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stores and are
These stores are still there, but the volume of the `` downtown store '' has been on a relative decline, while in many cities the suburban `` branch '' sells more and more dry goods.
The fact seems to be that very many large branch stores are uneconomical, that the choice of location in the suburbs is as important as it was downtown, and that even highly suburbanized cities will support only so many big branches.
The downtown store continues to offer the great inducement of variety, both within its gates and across the street, where other department stores are immediately convenient for the shopper who wants to see what is available before making up her mind.
Moreover, prudence alone would indicate that, unless the local customs are already ready to fall when pushed, the results of direct economic action everywhere upon national chain stores will likely be simply to give undue advantage to local and state stores which conform to these customs, leading to greater decentralization and local autonomy within the company, or even ( as the final self-defeat of an unjust application of economic pressure to correct injustice ) to its going out of business in certain sections of the country ( as, for that matter, the Quakers, who once had many meetings in the pre-Civil War South, largely went out of business in that part of the country over the slavery issue, never to recover a large number of southern adherents ).
Aalto's ' High Stool ' and ' Stool E60 ' ( manufactured by Artek are currently used in Apple stores across the world to serve as seating for customers.
New parts for PC-building are readily available from a variety of stores.
Blue laws often prohibit an activity only during certain hours and there are usually exceptions to the prohibition of commerce, like grocery and drug stores.
Paramus in Bergen County, where three of the four major malls are located, has even more restrictive blue laws than the county itself, banning all type of work on Sundays except in grocery stores, restaurants, and other entertainment venues.
Because grocery stores are not permitted to carry wine or liquor, the older law essentially meant that only beer and alcoholic malt beverages could be purchased at all on Sundays.
Liquor stores are closed on Sundays and must be closed by nine o ' clock every day of the week.
The most common black tea varieties are Oolong and Earl Grey, while jasmine green tea is a mainstay at almost all tea stores.
Chives are a commonly used herb and can be found in grocery stores or grown in home gardens.
The composition of the human body, by contrast, more closely follows the composition of seawater, save that the human body has additional stores of carbon and nitrogen which are necessary to form the proteins and nucleic acids that are characteristic of living organisms.
Forests are carbon stores, and they are carbon dioxide sinks when they are increasing in density or area.
Other services that differ and vary in what they sell are outfitters, weaponsmiths, armoursmiths, magic shops and general stores.
Packaged sets containing a box of quick-preparation couscous and a can of vegetables and, generally, meat are sold in French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese grocery stores and supermarkets.
If SR calcium stores become too high, some ions are released spontaneously through SR ryanodine receptors.
There are many more new pattern books with modern patterns being printed, and most yarn stores now offer crochet lessons in addition to the traditional knitting lessons.
There are many books you can purchase from local book stores to teach yourself how to crochet whether it be as a beginner or more intermediate, there are also many books for children and teenagers who are hoping to take up the hobby.

stores and mostly
We cater mostly to nice people in the $5-8,000 annual income bracket and we run a string of snazzy, neon-lit, chromium-plated suburban stores.
An accumulator machine, also called a 1-operand machine, or a CPU with accumulator-based architecture, is a kind of CPU where, although it may have several registers, the CPU mostly stores the results of calculations in one special register, typically called " the accumulator ".
A pawnshop might have too little inventory if, for example, it mostly buys jewels and gold that it resells or smelts — or perhaps the pawnshop owner quickly sells most items through specialty shops ( e. g., musical instruments to music stores, stereos to used hi-fi audio stores, etc .).
Taco Bell in Singapore existed for a number of years, mostly as combination stores with KFC such as the one that operated at the Funan Digital Life Mall, but in 2008, Taco Bell completely pulled out of Singapore.
It is grown mostly for forage or fodder, although some triticale-based foods can be purchased at health food stores or are to be found in some breakfast cereals.
Arvin's large Hispanic ( mostly Mexican ) cultural identity is well expressed in store front signs often in Spanish, shops and stores like carnicerias or meat markets, and the residents expressed a strong emotional pull to Mexico, some to Central and South America, and descendants of Basques arrived from Spain as shepherds and vineyard workers also made Arvin their home.
Santa Paula's Main Street area consists mostly of clothing shops, specialty shops, novelty shops, 99-cent stores, restaurants, service-oriented businesses and office space.
* Upper Main Street: Past downtown there are several businesses and several chain stores and restaurants, but it is mostly residential.
* The city's main commercial thoroughfare is Park Avenue, which is populated mostly by locally-owned stores, eateries and bars.
Although the town is mostly abandoned today, and is nearly a ghost town, during the early 1900s Fallis was a whistle-stop for several railroad lines, and was a thriving little community with stores, hotels, banks, lumber yards, and other businesses, as well as a city hall.
Other than three grocery stores, commerce in Vian is mostly thrift shops.
In this form it sold mostly at computer stores and had little retail exposure ( unlike the Atari VCS ).
After the company's great success in 1999 with Pokémon, Wizards of the Coast acquired and expanded " The Game Keeper ," a US chain of retail gaming stores, eventually changing its name to " Wizards of the Coast ", including the company's flagship gaming center on the Ave in Seattle for several years, and its retail stores, which were mostly in shopping malls in the US.
Smaller stores ( mostly consisting of two-stories ) now have an " in-House Cafe ," which offers the same menu but with seating.
Krembos are exported to the United States and Canada, and sold mostly in kosher shops and import stores.
From 1986 to 2006 the group published OK Magazine, available only through the mail and not in retail stores, featuring essays, letters, interviews and photographs of scantily clad or naked children, mostly boys.
Near Field Communication ( NFC ) is used mostly in paying for purchases made in physical stores or transportation services.
Home Outfitters operates 69 stores in mostly urban centres across most of Canada:
Some stores carry mostly new merchandise, some mostly closeout merchandise bought from other stores below regular wholesale cost.

stores and gone
The distribution of this album was disorderly, with some fans pre-ordering the album on his website up to a year before it was eventually shipped to them ; these pre-orders were eventually delivered months after the record had gone on sale in retail stores.
There had been at least two stores and a post office for that now gone community.
Today, the one-room schoolhouses are gone and the country stores have moved to the mall, but the open town meetings continue and Medway retains its small-town flavor.
Many other businesses have come and gone in our community, including the Rex Theater, implement dealers, lumber yard, grocery stores, confectionery shop, livestock shippers, and more.
The Grist mills, blacksmith, physician, shoe shop, wheelwright shops, meat markets and the dressmakers are long gone, although the rail road station is still here along with the general stores.
Many of the residents of town did not even know the tornado has struck until the next morning when they went downtown to open their stores and found them gone.
Many stores also lock CDs, DVDs, and video games in locking cases, which can only be opened by the checkout operator once the item has gone through the checkout.
All this is now gone, replaced by fast-food stores, boutiques and other shops.
Although the local department stores are gone, Rideau Street still features The Bay department store, the Rideau Centre shopping mall, and the street is adjacent to shops of the Byward Market.
During the 1970s, the chain experienced acute financial trouble, and by decade's end all of its stores had gone out of business.
Carter Hawley Hale poured another $ 80 million ( USD ) into renovating the stores, but to no avail — customers had gone elsewhere in the intervening decades and did not come back.
According to Vice President in Charge of Franchise Development, Gary Rudsinski, “ If it hadn ’ t been Craig ’ s sister, we wouldn ’ t have gone into Texas like we did .” This quote belies the current franchising strategy of contiguous growth at a pace of about 40 new stores per year as is evidenced by the concentrically expanding swath of ‘ blue states ’.
By 1954, Stavro had gone off on his own, managing outdoor markets and grocery stores under the Knob Hill Farms name.
There were at least three general stores, a small department store, a railway hotel, bank, and a butcher as late as the mid-1960s, all gone now.

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