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study and was
If living Jews were unavailable for study, the Bible was at hand.
Dr. Isaacs was so pleased with the quality of her biographical study of Sara Sullam that he considered submitting it to the Century Magazine or Harper's but he decided that its Jewish subject probably would not interest them and published it in The Messenger, `` so our readers will be benefited instead ''.
As far as I'm concerned, it was a separate matter from the general Committee study of Bang-Jensen's conduct.
With her son evidencing so strong a musical bent his mother could do little else but get him started on the study of music -- though she waited until he was ten -- beginning with the piano and following that with the trumpet.
Victor's book on John Lloyd Stephens was largely written in my study in the house at Weston.
A study at the Pentagon and at the service academies revealed that nothing was being done there.
Far away, standing before a curtained window in the study room, was his father, hands tucked under his coattails, and staring into the dark church.
He didn't, but it was not really a question, and so he left the room, walked down the hall to the front of the apartment, hesitated, and then knocked lightly on the closed door of the study.
The telephone was in the study but the ringing came from the hall.
The apex, the study where Eugene slept, was light and bright and airy and cheerful.
In one of these, an exploding-wire device to study systems thermodynamically up to 6,000 Af and 100 atmospheres pressure, a major goal was achieved.
A wall-stabilized high-current arc source was constructed and used to study transition probabilities of atomic hydrogen and oxygen.
The decision reached in 1938-39 was made after the accumulation of a large amount of data and thorough study thereof.
Never a `` quick study '', he now made no attempt to learn his `` lines '' and many a mile of film was wasted, many a scene -- sometimes involving as many as a thousand fellow thespians -- was taken thirty, forty, fifty times because Miss Poitrine's co-star and `` helpmate '' had never learned his part.
A detailed study of this latter phenomenon was not attempted in this paper.
It was stated earlier that one purpose of this study was to extend the analysis of variability of Onset and Completion in each of the 21 growth centers somewhat beyond that provided by the data in Tables 1 and 2.
For example, the steering committee might announce that the group felt a topic under study should not be dropped for an additional week as there was still too much of it untouched.
There was a particularly marvelous opportunity for study in this area since almost every stage of pregnancy was represented, from a childless couple to and including every trimester.
Although the Taylor Scale was designed as a group testing device, in this study it was individually administered by psychologically trained workers who established rapport and assisted the children in reading the items.
The battery median grade-equivalent was used in data analysis in this study.
Although the present study was not a direct replication of their investigations, the results do not confirm their conclusion.

study and aimed
In 2010 the lycée André-Honnorat opened a boarding school aimed at gifted students of poorer social backgrounds, in order to give them better conditions in which to study.
In the Space To Care study aimed at improving hospital design for children, researchers from the University of Sheffield polled 250 children regarding their opinions on clowns ; all 250 children in the study, whose ages ranged between four and sixteen, reported that they found clowns frightening and disliked clowns as part of hospital decor.
A study of German dominatrices by Andrew Wilson has noted the trend for dominatrices choosing names aimed at creating and maintaining an atmosphere in which class, femininity and mystery are key elements of their self-constructed identity.
Neusner has aimed to make Rabbinic literature useful to specialists in a variety of fields within the academic study of religion, as well as in ancient history, culture and Near and Middle Eastern Studies.
Alberti's Latin comedy, Philodoxus, aimed to teach that " a man dedicated to study and hard work can attain glory, just as well as a rich and fortunate man.
The study was partly a response to the APA's 2000 statement cautioning against clinical attempts at changing homosexuality, and was aimed at determining whether such attempts were ever successful rather than how likely it was that change would occur for any given individual.
Science is the reasoned investigation or study of phenomena, aimed at discovering enduring principles among elements of the phenomenal world by employing formal techniques such as the scientific method.
* Philosurfical. open. ac. uk Research software tool aimed at facilitating the study of Tractatus.
* Cross-cultural, interdisciplinary research ( utilizing innovative, science-based techniques and methodologies to study important global processes and elaborate forward-looking solutions ) and targeted foresight and policy studies ( aimed at developing policy-relevant prescriptions and evaluating the feasibility and comparative advantages of each option );
" In 2008, Portuguese researchers conducted a rat study aimed at answering the question of whether an electroshock series causes structural changes in vulnerable parts of the brain.
The new study, by the Urban Land Institute, was released on November 11, 2010, and recommends a more modest set of enhancements aimed at retaining the Pier's role as a public space, rather than turning it into a theme park.
Nanking is the capital of China and the capture thereof is an international affair ; therefore, careful study should be made so as to exhibit the honor and glory of Japan and augment the trust of the Chinese people, and that the battle in the vicinity of Shanghai is aimed at the subjugation of the Chinese Army, therefore protect and patronize Chinese officials and people, as afar as possible ; the Army should always bear in mind not to involve foreign residents and armies in trouble and maintain close liaison with foreign authorities in order to avoid misunderstandings.
He authored The Rehoboth Basters ( Bastards ) and the Problem of Miscegenation among Humans ( 1913 ) (), a field study which aimed to determine whether human heredity followed the Mendelian laws by studying the interbreeding of two very different human races, Europeans and Africans, in a small population ( 3000 individuals ) whose family history was well known.
McGee notes that the study of a term must not, and should not, be limited to its use in “ formal discourse .” Instead, the critic is much more likely to gain a better understanding of an ideograph by looking at how it is used and depicted in movies, plays, and songs, as well as how it is presented in educational texts aimed at children.
The Save the Tiger Fund and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service generously donated funds to support the initial phase of research that aimed to collect data on tiger ecology using telemetry, and study the tiger ’ s environment by assessing its habitat and prey.
The town centre study outlines major changes to the council offices, Farnborough's main railway station, the local road network and the continuation of the improvements to Farnborough's town centre, including the development of a Discovery Centre ( a Hampshire County Council initiative aimed at improving libraries in the county ).
In 1975 Aer Rianta, the then state airports authority, undertook a passenger terminal study aimed at improving the terminal facilities.
* conservation biology-scientific study of the earths biodiversity and aimed at protecting habitats and species from extinction.
These non-Corps student societies are known as study associations ( aimed at extracurricular activities for students, such as study trips, lectures, parties or drinks ) or are general associations, for sports, literature, arts, etc., founded at the university itself.
Prichard was a major figure in looking at human variability from a diachronic angle, and argued for ethnology as such a study, aimed at resolving the question of human origins.
They conducted a study that aimed to answer if students who learn with PBL are better at solving problems and if their attitudes improved towards mathematics through engagement in the PBL model.
Its goal was the development of a reformed and modernized system of easily readable and comparable degrees, aimed to simplify comparison between qualifications across Europe through a total reorganisation of curricula and teaching methods in every new cycle of study.
The trial aimed to study how interactive services would work, as well as their costs and advertising capabilities.

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