hobos.
No one claimed him, so a carnival took his body, mummified it, and toured all over the South with him, calling him the “ The Famous Mummy Man .” McLean s song inspired radio station WGN in Chicago to tell the story and give the song airplay in order to raise money for a headstone for Anderson McCrew s grave.
The project began when diver Bill Smith was inspired to look for the wreck after hearing the Marillion song " Out of This World " ( from the album Afraid of Sunlight ), which was written about Campbell and Bluebird.
The same restaurant also inspired Susanne Vega's song " Tom's Diner ".
Another speculation is that the word may have been inspired by the 1960 hit song " Gonzo " by New Orleans rhythm and blues pianist James Booker.
According to a Greg Johnson biographical note on Booker, the song title " Gonzo " comes from a character in a movie called The Pusher, which in turn may have been inspired by a 1956 Evan Hunter novel of the same title.
" Cliffs of Gallipoli ", a song by Sabaton ( band ), was inspired by the battle.
The album is considered less inspired than its predecessor, but it is notable for the Parsons-Hillman-Leadon song " Older Guys " and for its take on Jagger and Richards ' " Wild Horses "— the first recording released of this famous song.
Parsons was inspired to cover the song after hearing an advance tape of the Sticky Fingers album sent to Kleinow, who was scheduled to overdub a part on the song ( Kleinow's part was not included on the released Rolling Stones version, though it is available on bootlegs ).
The metal band Metallica recorded a song inspired by " The Call of Cthulhu ", an instrumental titled " The Call of Ktulu ", a song based on The Shadow Over Innsmouth titled " The Thing That Should Not Be ", and a song based on Frank Belknap Long's " The Hounds of Tindalos ", titled " All Nightmare Long ".
UK anarcho-punk band Rudimentary Peni make repeated references in their song titles, lyrics and artwork, including in the album Cacophony, all 30 songs of which are inspired by the life and writings of Lovecraft.

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