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spirit and rule
" Black tacitism " was in support of princely rule, but " red tacitism " arguing the case for republics, more in the original spirit of Machiavelli himself, became increasingly important.
That the king should have consented to treat with his rebellious son, to refer the compromise to a meeting of Saxon nobles, to moderate the pugnacity of his own supporters, and to resign the rule over the more important half of his dominions – all this testifies to the fact that Æthelwulf ’ s Christian spirit did not exhaust itself in the giving of lavish charities to the Church, but availed to reconcile him to the sacrifice of prestige and power in the cause of national peace.
In February 1797, he wrote: “ You to whom nature has given spirit, sweetness, and beauty, you who alone can move and rule my heart, you who know all too well the absolute empire you exercise over it !” Many of his letters are still intact today, while very few of hers have been found ; it is not known whether this is due to their having been lost or to their initial scarcity.
Built in the spirit of British colonial rule, the place where the new imperial city and the older native settlement met was intended to be a market ; it was there that Lutyens imagined the Indian traders would participate in " the grand shopping centre for the residents of Shahjahanabad and New Delhi ", thus giving rise to the D-shaped market seen today.
He established the tradition of inviting ordinary citizens to the president's New Year's receptions, and in his speeches he encouraged the Germans to overcome the spirit of submissiveness to the authorities, to make full use of their democratic rights, and to defend the rule of law and social justice.
Contrary to the revolutionary spirit of the time however, he called for the educated classes to reform the corrupt system of government and warned against revolution, democracy, and mob rule.
As a rule, such descendants do not expect special help from the protector spirit, but they observe the totemistic regulations anyway.
After initial failure, Shendu's spirit possesses Jackie as previously planned and travels to Australia, rewriting the Book of Ages so that the demons were never banished and now rule the world, with no one remembering their now-alternate lives ; however, Jade manages to retain her memories by ripping a page out of the Book before Shendu made his alterations, and, with the help of the J-Team, changes the world back.
In his February 25 speech ending the debate on the tariff, Clay captured the spirit of the voices for compromise by condemning Jackson's Proclamation to South Carolina as inflammatory, admitting the same problem with the Force Bill but indicating its necessity, and praising the Compromise Tariff as the final measure to restore balance, promote the rule of law, and avoid the " sacked cities ", " desolated fields ", and " smoking ruins " that he said would be the product of the failure to reach a final accord.
His restless spirit made him seek from the Pope a transfer to the easier rule of Cluny ; but he left the abbey without leave ( 1728 ), and, learning that his superiors had obtained a lettre de cachet against him, fled to England.
: The rule is " this resolution only changes the letter of the law, not the spirit ".
When Kamiri returns and steals the Miroku treasure, the magical sword Jipang, its evil spirit possesses her and makes her want to conquer the Shikima Realm, kill King Seikima, and rule over it.
In the first decade of Roman rule the spirit of Augustan imperialism looked farther afield, attempting expansion to the east and to the south.
In 1934 he published Deutscher Sozialismus where he claimed a " new spirit " was beginning to " rule mankind ".
" In a lengthy Policy Review article, " Seventy Years of Evil: Soviet Crimes from Lenin to Gorbachev ," for instance, Johns labeled the Soviet system " history's most sophisticated apparatus of rule by terror " and condemned its " crushing of the human spirit.
The day is still celebrated among the Santal community with great respect and spirit for the thousands of the Santal martyrs who sacrificed their lives along with their two celebrated leaders to win freedom from the rule of the Jamindars and the British operatives.
The day is still celebrated among the Santal community with great respect and spirit for the thousands of the Santal martyrs who sacrificed their lives along with their two celebrated leaders to win freedom from the rule of the Jamindars and the British operatives.
* God will soon set up His government on earth, under the rule of Jesus at his second coming, rescuing humanity from sin and self-annihilation, inspiring mankind to voluntarily turn to God's law, and ushering in a 1000 year period of peace, prosperity, and justice under the rule of the children of God, who are the biblical saints and faithful members of the Worldwide Church of God who are " born again " as spirit in the 1st resurrection at Jesus ' return to the Earth.
The Triat are a set of three godlike entities that rule over spirits and the spirit world in the fictional World of Darkness of White Wolf Game Studio's role-playing game Werewolf: The Apocalypse.
According to RTVE's annual report ( 2003 ): " This law arose from the Spanish Constitution and the political pluralism which the constitution asserts as a fundamental value of the rule of law ; and in this spirit granted RTVE the right to function as a democratic organization.
They certainly yielded to the spread of the rising Benedictine rule, but must be judged by their age and in the light of the whole spirit of monasticism.
* though Bishop Hilarion was ' very remarkable young man whom I wanted to have here ', he did not yet know what it meant to be a bishop ; he alleged that Hilarion persistently used the word ' to rule ' and not ' to serve ' in his presentations, reflecting a lack of understanding of the spirit of episcopal service ;
Members of the university who fled from communist rule to Hong Kong founded the Lingnan College in Hong Kong to continue the spirit of the university in 1967.

spirit and is
Lacking the pioneer spirit necessary to write of a new economy, these writers seem to be contenting themselves with an old one that is now as defunct as Confederate money.
it is a spectacle absolutely painful, an epiphany of the suffering flesh unredeemed by spirit, untouched by any spirit other than abasement and humiliation.
The new spirit, so well illustrated by Mr. Lyford's work, is wholly free of this anxiety.
For innocence, of all the graces of the spirit, is I believe the one most to be prayed for.
We may further grant to those of her ( Poetry's ) defenders who are lovers of poetry and yet not poets, the permission to speak in prose on her behalf: let them show not only that she is pleasant but also useful to States and to human life, and we will listen in a kindly spirit ; ;
The third Act of Faust 2, is a formal celebration of the union between the Germanic and the classic, between the spirit of Euripides and that of romantic drama.
This is certainly an irrational dogmatism, in which the modern mind attempts to understand the spirit of the sixteenth century on twentieth-century terms.
Our proper objective, then, is the development of a new spirit, the realization of a potential community.
Civil Defense has far to go and many problems to solve, but is it not in the best spirit of our pioneer tradition to be not only willing, but prepared to care for our own families and help our neighbors in any disaster -- storm, flood, accident or even war??
) left vague, the spirit of vigilantism is spreading.
but if he is up against China's crusading spirit in world affairs, he is going to be faced with the most agonizing choice in his life.
Pausing in the doorway he said: `` The form of the human female, unlike her mind and her spirit, is the most challenging loveliness in all nature ''.
From a technical standpoint, the string playing is good, but the Pro Arte people fail to enter into the spirit of things here.
`` I paint the nothing '', he said once to Franz Kline and myself, `` the nothing that is behind the something, the inexpressible, unpaintable ' tick ' in the unconscious, the ' spirit ' of the moment resting forever, suspended like a huge balloon, in non-time ''.
It is not the details of Utopian communism that make Utopia modern, it is the spirit, the attitude of mind that informs those details.
The battle of the Naktong River is just one example of how the battle cry and the spirit of The Fighting Seventh have paid off.
I know another Negro, a man very dear to me, who says, with conviction and with truth, `` The spirit of the South is the spirit of America ''.
We have seen that the folksy spirit is confined to economic peers ; ;
So what I am trying to tell you is the ' why ' -- that is my point -- and that concerns the spirit of the matter.
And my point in this sad story is the spirit of the matter.

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