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specific and rules
Depending on the particular legal rules that apply to each circumstance, a party to a court case who is unhappy with the result might be able to challenge that result in an appellate court on specific grounds.
The specific rules of the legal system will dictate exactly how the appeal is officially begun.
This can vary from country to country, as well as within a country, depending on the specific rules in force.
Their goal was to regain access to Eden by finding the correct formula for perfect living, following specific rules governing agriculture, diet, and reproduction.
" In the 1999 South Carolina Supreme Court case State v. Gaines, the Court held that Alford guilty pleas were to be held valid in the absence of a specific on-the-record ruling that the pleas were voluntary – provided that the sentencing judge acted appropriately in accordance with the rules for acceptance of a plea made voluntarily by the defendant.
Toward the latter half of the 17th century, Louis XIV founded his ' Académie Royale de Musique et de Danse ', where specific rules for the execution of every dance and the " five positions " of the feet were formulated for the first time by members of the Académie.
In order to underscore this, Chaosium produced the Worlds of Wonder supplement, which contained the generic rules and several specific applications of those rules to given genres.
Forms such as the concerto and sonata were more heavily defined and given more specific rules, whereas the symphony was created in this period ( this is popularly attributed to Joseph Haydn ).
The set of the optimal plays for all possible hands is known as " basic strategy " and is highly dependent on the specific rules, and even the number of decks used.
In the area of language acquisition, for example, some ( such as Steven Pinker ) have argued that specific information containing universal grammatical rules must be contained in the genes, whereas others ( such as Jeffrey Elman and colleagues in Rethinking Innateness ) have argued that Pinker's claims are biologically unrealistic.
In various historical and present-day societies, institutionalized religions have established systems of earthly justice that punish crimes against the divine will and against specific devotional, organizational and other rules under specific codes, such as Roman Catholic canon law.
The Cahn – Ingold – Prelog rules are distinctly different from those of other naming conventions, such as general IUPAC nomenclature, since they are designed for the specific task of naming stereoisomers rather than the general classification and description of compounds.
In this case the specific name marinus changes to marina in order to conform with the rules of gender agreement as set out by the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature changing the binomial name from Bufo marinus to Rhinella marina ; the binomial Rhinella marinus was subsequently introduced as a synonym through misspelling by Pramuk, Robertson, Sites, and Noonan ( 2008 ).
The committee unanimously voted for sweeping revisions to cheerleading safety rules, the most major of which restricts specific upper-level skills during basketball games.
Earlier used to describe any five-line form, it now refers to one of several forms that are defined by specific rules and guidelines.
It is the social rules that tell people what is normal behaviour for any specific category.
Additional background history, usually not covered by specific rules, is often also used to further develop the character.
Consequentially, the properties of the meter were learned as specific " rules " rather than as a natural result of musical expression.
Equipment such as weaponry is handled completely abstractly, with no specific rules for item cost, carrying capacity, or combat statistics.
Freeciv is very configurable, down to the specific rules, so it can be played in Freeciv ( default ) mode, Civilization mode, Civilization II mode, or a custom mode.
Gun safety training seeks to instill a certain mindset and appropriate habits by following specific rules.
" An English grammar " is a specific description, study or analysis of such rules.
* Klal shehu tzarich lifrat, a generality that requires a particularity, and a particularity that requires a generality: If it is impossible to have the more general law without more specific examples or more specific cases without the statement of the general law, the above three rules don't apply.

specific and restricted
This could be either the normal military dress, with a tunic to about the knees, armour breastplate and pteruges, but also often the specific dress of the bodyguard of the Byzantine Emperor, with a long tunic and the loros, a long gold and jewelled pallium restricted to the Imperial family and their closest guards.
In 2001, Nissan marketed its D22 pick-up model in Japan with the name Datsun, this time however the use of the brand name was wholly restricted to this one specific model name.
Cap carbonates generally have a restricted geographic distribution ( due to specific conditions of their precipitation ) and usually siliciclastic sediments replace laterally the cap carbonates in a rather short distance and cap carbonates do not occur above every tillite elsewhere in the world.
Complete empirical measurements are generally restricted to a specific habitat, such as a cave or a pond, and principles gleaned from food web microcosm studies are extrapolated to larger systems.
Often, the term glass is used in a restricted sense to refer to this specific use.
In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, horseshoeing is legally restricted to only people with specific qualifications and experience.
In which countries ... democracy for the exploiters will be, in one or another form, restricted ... is a question of the specific national features of this or that capitalism ’.
Activity of MAP kinases is restricted by a number of protein phosphatases, which remove the phosphate groups that are added to specific serine or threonine residues of the kinase and are required to maintain the kinase in an active conformation.
As a Franciscan friar, Bacon no longer held a teaching post, and after 1260 his activities were further restricted by a Franciscan statute forbidding friars from publishing books or pamphlets without specific approval.
These drugs have different effects on synaptic function, and often are restricted to synapses that use a specific neurotransmitter.
In general, these types of setups are restricted to tolled turnpikes, such as I-80 through Ohio and Indiana and specific Western states.
It is said that at the time, public morality severely restricted open discussion of sexuality as a human characteristic, and specific sexual practices, especially sexual behaviours that did not lead to procreation.
Tags may be further restricted to a specific area or wildlife management unit.
Through zoning, new development can be restricted to specific areas, and additional density incentives can be offered for brownfield and greyfield land.
This allows the operation of the microprocessor to be controlled externally, but is typically restricted to specific debugging capabilities in the processor.
Some cloud varieties are not restricted to a specific altitude range or physical structure, and can therefore be common to more than one genus or species.
Though few physical barriers exist above the mesopelagic, specific species of zooplankton are strictly restricted by salinity and temperature gradients ; while other species can withstand wide temperature and salinity gradients.
MotoGP-class motorcycles are not restricted to any specific engine configuration.
This coloration is not restricted to a specific breed of cat, as it can be found in many different types of pure-breed as well as mixed-breed domestic cats.
For example, hardware or software considerations may require that only one CPU respond to all hardware interrupts, whereas all other work in the system may be distributed equally among CPUs ; or execution of kernel-mode code may be restricted to only one processor ( either a specific processor, or only one processor at a time ), whereas user-mode code may be executed in any combination of processors.
Each unit is subordinate to a specific regional command, though they are not restricted to these.
The other meaning of chemical synthesis is narrow and restricted to a specific kind of chemical reaction, a direct combination reaction, in which two or more reactants combine to form a single product.
In Islam there is no specific time of day to which making du ' a is restricted.
Others may be restricted to a specific group, such as women or submissives.
* In a structured ( fixed limit ) betting system, bets and raises are restricted to specific amounts, though these amounts typically increase throughout the tournament.

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