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@ and symbol
* @ ( or " at sign "), the punctuation symbol now typically used in e-mail addresses ( and more recently, tweets )
In the case of an MX record, this specifies the domain name of a mail recipient's email address, i. e. the portion after the @ symbol that delimits the recipient's account name.
** The @ symbol is generated by a combination of Alt Gr + é same key as the 2 ;
The new company was named " Excite @ Home " ( the stock symbol and the company's name in regulatory filing records remained as " At Home Corporation " ( ATHM )) and, six months after the merger, Tom Jermoluk stepped down as CEO of Excite @ Home.
The at sign or @ is also commonly called the at symbol or commercial at in English — and less commonly a wide range of other terms.
Staged in the former Varieté theatre Ronacher in Vienna, F @ LCO offered the audience a choice between a more expensive, passive ticket for the boxes or the balconies, from which spectators could only watch the show from distance, or a cheap, active ticket on the floor, close to the rostrum ( in the shape of @, the Internet at symbol ) on which the show was performed.
This features the word " at " surrounded by a partial circle, reminiscent of an @ symbol.
This is often done by replacing a letter with another letter ( for example, k replacing c ), or symbol ( for example, $ replacing s, @ replacing a, or ¢ replacing c ).
Drops first give the piece type, followed by an @ symbol, then the target square.
* In 1971 Ray Tomlinson chose the @ symbol on his Teletype Model 33 ASR keyboard for use in network email.
The email address in the SOA RR has the @ symbol replaced by a period.

@ and was
This album was recorded to a Studer A800 mkIII @ 30ips on BASF / Emtec 900 tape at + 6 / 250 nanowebers per meter.
In 2003, Radio source SHGb02 + 14a was isolated by SETI @ home analysis, although it has largely been discounted by further study.
Following the dissolution of Macquarie University Union Ltd, the outgoing student organisation was replaced with a new wholly owned subsidiary company of the university, known as U @ MQ Ltd.
Within the first few hundred days of Schwartz's instatement as Vice-Chancellor, the ' Macquarie @ 50 ' strategic plan was launched, which positioned the university to enhance research, teaching, infrastructure and academic rankings by the university's 50th anniversary in 2014.
SETI @ home was conceived by David Gedye along with Craig Kasnoff and is a popular volunteer distributed computing project that was launched by the University of California, Berkeley in May 1999.
This was followed by the E-m @ iler Plus in 2002, and the E3 Videophone in 2004.
During a tumultuous congress, the 22-year-old Haitske van der Linde, the daughter of TV personality Wubbo van der Linde and candidate of the party's youth movement J @ L, was elected lijsttrekker.
WebCrawler was acquired by InfoSpace in 2001 after Excite, ( which was then called Excite @ Home ), went bankrupt.
A bogus email address, " miscaviage @ flag. sea. org " ( a misspelling of " David Miscavige ", the current head of Scientology's Religious Technology Center ), was inserted into the newsgroup creation message.
He was co-host ( in charge of the digital switcher ) on the local SF Bay Area radio program, 10 @ 10, on KFOG-FM with Dave Morey.
It was created by consensus in June 1994 by members of the robots mailing list ( robots-request @ nexor. co. uk ).
( The name ADeSoto @ was derived from that of the Spanish explorer, Hernando DeSoto ) S. S. Hall laid out the first addition to the Village.
* 1999-Airborne @ Home, an alliance with the United States Postal Service, was formed.
TriCaster was announced at DEMO @ 15 and then launched at NAB 2005.
In 2005 He played piano on Styx's Big Bang Theory album on the rerecording of Blue Collar Man, entitled Blue Collar Man @ 2120, since it was recorded at the legendary Chess Studios at 2120 S. Michigan Ave in Chicago.
Of the ecard sites, Blue Mountain Arts was noteworthy in this period for its sale in October 1999 to Excite @ Home for $ 780M ( which represent a price of $ 71 per unique monthly user ).
* Folding simulations of the Villin Headpiece in all-atom detail ( 2006, Size: 20, 000 atoms ; Simulation time: 500 µs = 500, 000 ns, Program: Folding @ home ) This simulation was run in 200, 000 CPU's of participating personal computers around the world.
He had a reversionary grant date 5 July 1661, of the command of a troop of horse, and on 24 March 1662, he was made governor of the fort of Harbouling on the river Cork, @ six shillings a day.
For the first few months of this new format, the station was known on-air as " FM Talk @ 102. 7 ".

@ and used
Central servers are typically used for listing potential peers ( Tor ), coordinating their activities ( Folding @ home ), and searching ( Napster, eMule ).
In addition, the Penet remailer used a type of “ post office box ” system in which users could claim their own anonymous e-mail addresses of the form anxxxxx @ anon. penet. fi, allowing them to assign pseudonymous identities to their anonymous messages, and to receive messages sent to their ( anonymous ) e-mail addresses.
* Distributed computing project yoyo @ Home Subproject ECM is a program for Elliptic Curve Factorization which is used by a couple of projects to find factors for different kind of numbers.
Under a non-GPL license, GROMACS is widely used in the Folding @ home distributed computing project for simulations of protein folding, where it is the project's most popular calculation cores.
@ Functions can be used in several places throughout Lotus Notes.
@ Commands are primarily used in formulas that are triggered by user action, such as in button formulas.
To avoid a deluge of incoming mail resulting from the publicity of the event, Apple set up a number of obvious " honeypot " addresses not really used by the Shuttle crew, such as STS43 @ APPLELINK.
These rambling messages used to state the originator as MI5Victim @ mi5. gov. uk.
Through a process known as adaptive sampling, these conformations are used by Folding @ home as starting points for a set of simulations trajectories.
In 2002, Folding @ home used Markov state models to complete approximately a million CPU days of simulations over the span of several months, and in 2011, MSMs parallelized another simulation that required an aggregate 10 million CPU hours of computation.
In January 2010, Folding @ home used MSMs to simulate the dynamics of the slow-folding 32-residue NTL9 protein out to 1. 52 milliseconds, a timescale consistent with experimental folding rate predictions but a thousand times longer than previously achieved.
The simulations run on Folding @ home are used in conjunction with laboratory experiments, but researchers can use it to study how folding in vitro differs from folding in native cellular environments.
In 2004, Folding @ home was used to perform the first molecular dynamics study of the refolding of p53's protein dimer in explicit water which revealed insights that were previously unobtainable, and from it produced the first peer reviewed publication on cancer from a distributed computing project.
Folding @ home is also being used to study protein chaperones, heat shock proteins which play essential roles in cell survival by assisting with the folding of other proteins inside the crowded and chemically stressful intracellular environment.
Although researchers have used Folding @ home to study collagen folding and misfolding, the interest stands as a pilot project compared to Alzheimer's and Huntington's research.
In 2009, researchers used Folding @ home to study mutations of influenza hemagglutinin, a protein that attaches a virus to its target cell and assists with viral entry.
In 2010, Folding @ home used MSMs and free energy calculations to predict the native state of the villin protein to within 1. 8 Å RMSD from the crystalline structure experimentally determined through X-ray crystallography.
Scientists have used Folding @ home to research drug resistance by studying vancomycin, an antibiotic of " last resort ", and beta-lactamase, a protein that can break down antibiotics like penicillin.
In 2012, Folding @ home and MSMs were used to identify allosteric site in three medically relevant proteins: ß lactamase, interleukin-2, and RNase H.
In 2008 they used Folding @ home to study the interior of this tunnel and how specific molecules may affect it.
In March 2009 Folding @ home began reporting the performance in both native and x86 FLOPS: the latter being an estimation of how many FLOPS the calculation would take on the standard x86 architecture, which is commonly used as a performance reference.
Horton worked with Chris Seiwald and Larry Auton to produce the smail program, used this database to route email, using email addresses such as mark @ cbosgd. UUCP.

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