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songs and didn't
What I didn't want to do is the quodlibet method ... wouldn't it be nice to have three songs you don't think are going to go together, and they do go together ...
They began writing songs together while attending Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School but didn't form a band at that time.
I didn't form a group to perform Cilla Black songs.
Morrison fulfilled a clause that bound him to submit thirty-six original songs within a year to Web IV Music, Berns ' music publishing company, by recording thirty-one songs in one session ; however, Ilene Berns thought the songs " nonsense music ... about ringworms " and didn't use them.
Smith felt his solo songs were not representative of the music Heatmiser was making: " The idea of playing music for people didn't occur to me ... because at the time it was the Northwest — Mudhoney and Nirvana — and going out to play an acoustic show was like crawling out on a limb and begging for it to be sawed off.
Randy told the crowd that if the house band didn't know the songs, they would sing a cappella.
Since the track didn't do too well on U. S. radio, most fans think more radio-friendly songs from the album, like " Unconditional Love ", would have done better as the commercially released second single.
And with ... producers and an engineer that didn't care about Jesus, I was surprised that out of 15 songs, one of the ten that got on the album was ' The Answer.
I didn't have the budget to make it a real album, I just used songs laying around to fill it up, which I regretted ".
EMI continued to release their back catalogue and unreleased songs on two more albums but the band themselves didn't bring out a new album until 2005 when they released Livin ' in the City, still under Sanctuary Records.
We'd been playing most of those songs for quite a while, and we were just so happy to be making a record that we didn't really think a whole lot about making the songs better.
However, Gaye felt the success was something he " didn't deserve " and that he " felt like a puppet -- Berry's puppet, Anna's puppet ..." Gaye followed it with songs such as " Too Busy Thinking About My Baby " and " That's the Way Love Is ", which reached the top-ten on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1969.
' In those days, they took a piece of your songs — a piece of the publishing — but in the end, you didn't have any pieces left.
While also being included in " and Bioshock 2 " with the songs of " If I didn't care " and " The Best Things in Life are Free " while Bioshock 2 included " We Three ( My Echo, My Shadow and Me )"-Ink Spots and " I'm Making Believe "-The Ink Spots ; Ella Fitzgerald ," Memories of You "-The Ink Spots, " Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat "-The Ink Spots, while others were included in " LA Noire " on the radio stations.
In an interview conducted in 2005, Williams ' former promoter, Pak-Man, who worked on over half of the album with the rapper, spoke on the record, with his explanation leaning toward the album being intended as satire: " At that time Canibus was in the studio recording a lot of songs and mean a lot, but he didn't want to make the fans wait no more so he did C True Hollywood Stories and he wanted to have fun wit, so thats what we did we had fun wit ".
For some reason, it didn't stick to The Who, but it did stick to these groups that came out in the ' 70s that played kind of melodic songs with crunchy guitars and some wild drumming.
According to John Oates, they recorded approximately twenty songs for the album, of which nine didn't make the final cut.
They didn't know or play any songs, and their act had a very " performance art " quality.
It would have helped if, say Boyzone, had recorded songs by Irish songwriters, but most of their songs were written by songwriters from abroad, so we didn't even get a chance to have a song covered.
Van Morrison told Ritchie Yorke, one of his biographers, he wrote both of the songs " Madame George " and " Cyprus Avenue " in stream of consciousness: " George ' just came right out ... The song is just a stream of consciousness thing, as is ' Cyprus Avenue '... I didn't even think about what I was writing.

songs and reach
There are times when one suspects that the songs that are dropped from musical shows before they reach Broadway may really be better than many of those that are left in.
The songs " Lonely Road of Faith " and " You Never Met a Motherfucker Quite Like Me " were released as singles, but were only minor hits, and the album struggled to reach platinum a year later.
" I Can't Go for That ( No Can Do )" was one of the few songs ever recorded by a white act to reach Number One on both the R & B and the pop charts.
He is the earliest Greek poet who claims explicitly to be writing for future generations, creating " fame that will reach all of Greece, and never die while the Greek kind of songs survives.
" " Mexican immigrants began to reach Oklahoma in the 1870s, bringing beautiful canciones and corridos love songs, waltzes, and ballads along with them.
In the pre-selection, song length is limited to three minutes and twenty seconds ; songs must be shortened to three minutes if they reach the final twenty-eight and qualifying songs may also be remixed.
" These debut songs are essayed with differing degrees of conviction ," writes music critic Tim Riley, " even when his reach exceeds his grasp, he never sounds like he knows he's in over his head, or gushily patronizing ... Like Elvis Presley, what Dylan can sing, he quickly masters ; what he can't, he twists to his own devices.
They then shopped the demo cassette around record labels, clubs and radio stations, hoping to have their songs reach the public.
The Mix was created entirely digitally, albeit during a period when the technology had yet to reach its maturity, and thus featured a sound which many listeners tend to find somewhat " sterile " compared to the analogue electronics employed on most of Kraftwerk's previous recordings of these songs.
Green Blade Rising ( originally a title of one of the Levellers ' earliest songs ) was released in September 2002 and also failed to reach the UK Top 40 Albums.
Matt Cameron writes songs and we run to find step stools in order to reach his level ,... what comes naturally to him leaves us with our heads cocked like the confused dogs that we are ,... eventually getting it.
Dylan had begun to reach a mainstream audience with hits including " Blowin ' in the Wind " ( 1963 ) and " Masters of War " ( 1963 ), which brought " protest songs " to a wider public, but, although beginning to influence each other, rock and folk music had remained largely separate genres, often with mutually exclusive audiences.
What captured the Indian listener were the film songs, the golden age of Hindi film music was in the 1950s and 1960s-Radio Ceylon was at the right place at the right time to reach out to the target market of millions of listeners-the station popularised the movie songs, including the talents of playback singers Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar, K. L.
After a number of novelty songs that Boyd did not like and that did not reach the top ten (" I Wanna Haircut With A Moon On Top ", " I'll Stay In The House And Live In My Grandma's Kitchen ", " Owl's Lullaby ", etc.
Though the rappers mostly sing in Arabic, they do write songs in Hebrew and English as well, to ensure that they reach all of their intended audiences.
Pfaff's playing style was central to Janitor Joe's relentless assault both live and on record, and she and Breuer both contributed songs to Big Metal Birds: " Both operate within easy reach of the line separating punishment and reward: Pfaff's contributions ( the surly " Boys in Blue ") tend to be slightly more spacious, while Breuer's (" One Eye ," for instance ) stipulate that drummer Matt Entsminger maintain perpetual motion ", wrote David Sprague of Trouser Press.
Despite having been the 99th best-selling CD single in the country in 2005, according to Soundscan and peaking at number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100 Single Sales, the song failed to reach the Top 40 of the most played songs in the country, receiving low airplay.
Today, having a total of fifteen songs reach the number one position, she now ties Mariah Carey for third-most toppers.
Both songs are his final two of six hits to reach number one on the R & B singles chart and gave Sweat two more Top 5 pop hits in eight years since his debut single, " I Want Her.
In a distinct change from Slow Down World, the songs on Donovan were an attempt to reach mass audiences again.
: Just 23 songs would reach the chart's summit in 1990, 13 of them multi-weekers ; this was fewer than half the number that reached the top of the chart a year earlier, and the fewest since 1972.
* The proliferation of No. 1 hits, as certified by Billboard, extends into 1974, when 40 songs reach the top of the Hot Country Singles chart.

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