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story and Wounded
His short story " Dreaming " ( published in Walking Wounded in 1989 ) was filmed by BBC Scotland in 1990 and won a BAFTA.
* Article entitled " Wounded Masculinity: Parsifal and The Fisher King Wound " The symbolism of the story as it relates to the Wounded Masculinity of Men by Richard Sanderson M. Ed., B. A.
** Wounded Man ( story by Kazuo Koike )

story and King's
This story was reprinted in King's collection Nightmares & Dreamscapes in 1993 under his own name.
** " The King's Ankus " ( M ) ( short story )
The following month, DC Comics premiered American Vampire, a monthly comic book series written by King with short story writer Scott Snyder, and illustrated by Rafael Albuquerque, which represents King's first original comics work.
Analyzing both the narrative structure of King's fiction and King's non-fiction ruminations on the art and craft of writing, Carroll writes that for King, " the horror story is always a contest between the normal and the abnormal such that the normal is reinstated and, therefore, affirmed.
Other definitions place the maximum word count of the short story at anywhere from 1, 000 to 9, 000 words ; for example, Harris King's " A Solitary Man " is around 4, 000 words.
Graham King's GK Films acquired the film rights and plan to release an origin story reboot by 2013.
According to Crowley, the story began on 16 March 1904, when he tried to " shew the Sylphs " by use of the Bornless Ritual to his wife, Rose Edith Kelly, while spending the night in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Robert Penn Warren's 1946 American novel All the King's Men, the story of populist politician Willie Stark's rise to the position of governor and eventual fall, based on the career of the corrupt Louisiana Senator Huey Long, won the 1947 Pulitzer Prize.
* Warbeck's story is retold through the eyes of Grace Plantagenet in The King's Grace, by Anne Easter Smith ( 2009 ).
It is a prelude to the King's Quest series in both story and concept.
Tarleton's role in the Revolutionary war in the Carolinas is examined by Ben Rubin who shows that historically, while the actual events of the Battle of the Waxhaws were presented differently according to which side was recounting them, the story of Tarleton's atrocities at Waxnaws and on other occasions became a rallying cry, particularly at the battle of King's Mountain.
More evidence is found in the fact that John Fletcher, Shakespeare's successor as house playwright for the King's Men, wrote The Woman's Prize, or The Tamer Tamed as a sequel to The Shrew, telling the story of Petruchio's remarriage after Katherina's death.
In Lisa Rogak's unauthorized biography " Haunted Heart: The Life and Times of Stephen King ," an accusation is made that an old friend of King's, George McLeod, was delighted to read that King's story " The Body ," was dedicated to him.
The story was originally published as a chapbook by Philtrum Press and given away to attendees at Stephen King's 25th publishing anniversary party on April 6, 1999.
Most of these pieces have been collected in King's five short story collections: Night Shift ( 1978 ), Skeleton Crew ( 1985 ), Nightmares & Dreamscapes ( 1993 ), Everything's Eventual ( 2002 ), and Just After Sunset ( 2008 ); and in King's four novella collections: Different Seasons ( 1982 ), Four Past Midnight ( 1990 ), Hearts in Atlantis ( 1999 ), and Full Dark, No Stars ( 2010 ).
Umney's Last Case is a short story written by Stephen King, first published in King's collection Nightmares & Dreamscapes ( 1993 ).
A limited edition of a thousand copies was published by Scream / Press in October 1985 ( ISBN 978-0910489126 ), illustrated by J. K. Potter, containing an additional short story, " The Revelations of ' Becka Paulson ," which had originally appeared in Rolling Stone magazine ( July 19 – August 2, 1984 ), and was later incorporated into King's 1987 novel The Tommyknockers.
F & SF reviewer Charles de Lint praised the novella as " a terrific story, highlighting King's gift for characterization and his sheer narrative drive.
The club and its butler are also featured in King's short story " The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands ".
* Betty King, The King's Mother, pub 1969, sequel to the above, the story of the widowed Margaret Beaufort.
One of the more respected traditional vampire works of the twentieth century is Stephen King's ' Salem's Lot, which reimagines the archetypal Dracula-type story in a modern American small town setting.

story and mystical
The earliest of these is Saint Carannog's mystical floating altar in that saint's 12th century Vita ; in the story Arthur has found the altar and attempts unsuccessfully to use it for a table, and returns it to Carannog in exchange for the saint ridding the land of a meddlesome dragon.
Fındık Sekiz tells a story about two cars, that appear sometimes as personified figures, and that take the semi-autobiographical protagonist Meto on a mystical journey.
An example is " The Mad Trist " in Edgar Allan Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher, where through somewhat mystical means the narrator's reading of the story-within-a-story influences the reality of the story he has been telling, so that what happens in " the Mad Trist " begins happening in " The Fall of the House of Usher ".
The story was used by the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan and the philosopher Jacques Derrida to present opposing interpretations: Lacan's structuralist, Derrida's mystical, depending on deconstructive chance.
The novella was far more mystical and magic than the short story.
Ostensibly it is written in opposition to Whiston's attempt to show that the books of the Old Testament did originally contain prophecies of events in the New Testament story, but that these had been eliminated or corrupted by the Jews, and to prove that the fulfilment of prophecy by the events of Christ's life is all " secondary, secret, allegorical, and mystical ," since the original and literal reference is always to some other fact.
), and an equally rich group of themes typical of lyrical poetry of erotic inspiration adopted by mystical literature ( the torment of love, impossible union, beauty of the loved one, stereotypes of the love story as weakness, crying, separation ).
In the course of the adventure, the treasure-containing the Book of Omens, a tome holding all the secrets of the ThunderCats, and many other mystical items-was scattered across the New Thundera, ushering in a new concept for the series: a season with an actual story arc.
Several stories by Robert E. Howard, such as the novella Skull-Face and the short story " Scarlet Tears ", feature undying sorcerers who retain a semblance of life through mystical means, their bodies reduced to shriveled husks with which they manage to maintain inhuman mobility and active thought.
* Sippurei Ma ' asiyot ( Tales of Rabbi Nachman or Rabbi Nachman's Stories ) ( n. p., 1816 )— 13 story tales in Hebrew and Yiddish that are filled with deep mystical secrets.
In the same year she played the leading role of Chand in Deepa Mehta's Canadian film Heaven on Earth, a Punjabi language mystical drama based on the true story of a young Indian woman who, post an arranged marriage to a non-resident Indian man from Canada, migrates to Toronto and becomes a victim of severe domestic abuse.
The story concerns a man who thanklessly fixes pots in a totalitarian future Earth, only to be summoned by a godlike alien known as Glimmung, who has recruited him as part of a multispecies specialist team sent to " Plowman's Planet " ( or Sirius Five ) for a mystical quest, which is to raise the sunken cathedral of Heldscalla from a surreal alien ocean.
The story focuses on a mystical puzzle box and the horror it wreaks on a family which is unfortunate enough to come across it.
The OST for Avalon featured songs sung only in Polish, telling the story of the mystical land Avalon.
In Chrétien de Troyes ' story Yvain, the Knight of the Lion, the red knight Esclados guards a mystical fountain, and is defeated by Ywain.
Plantard revised his Priory of Sion story, claiming the order was founded on 17 January 1681 in Rennes-le-Château, based upon documents discovered in Barcelona, relating to a secret involving the mystical power of ley lines and sunrise lines, and Rocco Negro ( Black Rock ), a promontory near Rennes-le-Château where he owned substantial property.
Windsor-Smith returned to mainstream comics work for Marvel in 1983 with two pieces, a short mystical tale of love, " The Beguiling ", and a dark, humorous 2-page black-and-white story, " A Path of Stars ", both in Epic Illustrated # 16 ( February 1983 ), which also featured a page and a half Windsor-Smith spread accompanying an Archie Goodwin text story called " The Horde " ( which appears to be a drawing of Conan and Valeria in battle ).
This story has analogues in two other important Welsh texts: the Mabinogion tale Culhwch and Olwen, in which King Arthur's men must travel to Ireland to retrieve a magical cauldron, and the obscure poem The Spoils of Annwn, which speaks of a similar mystical cauldron sought by Arthur in the otherworldly land of Annwn.
The first sentence opens the story on New Year's Day 1943, and describes the fundamental transformations in society as the result of a new mystical source of virtually free energy.
Spanning a period of several millennia, the game's story involves Gaia, daughter of the sun and mystical embodiment of the Earth, guiding the player through five distinct geological periods of the planet's history.
It is considered a mystical mountain, the legendary home of Aung / Aring Sinukuan / Sinkuan / Suku or the Fairy known as diwata Mariang Sinukuan depending on which version of the story the readers or listeners prefer, but in ancient Kapampangan folklore as well as the research known to have been gathered by Kapampangan students of Henry Otley Beyer, it was and is the abode of Apung / Aring Sinukuan, rival of Namalyari of Mount Pinatubo, who is in varying versions, the son of Cargon-Cargon who was mortally wounded in a fight with a giant from the Zambales Mountain Range which is said to be the home of Apu Namalyari.
This concept is similar in some respects to an intelligent robot in a science fiction game or story, although the entity within the object is usually portrayed as more mystical in nature.
Amidst confusing evidence, it has been suggested that some other Carmelite than Saint Simon Stock had a mystical vision, the story of which was later associated with him.

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