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spiny and first
In some primitive cartilaginous fishes, such as the spiny dogfish or mud shark ( Squalus acanthias ), there is a terminal nerve numbered zero, since it exits the brain before the traditionally designated first cranial nerve.
The indirect pathway consists of three links, first a projection from striatal medium spiny cells to the external part of the globus pallidus ( GPe ); second a GABAergic projection from GPe to the subthalamic nucleus ( STN ); third a glutamatergic projection from STN to SNr.
There are two dorsal fins, the first one spiny and the second soft.
The first ( spiny ) dorsal fin and the pelvic fins are normally retracted into body grooves.
Spiny lobsters can be easily distinguished from true lobsters by their very long, thick, spiny antennae, by the lack of chelae ( claws ) on the first four pairs of walking legs, although the females of most species have a small claw on the fifth pair, and by a particularly specialized larval phase called phyllosoma.
The first book deals with the parts of plants ; the second book with the reproduction of plants and the times and manner of sowing ; the third, fourth, and fifth books are devoted to trees, their types, their locations, and their practical applications ; the sixth book deals with shrubs and spiny plants ; the seventh book deals with herbs ; the eighth book deals with plants that produce edible seeds ; and the ninth book deals with plants that produce useful juices, gums, resins, etc.
The first sarcopterygians, found in the uppermost Silurian ( ca 418 Ma ), closely resembled the Acanthodians ( the " spiny fish ", a taxon that went extinct at the end of the Paleozoic ).
However, after this first week, filopodia are replaced by spiny dendrites but also small, stubby spines that protrude from spiny dendrites.
Cotton Thistle is a biennial plant, producing a large rosette of spiny leaves the first year.
In its first year the plant grows as a dense rosette, at first with narrow, entire leaves with spiny, dark purple edges ; later, larger leaves are lobed.
The first ( spiny ) dorsal fin is entirely colorless and is normally folded back into a body groove, as are the pelvic fins.
The first ( spiny ) dorsal fin on Atlantic Spanish mackerel and cero has a prominent black patch.
But the first bony fishes were already showing their potential to dominate the waters of the world, and their competition proved too much for the spiny sharks, which died out in Permian times ( approximately 250 MYA ).
The origins of the teleostomes are obscure, but their first known fossils are Acanthodians (" spiny sharks ") from the Late Ordovician Period.
The California Department of Fish and Game estimates that recreational fishers caught more than 200, 000 spiny lobsters in the first half of the 2008 / 2009 season, amounting to around, compared to commercial fishermen, who caught a total of in the same time.
# Open season for California spiny lobster runs from the Saturday before the first Wednesday in October until the first Wednesday after March 15.
Acanthostega ( meaning spiny roof ) is an extinct labyrinthodont genus, among the first vertebrate animals to have recognizable limbs.
However, this fails to explain why the lichid trilobites, especially those of the family Odontopleuridae, first began evolving large spines ( and in some cases, spiny spines ) during the start of the Ordovician period, long before the advent of jawed vertebrates.
The first ( spiny ) dorsal fin is black at the front.
The first ( spiny ) dorsal on Spanish and Cero mackerel has a prominent black patch.
Saugers obtain two dorsal fins, the first is spiny and the posterior dorsal fin is a soft-rayed fin.

spiny and dorsal
The dorsal and anal fins are divided into anterior spiny and posterior soft-rayed portions, which may be partially or completely separated.
* The spiny and soft ray portions of the dorsal fin are continuous, so there is only one long fin instead of two short separate ones as for the wreckfish Polyprion americanus, scup Stenotomus chrysops, rose fish Sebastes marinus, cunner Tautogolabrus adspersus, striped bass Morone saxatilis.
* Compared to a tautog or cunner, its mouth is much larger, also the caudal fin, pectoral fin, and soft portion ( 11 rays ) of dorsal fin as long as spiny portion.
For example, both the spiny dogfish and the Port Jackson shark have spines in their dorsal fins which are capable of secreting poison.
The anterior spines are much longer, giving a concave outline to the spiny part of the dorsal fin.
In eastern freshwater cod the spiny dorsal fin is moderate in height and is partially separated by a notch from the high, rounded soft dorsal fin.
LTD is induced at corticostriatal medium spiny neuron synapses in the dorsal striatum by a high frequency stimulus coupled with postsynaptic depolarization, coactivation of dopamine D1 and D2 receptors and group I mGlu receptors, lack of NMDA receptor activation, and endocannabinoid activation.
This silvery minnow gets its name from the sharp spiny rays in its dorsal fin.
The ruffe also has a large, spiny dorsal fin likely distasteful to its predators.
Mastacembelids have a series of well-separated dorsal spines on their back, hence the name of their family, spiny eels.
All feature a sloped profile, medium-to-large scales, a spiny dorsal fin and a laterally compressed body.
All feature a sloped profile, medium-to-large scales, a spiny dorsal fin and a laterally compressed body.
Zander are often called pike-perch as they resemble the pike with their elongated body and head, and the perch with their spiny dorsal fin.
The spiny dogfish has dorsal spines, no anal fin, and white spot along its back.
The silvery John dory ( Zenopsis conchifera ) is typical of the Zeidae, with its scute-covered belly and filamentous spiny dorsal fin.

spiny and fin
* Ctenoid scales have a toothed outer edge, and are usually found on fish with spiny fin rays, such as bass and crappie.
There is also an anal fin, which is also considered spiny, and a caudal fin.
A fin may contain only spiny rays, only soft rays, or a combination of both.
The spiny anterior fin has 13 to 15 spines.

spiny and is
These can trap enemies, who are defeated if the bubble is then burst by the player's spiny back.
The word cactus derives, through Latin, from the Ancient Greek ( kaktos ), a name originally used for a spiny plant whose identity is not certain.
The fruit is a spiny capsule 4 – 10 cm long and 2 – 6 cm broad, splitting open when ripe to release the numerous seeds.
Thorn forest, a dense forest of low stature with a high frequency of thorny or spiny species, is found where drought is prolonged, and especially where grazing animals are plentiful.
The family Didiereaceae, composed of four genera and 11 species, is limited to the spiny forests of southwestern Madagascar.
A better etymology perhaps is from Latin sudis, plural sudes, " spines ", which can be used of spiny fish or spiny terrain.
The word " Echinoderm " is derived from the Greek ἐχινοδέρματα ( echinodermata ), plural of ἐχινόδερμα ( echinoderma ), " spiny skin " from ἐχινός ( echinos ), " sea-urchin ", originally " hedgehog ," and δέρμα ( derma ), " skin ".
The most notable feature of the acanthocephala is the presence of an anterior, protrudible proboscis that is usually covered with spiny hooks ( hence the common name: thorny headed worm ).
In Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, the term crayfish or cray generally refers to a saltwater spiny lobster, of the genus Jasus that is indigenous to much of southern Oceania, while the freshwater species are usually called yabby or, from the indigenous Australian and Māori names for the animal respectively, or by other names specific to each species.
The stem is often spiny.
A hedgehog is any of the spiny mammals of the subfamily Erinaceinae and the order Erinaceomorpha.
Indeed, based on the canonical anatomofunctional model of basal ganglia, nigrostriatal dopamine is able to modulate the motor loop by acting on dopaminergic receptors located on striatal GABAergic medium spiny neurons.
Their shell, or " test ", is round and spiny, typically from across.
The name " urchin " is an old name for the round spiny hedgehogs that sea urchins resemble.
alt = Photo of black spiny animal next to fish whose head is embedded in animal
The fruit is contained in a spiny ( very sharp ) cupule in diameter, also called " bur " or " burr ".
The American chestnut is a prolific bearer of nuts, usually with three nuts enclosed in each spiny, green burr, and lined in tan velvet.
Eryngium is a genus in the family Apiaceae of about 230 species of annuals and perennials with hairless and usually spiny leaves, and dome-shaped umbels of flowers resembling those of thistles.

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