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statutory and portion
The statutory portion of the codification of Georgia laws prepared by the Code Revision Commission and the Michie Company pursuant to a contract entered into on June 19, 1978, is enacted and shall have the effect of statutes enacted by the General Assembly of Georgia.
The Internal Revenue Code ( IRC ), formally the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, is the domestic portion of Federal statutory tax law in the United States, published in various volumes of the United States Statutes at Large, and separately as Title 26 of the United States Code ( USC ).
Title 28 ( Judiciary and Judicial Procedure ) is the portion of the United States Code ( federal statutory law ) that governs the federal judicial system.

statutory and such
Throughout these years, the statutory authorization was for such sums as were necessary to carry out the provisions of the Act.
Confusingly, the terms " assault " and " common assault " often encompass the separate offence of battery, even in statutory settings such as s 40 ( 3 )( a ) of the Criminal Justice Act 1988.
In almost all areas of the law ( even those where there is a statutory framework, such as contracts for the sale of goods, or the criminal law ), legislature-enacted statutes generally give only terse statements of general principle, and the fine boundaries and definitions exist only in the common law ( connotation 1 ).
Later courts have limited Erie slightly, to create a few situations where United States federal courts are permitted to create federal common law rules without express statutory authority, for example, where a federal rule of decision is necessary to protect uniquely federal interests, such as foreign affairs, or financial instruments issued by the federal government.
# Constitutional entrenchment of an otherwise statutory English, British, or Canadian document because of subject matter provisions in the amending formula of the Constitution Act, 1982, such as provisions with regard to the monarchy in the English Bill of Rights 1689 or the Act of Settlement 1701.
Some jurisdictions classify as violent certain property crimes involving a strong likelihood of psychological trauma to the property owner ; for example, Virginia treats both common-law burglary ( the breaking and entering of a dwelling house at night with the intent to commit larceny, assault and battery, or any felony therein ) and statutory burglary ( breaking and entering with further criminal intent but without the dwelling-house or time elements, such that the definition applies to break-ins at any time and of businesses as well as of dwelling houses ) as felonies.
Ghanaian statutory law officially prohibits civilians and foreign nationals from wearing military apparel such as camouflage clothing, or clothing which resembles military dress.
The legal concept of a merger ( with the resulting corporate mechanics, statutory merger or statutory consolidation, which have nothing to do with the resulting power grab as between the management of the target and the acquirer ) is different from the business point of view of a " merger ", which can be achieved independently of the corporate mechanics through various means such as " triangular merger ", statutory merger, acquisition, etc.
Some bodies are given statutory powers to issue Guidance with persuasive authority or similar statutory effect, such as the Highway Code.
There are also cases that do not technically involve two sides, such as petitions for specific statutory relief that require judicial approval ; in those cases there are no respondents, just a petitioner.
As such, even though the Statute provided for a limited term, all works remained in copyright under the common law regardless of when statutory copyright expired.
They also provide important information to those assigned to the statutory offices within OMB, which are Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, the Office of Federal Financial Management, and the Office of E-Government & Information Technology whose job it is to specialize in issues such as federal regulations or procurement policy and law.
Our review also found evidence that suggests “ political tests ” were a major criteria used by the former Chairman in recruiting a President / Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) for CPB, which violated statutory prohibitions against such practices.
Such a huge statutory amount considered by the legislative organ is based on several extremely serious food quality incidents in the past two years, such as the notorious Sanlu tainted milk powder case.
Other laws regarding sexual offenses arise ostensibly to protect minors, such as statutory rape, restrictions on violent and obscene content in the media, and limitations on tobacco and alcohol use.
Documentary evidence of a change of name can be in a number of forms, such as a marriage certificate, decree absolute, civil partnership certificate, statutory declaration or deed of change of name.
There are multiple areas such as tax collection and legislative action, where federal courts may not impose injunctions on states as a matter of federal statutory law.
This legislation now provides the profession of osteopathy the same legal framework of statutory self-regulation as other healthcare professions such as medicine and dentistry.
Whether or not universities actually do conform to such statutory obligations, and if, for example, the code of practice of the NUS ( National Union of Students ) is followed when determining the make-up of such bodies is a hotly contested and ambiguous matter.
* Duties of all sheriffs: marital matters ( such as general registration of marital status and performing civil marriages ), statutory matters, inheritance matters and more.
Bowman's recommendations were mainly enacted through statutory provisions, such as Part IV of the Access to Justice Act 1999.

statutory and codification
By contrast to statutory codification of common law, some statutes displace common law, for example to create a new cause of action that did not exist in the common law, or to legislatively overrule the common law.
With this codification, the nature and tenure of the equitable reliefs available earlier have been modified to make them statutory rights and are also required to be pleaded specifically to be enforced.
In almost all states, it has become a statutory crime through codification.
Another important area of the Institute's work is model statutory codification.
* Annotated Code of Maryland: codification of the statutory laws of Maryland
The policy of inserting sunset clauses into a constitution or charter of rights ( as in Canada since 1982 ) or into regulations and other delegated / subordinate legislation made under an Act ( as in Australia since the early 1990s ) can be regarded as a statutory codification of the common-law doctrine.
The codification, which was completed in February 1865, was adopted only in small part by the state of New York, but it served as a model upon which many statutory codes throughout the United States were constructed.
Although practitioners in this area use these popular names to reference the federal securities laws, like all U. S. statutes they are generally all codified in the U. S. Code, which is the official codification of U. S. statutory law.

statutory and shall
`` When and if it can do so without jeopardizing constitutional and statutory tax-exemption privileges essential to the maintenance of its educational program and facilities, Emory University will consider applications of persons desiring to study or work at the University without regard to race, color or creed, continuing university policy that all applications shall be considered on the basis of intellectual and moral standards and other criteria designed to assure the orderly and effective conduct of the university and the fulfillment of its mission as an institution of Christian higher education ''.
" The phrase due process of law first appeared in a statutory rendition of Magna Carta in A. D. 1354 during the reign of Edward III of England, as follows: " No man of what state or condition he be, shall be put out of his lands or tenements nor taken, nor disinherited, nor put to death, without he be brought to answer by due process of law.
Statutory Burglary is defined as: If any person in the nighttime enters without breaking, or in the daytime breaks and enters or enters and conceals himself in a dwelling house or an adjoining, occupied outhouse, or, in the nighttime enters without breaking or at any time breaks and enters or enters and conceals himself in any office, shop, manufactured home, storehouse, warehouse, banking house, church or other house, or any ship, vessel or river craft, or any railroad car, or any automobile, truck, or trailer, if such automobile, truck or trailer is used as a dwelling or place of human habitation, with intent to commit murder, rape, robbery or arson in violation of Virginia State code section 18. 2-77, 18. 2-79, or 18. 2-80, shall be deemed guilty of statutory burglary, which offense shall be a class 3 felony.
Additionally, if any person commits any of the acts mentioned in the VA state code section 18. 2-90 with intent to commit larceny, or any felony other than murder, rape, robbery or arson in violation of VA state code section 18. 2-77, 18. 2-79, or 18. 2-80, or if any person commits any acts mentioned in 18. 2-89 or 18. 2-90 with intent to commit assault and battery, shall be guilty of statutory burglary, punishable by confinement in a state correctional facility for not less than one or more than twenty years, or, in the discretion of the jury or the court trying the case without a jury, be confined in jail for a period not exceeding twelve months or fined not more than $ 2, 500, either or both.
Section 218 of the Local Government Act 1972 that established the new system stated: " Her Majesty shall appoint a lord-lieutenant for each county in England and Wales and for Greater London ..." The Act appears to be the first statutory use of the term " lord-lieutenant " for lieutenants to counties.
The bill shall then be repassed only by a qualified majority of three-fifths in the presence of at least half of the statutory number of Deputies.
The statutory language at issue provided that if a government agency violated the act " in a manner which was intentional or willful, the United States shall be liable to the individual in an amount equal to the sum of actual damages sustained by the individual as a result of the refusal or failure, but in no case shall a person entitled to recovery receive less than the sum of $ 1, 000.
This followed a statutory amendment in 1944 that read " Nothing herein contained shall render women ineligible as candidates ", and was contained in Chapter 1 of Statute 1.
If a foreign defendant qualifies as a " Foreign State " under the FSIA, the Act provides that it shall be immune to suit in any U. S. Court — federal or state — unless a statutory exception to immunity applies.
* European Union: Directive 2006 / 43 / EC, article 41. 2: (...) the audit committee shall, inter alia: ( a ) Monitor the financial reporting process ; ( b ) Monitor the effectiveness of the company's internal control, internal audit where applicable, and risk management systems ; ( c ) Monitor the statutory audit of the annual and consolidated accounts ; ( d ) Review and monitor the independence of the statutory auditor or audit firm, and in particular the provision of additional services to the audited entity.
* European Union: Directive 2006 / 43 / EC, article 41. 3 and 41. 4: " In a public-interest entity, the proposal of the administrative or supervisory body for the appointment of a statutory auditor or audit firm shall be based on a recommendation made by the audit committee.
The statutory auditor or audit firm shall report to the audit committee on key matters arising from the statutory audit, and in particular on material weaknesses in internal control in relation to the financial reporting process.
In the United States, the President derives these powers from the loosely worded statements in the Constitution that " the executive Power shall be vested in a President " and that the President should " take care that the laws be faithfully executed "; defined through practice rather than through constitutional or statutory law.
#( a ) The election of members shall take place annually at the second statutory half-yearly meeting of the General Council ; but a casual vacancy may be filled at either statutory half-yearly meeting.
#( a ) When necessary, the Convener and the Vice Convener shall be elected by the Business Committee from among its elected members at the first meeting following the second statutory half-yearly meeting of the General Council serving until their ordinary membership term expires.

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