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subject and has
His point is simply that the Tories have showered him with personal satire, despite the fact that as a private subject he has a right to speak on political matters without affronting the prerogative of the Sovereign.
It seems to me the time has come for the American press to start experimenting with ways of reporting the news that will do a better job of communicating and will be less subject to abuse by those who have learned how to manipulate the present stereotype to serve their own ends.
It is this subject matter that has brought Mason a large and enthusiastic following among sportsmen, but it is his exceptional performance with this motif that commends him to artists and discerning collectors.
Ordinary politeness may have militated against this opinion being stated so badly but anyone with a wide acquaintance in both groups and who has sat through the many round tables, workshops or panel discussions -- whatever they are called -- on this subject will recognize that the final, boiled down crux of the matter is education.
The Public Service Commission has ruled that this is not a public utility, subject to their many regulations.
Brown ( 1959 ) has reviewed generally the various methods of assaying TSH, and the reader is referred to her paper for further information on the subject.
This subject, who has been undergoing psychoanalytic psychotherapy for five years, did not give a positive Kohnstamm reaction under any of the four standardized conditions used in this experiment while sober.
Although a somewhat technical subject, it has important political implications as the above discussion of the voting system indicated.
The threadbare notion that belief, unlike behaviour, is not subject to objective analysis, has placed intuitive metaphysics squarely against the sociology of knowledge, since it is precisely the job of the sociology of knowledge to treat beliefs as social facts no less viable than social behaviour.
`` Disaffiliation '', by the way, is the term used by the critic and poet, Lawrence Lipton, who has written several articles on this subject, the first of which, in The Nation, quoted as Epigraph: `` We disaffiliate.
As `` a matter of fact no such complete solution of the dream has ever been accomplished in any case,, and what is more, every one attempting such solution has found that in most cases there have remained a great many components of the dream the source of which he has been unable to explain nor is the discussion closed on the subject of the mantic or prophetic power of dreams ''.
The following discussion of this subject has been adapted from the book Causes Of Catastrophe by L. Don Leet.
Though the subject -- segregation in her native South -- has been thoroughly worked, Miss McCullers uses her poet's instinct and storyteller's skill to reaffirm her place at the very top of modern American writing.
The subject has also made an ongoing impact on literature and the arts.
For example Connecticut applies the following standard to review unpreserved claims: 1. the record is adequate to review the alleged claim of error ; 2. the claim is of constitutional magnitude alleging the violation of a fundamental right ; 3. the alleged constitutional violation clearly exists and clearly deprived the defendant of a fair trial ; 4. if subject to harmless error analysis, the state has failed to demonstrate harmlessness of the alleged constitutional violation beyond a reasonable doubt.
Swift ’ s use of gripping details of poverty and his narrator ’ s cool approach towards them create " two opposing points of view " that " alienate the reader, perhaps unconsciously, from a narrator who can view with ' melancholy ' detachment a subject that Swift has directed us, rhetorically, to see in a much less detached way.
Warhol has been the subject of numerous retrospective exhibitions, books, and feature and documentary films.
David Fontana however on the subject of parapsychology has said that " the evidence for survival is so strong that anyone who cares to study it is likely to end up convinced ".
The subject is one which has exercised the ingenuity of many savants, but it may be said that all the engraved stones fall into three classes:
Some jurisdictions allow force to be used in defense of property, to prevent damage either in its own right, or under one or both of the preceding classes of defense in that a threat or attempt to damage property might be considered a crime ( in English law, under s5 Criminal Damage Act 1971 it may be argued that the defendant has a lawful excuse to damaging property during the defense and a defense under s3 Criminal Law Act 1967 ) subject to the need to deter vigilantes and excessive self-help.
Agathon has been thought to be the subject of Lovers ' Lips, an epigram attributed to Plato:
This population has been subject to research studies.
This point of view has been subject to severe criticism in the research of the 20th century.

subject and been
The wording of the question was quite general and may have been subject to different interpretations.
Despite the opposition of the city newspapers, the Pratt Hall meeting `` brought together a very respectable audience, composed in part of those who had been distinguished for years for their radical views upon the subject of slavery, of many of our colored citizens, and of those who were attracted to the place by the novelty of such a gathering ''.
Most of this testimony may have been legally admissible as bearing on the corpus delicti of the total Nazi crime but seemed subject to question when not tied to the part in it of the defendant's Department of Jewish Affairs.
The fossils of Ardipithecus have not yet been studied by researchers beyond the original ( 2009 ) group of describers, and the paleobiology and relationships of these creatures are the subject of controversy.
On the subject of alchemy and chemistry, many treatises relating to Alchemy have been attributed to him, though in his authentic writings he had little to say on the subject, and then mostly through commentary on Aristotle.
Johnson had been so obsessed with the measure that he was said to be " a little cracked on the subject ".
Hume believes that all disputes on the subject have been merely verbal arguments — that is to say, arguments which are based on a lack of prior agreement on definitions.
Still, testing on the subject has been somewhat divided.
Andromeda has been the subject of numerous ancient and modern works of art, including, Andromeda Chained to the Rocks ( Rembrandt ), one of Titian's poesies ( Wallace Collection ), and compositions by Joachim Wtewael ( Louvre ), Veronese ( Rennes ), Rubens, Ingres, and Gustave Moreau.
Or, third, it incorporates the United Kingdom rules of succession into the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, which itself can now be altered only by Australia, according to the Australia Act 1986 ; in that way, the British rules of succession have been patriated to Australia and, with regard to Australia, are subject to amendment or repeal solely by Australian law.
The purpose of Acts has been the subject of much scholarly research and debate.
Saint Thomas Aquinas's aesthetic is probably the most famous and influential theory among medieval authors, having been the subject of much scrutiny in the wake of the neo-Scholastic revival of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and even having received the approbation of the celebrated Modernist writer, James Joyce.
How best to define the term “ artis a subject of constant contention ; many books and journal articles have been published arguing over even the basics of what we mean by the term “ art ”.
In the four centuries since their disappearance, the Roanoke colonists have been the subject of a mystery that still challenges historians and archaeologists as one of America's oldest.

subject and popular
He is the subject of a special panegyric delivered by the Buddha just before the Buddha's Parinibbana ( the Mahaparinibbana Sutta ( DN 16 )); it is a panegyric for a man who is kindly, unselfish, popular, and thoughtful toward others.
Angel-shaped beings appear in ancient Mesopotamian and Greek art and were probably the inspiration for the popular Christian image of angels, a popular subject for Byzantine and European paintings and sculpture.
The bodhisattva is a popular subject in Buddhist art.
The defeat of Bayezid became a popular subject for later western writers, composers and painters.
Bubble and squeak was a popular dish during World War II, as it was an easy way of using leftovers during a period when most foods were subject to rationing.
With the growing importance and influence of China's economy globally, Mandarin instruction is gaining popularity in schools in the USA, and has become an increasingly popular subject of study amongst the young in the Western world, as in the UK.
In about 1366, Catherine experienced what she described in her letters as a " Mystical Marriage " with Jesus, later a popular subject in art as the Mystic marriage of Saint Catherine.
Her nightlife and constant partying became a popular subject with the media.
The game's development and impact on popular culture is also the subject of the book Masters of Doom by David Kushner.
Maurras distrusted what he considered the democratic mystification of the popular will that created an impersonal collective subject.
While music is an art form in itself, playing an instrument such as the guitar has long been a popular subject for painters.
Before the launch of tubgirl. com, this image was featured in a rotten. com story " Fecal Japan " claiming that the subject matter is popular in Japan, and in a San Francisco Chronicle article by author Violet Blue, as well as being the subject of a joke by Gizmodo.
The most popular scales for each subject are ( in order of popularity ):
Such designing, known as " interior design ", has become a popular subject in universities.
It is his noble and powerful style, sustained through every change of idea and subject, that finally separates Homer from all forms of ballad poetry and popular epic.
The subject was favoured by painters of Red-figure pottery as early as the sixth century BC, and remained popular in Greek and Roman art, before enjoying a significant revival, as an opportunity to show three female nudes, in the Renaissance.
The subject became popular in art from the late Middle Ages onwards.
This great work covered the whole range of the subject, tracing the mythology and superstitions of the old Teutons back to the very dawn of direct evidence, and following their evolution to modern-day popular traditions, tales, and expressions.
John's reforms were less popular with the barons themselves, especially as they remained subject to arbitrary and frequently vindictive royal justice.
The Katzenjammer Kids was so popular that it became two competing comic strips and the subject of a lawsuit.
The feasibility of the basic technologies analyzed in Nanosystems has been the subject of a formal scientific review by U. S. National Academy of Sciences, and has also been the focus of extensive debate on the internet and in the popular press.
The punishment of Prometheus as a consequence of the theft is a major theme of his mythology, and is a popular subject of both ancient and modern art.

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