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success and stage
This uneven work was followed by another popular comedic success La locandiera ( Mine Hostess ), an adaptation of the classic and popular spoken stage comedy La locandiera by Carlo Goldoni, the libretto was prepared by Domenico Poggi.
Gluck feared that the Parisian critics would denounce the opera by a young composer known mostly for comic pieces and so the opera was originally billed in the press as being a new work by Gluck with some assistance from Antonio Salieri, then shortly before the premiere of the opera the Parisian press reported that the work was to be partly by Gluck and partly by Salieri, and finally after popular and critical success were won on stage the opera was acknowledged in a letter to the public by Gluck as being wholly by the young Antonio.
Of his late works for the stage only two works gained wide popular esteem during his life, Palmira, regina di Persia ( Palmira, Queen of Persia ) 1795 and Cesare in Farmacusa ( Caesar on Pharmacusa ), both drawing on the heroic and exotic success established with Axur.
Cotten went to Hollywood, but discovered there that his stage success in The Philadelphia Story translated to, in the words of his agent Leland Hayward, " spending a solid year creating the Cary Grant role.
Despite a relatively successful career in film and stage, Alexander never managed to repeat his Seinfeld-level of success in television.
Following the lead of Andreas Hillgruber, who argued that Hitler had a Stufenplan ( stage by stage plan ) for world conquest, Hildebrand argued that Ribbentrop may not have fully understood what Hitler's Stufenplan was, or alternatively in pressing so hard for colonial restoration was trying to score a personal success that might improve his standing with Hitler.
Beginning with the success of the stage version, most subsequent versions of the story, including newer editions of the novel, have been titled " The Wizard of Oz ", rather than using the full, original title.
With the success of Wizard on page and stage, Baum and Denslow hoped lightning would strike a third time and in 1901 published Dot and Tot of Merryland.
( Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King were adapted for the stage after their blockbuster success.
To have had any chance of success, however, the operation would have required air and naval supremacy over the English Channel-neither of which the Germans ever had at any stage during the Battle of Britain.
His opera Artaxerxes ( 1762 ) was the first attempt to set a full-blown opera seria in English and was a huge success, holding the stage until the 1830s.
He complained that Frost's success was based on copying Cook's own stage persona and that his only regret in life had been once saving Frost from drowning.
Despite his stage success, a theatrical agent advised Falk not to expect much film acting work because of his glass eye.
The success of Raising Hell is often credited with kick-starting hip hop's golden age, when rap music's visibility, variety, and commercial viability exploded onto the national stage and became a global phenomenon.
The design is essentially a multi-stage radial turbine ( or pair of ' nested ' turbine rotors ) offering great efficiency, four times as large heat drop per stage as in the reaction ( Parsons ) turbine, extremely compact design and the type met particular success in backpressure power plants.
By this stage in their career, the band were acutely aware of the pressure they were under from EMI, who were unhappy with the lack of chart success of much of the material the band had released since their Positive Touch LP in 1981.
He holds both British and Australian citizenship and has enjoyed considerable success in stage performances in both countries.
Bizet's professional relationship with Léon Carvalho, manager of the independent Théâtre Lyrique company, enabled him to bring to the stage two full-scale operas, Les pêcheurs de perles ( 1863 ) and La jolie fille de Perth ( 1867 ), but neither enjoyed much public success.
In 1838, he moved to Paris after the Italian censor objected to the production of Poliuto ( on the grounds that such a sacred subject was inappropriate for the stage ); there he wrote La fille du régiment, which became another success.
< center > Directing Panic in the Streets ( 1950 )</ center > At the height of his stage success, Kazan then turned to Hollywood where he soon demonstrated equal skill as director of motion pictures.
However, his first major stage success was his role as an awkward suitor of Jessica Tandy in " A Streetcar Named Desire ," which also helped make Brando a star on stage.
Mohyeddin was one of Pakistan's best-known actors, and launched a successful stage career in London after this film's success.
* 1869: Coppée's La Passant, as a male troubadour ( Zanetto ); her first major stage success

success and play
Too many husbands, Dr. Schillinger continues, worry about `` how well they're doing '', and fear that their success depends on some trick or technique of sexual play.
Despite the sheer beauty and spectacle of numerous documentaries, art films, and travelogues, despite the impressive financial success of such a recent development as Cinerama, the movies are at heart a form of fiction, like the play, the novel, or the short story.
Nimzowitsch never developed a knack for match play, though ; his best match success was a draw with Alekhine, but the match consisted of only two games and took place in 1914, thirteen years before Alekhine became world champion.
However, some of the more successful American League teams of recent memory, including the 2002 Anaheim Angels, the 2001 Seattle Mariners and the 2005 Chicago White Sox have experienced their success in part as a result of playing " small ball ," advancing runners through means such as the stolen base and the related hit and run play.
Since the second half of the 20th century, computers have been programmed to play chess with increasing success, to the point where home computers can play chess at a very high level.
His next play, Belisario, written in 1734, was more successful, though of its success he afterward professed himself ashamed.
After learning of their association with the team's success, the band decided to visit the school and play for the homecoming game.
The event was not a success: the summer was exceptionally wet, making play difficult on damp uncovered pitches, and attendances were poor, attributed to a " surfeit of cricket ".
Some credit the move into professional competitive team play with prizes as a major factor in Counter-Strike's longevity and success.
The Lions have not had much success during the Super Bowl era: the Lions are one of four current NFL teams that have yet to qualify for the Super Bowl, and the team is 1-10 in post-season play during that period.
Despite the disdain of the British media, Brooks's overall popularity in the country was evident, with a top disc jockey, Nick Barraclough, referring to Brooks as Garth Vader ( a play on Darth Vader ) for his " invasion " of the charts and his success in the country genre.
In 1982, Marrow met producer William Strong from Saturn Records, who recorded his first single, " Cold Wind Madness ", also known as " The Coldest Rap ", which became an underground success, becoming popular even though radio stations did not play it due to the song's hardcore lyrics.
His success directing the 1928 play Journey's End led to his move to the United States, first to direct the play on Broadway and then to Hollywood to direct motion pictures.
The play was a tremendous success, with critics uniform and effusive in their praise and with audiences sometimes sitting in stunned silence following its conclusion only to burst into thunderous ovations.
Prior to that, his last produced play was The Tik-Tok Man of Oz ( based on Ozma of Oz and the basis for Tik-Tok of Oz ), a modest success in Hollywood that producer Oliver Morosco decided did not do well enough to take to Broadway.
Hybrid Theory was a massive commercial success ; it sold more than 4. 8 million copies during its debut year, earning it the status of best-selling album of 2001, while singles such as " Crawling " and " One Step Closer " established themselves as staples among alternative rock radio play lists during the year.
Marcel Achard wrote his first play in 1922 and had a major success the following year when renowned actor-director Charles Dullin staged his play Voulez-vous jouer avec moâ?
Achievers focus on concrete measurements of success such as experience points, levels, and wealth ; Explorers investigate every nook and cranny of the game, and evaluate different game mechanical options ; Socializers devote most of their energy to interacting with other players ; and then there are Killers who focus on interacting negatively with other players, if permitted, killing the other characters or otherwise thwarting their play.
Despite the lesser radio play and popularity, some nu metal bands still gain commercial success.
Despite the success of his masterwork Dido and Aeneas ( 1689 ), in which the action is furthered by the use of Italian-style recitative, much of Purcell's best work was not involved in the composing of typical opera, but instead he usually worked within the constraints of the semi-opera format, where isolated scenes and masques are contained within the structure of a spoken play, such as Shakespeare in Purcell's The Fairy-Queen ( 1692 ) and Beaumont and Fletcher in The Prophetess ( 1690 ) and Bonduca ( 1696 ).
The album opened to sales of 185, 000 and has since been certified platinum in the U. S. The first single " Right Here " has been the biggest success from the album thus far, garnering much mainstream radio play and peaking at number 1 on the mainstream rock chart.
His first play, Les Pieds Nickelés ( Nickel-plated Feet ), was a great success and was representative of the style of his later work ( generally humorous ).

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