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symposium and provides
The Coalition for Women Students provides much of the multicultural programs on campus, including the annual Women of Color symposium, the Week Without Violence, and Take Back the Night rally and march.
One of the highlights of the PGPEX program is Lattice, the annual business symposium at IIM Calcutta that provides a platform for leaders across the country to share their mission and vision with the next generation of business leaders.

symposium and with
In a symposium and general exploration of the field of Personal Perception and Interpersonal Behavior the discussion does not touch upon this aspect of the subject, with one possible exception ; ;
The next day he took part in Poetry And The Film, a recorded symposium at Cinema 16, with panellists Amos Vogel, Arthur Miller, Maya Deren, Parker Tyler, and Willard Maas.
" MI5, the intelligence department of the Home Office, noted: " It is evident from his recent writings – ' The Lion and the Unicorn ' – and his contribution to Gollancz's symposium The Betrayal of the Left that he does not hold with the Communist Party nor they with him.
" Shaw the Villager and Human Being — a Biographical symposium ", with a preface by Dame Sybil Thorndike ( 1962 ).
In a series of diagrams illustrating the " environments " that influence various painterly styles, the Suprematist is associated with a series of aerial views rendering the familiar landscape into an abstraction ... ( excerpted from Ms. Bekman Chadaga's paper delivered at Columbia University's 2000 symposium, " Art, Technology, and Modernity in Russia and Eastern Europe ")
In a 1951 symposium discussing psychiatrist Benjamin Karpman's paper " The Sexual Psychopath ," psychiatrist Emil Gutheil said, " Looking back upon my own experience with so-called psychopaths, I find one characteristic they all have in common, and that is their infantilism.
WSIA organized the first parasail operators symposium in January 2011, numerous parasail operators attended, along with various members of the US Coast Guard, FAA and NOAA.
These included a symposium published in The Saturday Review magazine with the unlikely title of, Mescalin – An Answer to Cigarettes, including contributions from Huxley ; J. S.
VU developed a research partnership with Brazilian researchers and conducted a sports science research symposium that attracted sports science researchers from Brazil and Australia, including senior researchers from the Brazilian Olympic Committee.
The symposium was a full academic conference with published proceedings and papers ranging from sensors and new hardware to new applications for wearable computers, with 382 people registered for the event.
He received honorary Doctor of Science degrees from Case Western Reserve University in 1969, Princeton University in 1985, and the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York in 1990 in connection with an international symposium in his honor organized by John Corcoran.
In conjunction with that exhibit, there were lectures and a symposium by major scholars, including Pamela Robertson of the Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow art gallery owner Roger Billcliffe, and architect J. Stewart Johnson, and screening of documentary films about Mackintosh.
Bacchylides's first notable success came sometime after 500 BC with commissions from Athens for the great Delian festival ( Ode 17 ) and from Macedonia for a song to be sung at a symposium for the young prince, Alexander I ( fr.
In 1982 Tradition: A Journal of Orthodox Jewish Thought published a symposium on the state of Orthodox Judaism, with contributions by many leading Orthodox rabbis.
The proceedings of the symposium were published in 1991 with the title " Aquatic Ape: Fact or fiction ?".
The chief editor summarized the results of the symposium as failing to support the idea that human ancestors were aquatic, but there is also some evidence that they may have swum and fed in inland lakes and rivers, with the result that modern humans can enjoy brief periods of time spent in the water.
* While Ralph Messenger is busy organizing the International Conference on Consciousness Studies (" Con-Con "), to be held at Gloucester University this year, his ( recent ) past catches up with him: During a symposium in Prague some weeks ago, he spent the night with a young scientist called Ludmila Lisk, who now, by way of email, threatens to expose him as an adulterer if she is not allowed to attend the conference.
* In 1986, the largest symposium on child abuse in history was held in Australia, with vocal SRA advocates Kee MacFarlane, Roland Summit, Astrid Heppenstall Heger and David Finkelhor invited to give addresses.
" According to this view, the verses were drinking songs in so far as the symposium was understood to be a microcosm of society, where multiple views were an aspect of adaptive behaviour by the embattled aristocracy, and where even eroticism had political symbolism: " As the polis envisaged by Theognis is degenerate, erotic relationships are filled with pain ..."
Robin Richardson, an original member of the Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia, at a 2009 symposium on " Islamophobia and Religious Discrimination ", said that " the disadvantages of the term Islamophobia are significant " on seven different grounds, including that it implies it is merely a " severe mental illness " affecting " only a tiny minority of people "; that use of the term makes those to whom it is applied " defensive and defiant " and absolves the user of " the responsibility of trying to understand them " or trying to change their views ; that it implies that hostility to Muslims is divorced from factors such as skin color, immigrant status, fear of fundamentalism, or political or economic conflicts ; that it conflates prejudice against Muslims in one's own country with dislike of Muslims in countries with which the West is in conflict ; that it fails to distinguish between people who are against all religion from people who dislike Islam specifically ; and that the actual issue being described is hostility to Muslims, " an ethno-religious identity within European countries ", rather than hostility to Islam.

symposium and specific
Results have been showed at Bonn symposium " 150 years of Neanderthal discoveries – Early Europeans Continuity and Discontinuity " where has sparked lot of interest with specific requests of further development on the topic from UNESCO, the Wenner Gren Foundation of New York, from the American Museum of Natural History of New York and from The Abdus Salam – International Centre for Theoretical Physics of Trieste.
Two or more issues are published each year containing professional articles and student-authored comments or casenotes ; one issue contains the Review of Selected California Legislation, or " Greensheets "; and one issue contains a symposium, focusing on a specific, significant legal topic.

symposium and statements
In the wake of the 2011 Norway attacks, Windschuttle did not deny that perpetrator Anders Behring Breivik had read and praised statements he had made at a symposium in Zealand in 2006, but stressed that he was " still at a complete loss to find any connection between them and the disgusting and cowardly actions of Breivik.

symposium and which
At Indiana University in 1999 he organized such a symposium, and in April 2000, he organized a larger symposium entitled " Spiritual Robots " at Stanford University, in which he moderated a panel consisting of Ray Kurzweil, Hans Moravec, Kevin Kelly, Ralph Merkle, Bill Joy, Frank Drake, John Holland and John Koza.
Other types look instead to the new performative context which epigram acquired at this time, even as it made the move from stone to papyrus: the Greek symposium.
Some of the beliefs of Cārvāka are recorded from this symposium, in which, some Cārvāka philosophers are said to have participated.
In 1975 he supported the campaign to create a separate Turner Gallery for the Turner Bequest and in 1980 agreed to open a symposium on Turner at the University of York, of which he had been Chancellor, but illness compelled him to back out of that commitment, which Lord Harewood undertook in his place.
The prevalent view today is that Old English symbel, Old Saxon symbal, sumbal ( Old High German * sumbal ) and Old Norse sumbl, all of which translate roughly as " feast, banquet, ( social ) gathering ", continue a Common Germanic * sumlan " banquet ", which would correspond to a PIE " joint meal " or " congregation " ( literally, symposium or assembly ).
A discussion on the theme of love took place at this symposium, a discussion which has since become famous.
The Yale University Press book was partially financed by the Smith Richardson Foundation, which also hosted a symposium to publicize it in May 2009 at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC.
He also convened a symposium on food history, which grew into an annual event known since 1981 as the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery.
The founding of neurochemistry as a discipline traces it origins to a series of " International Neurochemical Symposia ", of which the first symposium volume published in 1954 was titled Biochemistry of the Developing Nervous System.
The meaning of development as espoused by Seers in Dr. Quebral's paper in the symposium of December 1971 became a major point of argument in favour of a new term that she coined, that is, the term development communication, as opposed to Childer ’ s development support communication, which was used in public and in the scientific literature for the first time.
CPSR sponsored two conferences: the Participatory Design Conferences which is held biennially ( the most recent, the 11th is being held in Sydney, Australia ) and the Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing ( DIAC ) symposium series which was launched in 1987 in Seattle.
Each year the Center sponsors a major symposium which attracts nationally known experts.
Biologist, speculative-fiction author, and self-described biopunk, Meredith L. Patterson is known for her work on yogurt bacteria within the DIYbio community, as well as being the author of " A Biopunk Manifesto ", which she delivered at the UCLA Center for Society and Genetics ' symposium, " Outlaw Biology?
Symposiasts might also compete in rhetorical contests, for which reason the word " symposium " has come to refer in English to any event where multiple speeches are made.
Among the institutions that have hosted the symposium are Stanford University, which hosted the first ResNet Symposium in 1994, Wellesley College, Kent State University, Ferris State University, Princeton University and the Georgia Institute of Technology.
As a result of the symposium, the Swiss National Science Foundation set up a project to develop levels of proficiency, to lead on to the creation of a " European Language Portfolio "-certification in language ability which can be used across Europe.
She was also responsible for media relations, special projects and public affairs objectives in all aspects of CBS, and managed the CBS / TIME millennium symposium project, which resulted in the production of a series of nationally broadcast television shows.
In his tenure, Farmer has planned a multi-day symposium with the Rutgers Law Review which addressed the many legal uncertainties in post-9 / 11 national security policy and practices.
The Amsterdam symposium prepared a declaration of principles which, it was hoped, would be accommodated in any change made to Article 59.

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