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song and was
Each song or ditty was prefaced by an author's note which indicated the origin and meaning of the song as well as special interest the song had, musical arrangement, and most of the chorus and verses.
When he was fifteen John H. Mercer turned out his first song, a jazzy little thing he called `` Sister Susie, Strut Your Stuff ''.
he collaborated on a song with William Hartman Woodin, who was Secretary of the Treasury, 1932-33.
Karl played well and his favorite song was a Schubert lullaby.
The song, he said, was called `` The Stream's Lullaby '', and when he sang, `` Gute ruh, Gute ruh, Mach't die augen zu, '' there was such longing and such simple sadness that it frightened me.
Later, when I was older, I found the song was part of Schubert's Die Schone Mullerin.
With shout and slow dance, with tears and song, with scream and contortion, the corner group was beset by hysteria and shivering, wailing, shouting, possession of something that seemed like an alien and outside force.
There was one of the new forte-pianos in the room and, as Claire rose to go, he asked her to sing him one song before she left.
There was about that song something incandescent, for this Brahms was Milstein at white heat.
To help him on this religious aspect of primitive jazz he had `` Big '' Miller, as a preacher-singer and Hannah Dean, Gospel-singer, while Oscar Brown Jr., an extremely talented young man, did a slave auctioneer's call, a field-hands' work song, and a beautifully sung Negro lullaby, `` Brown Baby '', which was one of the truly moving moments of the festival.
( Still another song in `` Strike Up The Band '' -- `` I've Got A Crush On You '' -- was retrieved from a 1928 failure, `` Treasure Girl ''.
and the incisive style with which Charlotte Rae delivers the top-drawer Hart lyrics of `` I Blush '', a song that was cut from `` A Connecticut Yankee ''.
it was the theme song of millions of American people, their personal problems no less urgent than those of the government.
Ward died in 1903, not knowing the national stature his music would attain, as the music was only first applied to the song in 1904.
At various times in the more than 100 years that have elapsed since the song was written, particularly during the John F. Kennedy administration, there have been efforts to give " America the Beautiful " legal status either as a national hymn, or as a national anthem equal to, or in place of, " The Star-Spangled Banner ", but so far this has not succeeded.
When Richard Nixon visited China in 1972, this song was played as the welcome music.
Popularity of the song increased greatly following the September 11, 2001 attacks ; at some sporting events it was sung in addition to the traditional singing of the national anthem.
He also performed the song on Red Sox opening day at Fenway Park in 2003, though the game was eventually rained out.
A tradition at one time observed on this day in England was to leave out soul cakes and sing a song for the dead.
The song " The Raven " featured lead vocals by the actor Leonard Whiting, and, according to the 2007 remastered album liner notes, was the first rock song to use a digital vocoder, with Alan Parsons speaking lyrics through it.

song and included
Animals sacred to Apollo included wolves, dolphins, roe deer, swans, cicadas ( symbolizing music and song ), hawks, ravens, crows, snakes ( referencing Apollo's function as the god of prophecy ), mice and griffins, mythical eagle – lion hybrids of Eastern origin.
The song is often included in songbooks in a wide variety of religious congregations in the United States.
Several editions featuring Newton's first three stanzas and the verse previously included by Harriet Beecher Stowe in Uncle Tom's Cabin were published by Excell between 1900 and 1910, and his version of " Amazing Grace " became the standard form of the song in American churches.
Cash often included the song when he toured prisons, saying " For the three minutes that song is going on, everybody is free.
Recording artist Brandy Norwood included a song on her 2008 album Human titled " A Capella ( Something's Missing )".
Grant followed the album with her second Christmas album, Home For Christmas in 1992, which included the song " Breath of Heaven ( Mary's Song )", written by Chris Eaton and Grant, and would later be covered by many artists, including Donna Summer, Jessica Simpson ( who acknowledged Grant as one of her favorite artists ), Vince Gill, Sara Groves, Point of Grace, and Broadway star Barbara Cook.
For example, the cut song " It's Always A Woman " was included at this concert.
The song is still included in the officially licensed scripts and scores for performance.
The soundtrack does not include every song played in the film, which also included " In the Wind " by War Babies and " Inner Mind " by Eon.
Some of the turning points included the use of the term " Black Power " by Kwame Toure ( Stokely Carmichael ) and the release of James Brown's song " Say It Loud-I'm Black and I'm Proud ".
In 1985, 24 Ayar Manço which included " Gibi Gibi " and a long conceptual song " Lahburger " was released.
He performed his song " Bo Diddley " with Eric Clapton, Robbie Robertson, and longtime bassist and musical director Debby Hastings at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 20th annual induction ceremony and in the UK, Uncut magazine included his 1957 debut album " Bo Diddley " in its listing of the ' 100 Music, Movie & TV Moments That Have Changed The World '.
Charlton fans ' chants have included " Valley, Floyd Road ", a song noting the stadium's address to the tune of " Mull of Kintyre ", and " The Red, Red Robin ".
The Jacksons ( previously The Jackson 5 ) did many disco songs from 1975 to 1980, including " Shake Your Body ( Down to the Ground )" ( 1978 ), " Blame it on the Boogie " ( 1978 ), and " Can You Feel It " ( 1980 )— all sung by Michael Jackson, whose 1979 solo album, Off the Wall, included several disco hits, including the album's title song, " Rock with You ", " Workin ' Day and Night ", and his second chart-topping solo hit in the disco genre, " Don't Stop ' til You Get Enough ".
The song " Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps " was included in the soundtrack of the Australian film Strictly Ballroom, and became a theme song for the British TV show, Coupling, with Mari Wilson performing it for the title sequence.
That song is included on Baseball's Greatest Hits compact discs.
The song was later included on the album Welcome to the Pleasuredome.
* The Kelly Family recorded the song twice: live version is included on their 1988 album Live and a studio version-on 1990 New World.
Parsons was inspired to cover the song after hearing an advance tape of the Sticky Fingers album sent to Kleinow, who was scheduled to overdub a part on the song ( Kleinow's part was not included on the released Rolling Stones version, though it is available on bootlegs ).
In later seasons, Tapp would be increasingly replaced by that episode's guest singer, or another surprise celebrity ( normally if it were a guest, his or her name would be included in the lyrics of the song before they would sing the refrain ).
Later artists performing comical versions of this song included Archie Campbell on his Have A Laugh On Me album in 1966, and Buck Owens on his album Too Old To Cut The Mustard in 1972.
The song is included on Dixon's 1992 greatest hits album ( If ) I'm A Ham, Well You're A Sausage.

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