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take-off and was
Initially, ice on the wings was blamed, but a later inquiry declared that slush on the runway had made a safe take-off almost impossible.
A different British VTOL project was the gyrodyne, where a rotor is powered during take-off and landing but which then freewheels during flight, with separate propulsion engines providing forward thrust.
The Short SC. 1 ( Belfast, Northern Ireland ) was the first British fixed-wing vertical take-off and landing ( VTOL ) aircraft.
The SC. 1 was designed to meet a Ministry of Supply ( MoS ) request for tender ( ER. 143T ) for a vertical take-off research aircraft issued in September 1953.
This first take-off was founded on rural forges, textile proto-industries and sawmills.
The first officially authenticated regularly feasible take-off and landing of a human-powered aircraft ( one capable of powered takeoffs, unlike a glider ) was made on 9 November 1961 by Derek Piggott in Southampton University's Man Powered Aircraft ( SUMPAC ).
The C10 turned over on take-off at the airfield in Yate and was taken to Hamble for repair at which time it was modified to incorporate an engine-driven rotor-starting device.
The regional airport service was introduced in the 1960s, with 30 airports being served by short take-off and landing aircraft.
On October 20, 1944 Burcham was killed in the flame-out on take-off of the engine of third production prototype YP-80 from Lockheed Air Terminal in Burbank, California.
The aircraft was designed for vertical take-off and landing which was thought to be hazardous and required an electronic flight-stabilization system, then not-yet available.
Tragically, he was himself killed in the crash of an airliner, possibly due to a stall at take-off.
The first model was designed shortly after World War II to be used in agriculture as a self-propelled machine providing a power take-off to operate saws in forests or harvesting machines on fields.
Etihad Airways was also reported to be considering a deal, and Willie Walsh, Chief Executive of International Airlines Group, stated that they would be interested in the airline, but only for the lucrative take-off and landing slots it holds at London Heathrow Airport.
* Winston Churchill, who took extensive flying lessons at Croydon and was nearly killed during a crash at take-off in 1919.
* On 23 July 1968, El Al Flight 426 operated by a Boeing 707-358C on route from London to Tel Aviv via Rome, was hijacked by three members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine shortly after take-off from Rome-Fiumicino airport and forcibly diverted to Algiers.
" Finger later publicly acknowledged that " my first Batman script was a take-off on a Shadow story " and that " Batman was originally written in the style of the pulps.
His take-off was delayed for several hours when the owners of the plane appeared and declared Julian still owed them $ 1400.
It was later established that the crash had been caused by the build-up of slush on the runway, which had resulted in the aircraft being unable to achieve take-off velocity ; Thain's name was eventually cleared in 1968, ten years after the incident.
At 14: 19 GMT, the control tower at Munich airport was told that the plane was ready to take off, and they were given clearance to attempt take-off due to expire at 14: 31.
* On February 6, 1996, Birgenair Flight 301 was bound for Frankfurt, Germany, but crashed shortly after take-off from Puerto Plata Airport into the Atlantic Ocean 26 kilometres off-shore.

take-off and moved
The take-off was moved in 1910 and built as a tall stone structure.
To allow for longer jumps, the take-off needed to be moved back, and the lake dug deeper, with new concrete stands being built into the sides.

take-off and further
This would mean that the plane would not achieve take-off velocity until further down the runway, but with the runway being almost long, Thain believed that this should not pose a problem.
* On 4 October 2007, Antonov An-26 9Q-COS of Africa One crashed shortly after take-off from N ' djili Airport, killing at least 51 people and injuring a further 30.

take-off and back
* Variable-sweep wing or " swing wings " that allow outstretched wings during low-speed flight ( i. e., take-off and landing ) and swept back wings for high-speed flight ( including supersonic flight ), such as in the F-111 Aardvark, the F-14 Tomcat, the Panavia Tornado, the MiG-23 the MiG-27, and the B-1B Lancer warplanes
This flight went from Spitsbergen ( Svalbard ) and back to its take-off airfield.
On February 15, he was flying back to San Juan alongside his family for a fight against Roger Zami, when their Dominicana de Aviación DC-9 plane crashed into the waters of the Caribbean shortly after take-off, killing Cruz, his wife and 18-month child, and the rest of the passengers, among which also were a large part of Puerto Rico's national volleyball team.
On the May 5, 1990, broadcast, Keenen Ivory Wayans did a take-off on a Colt 45 commercial featuring Billy Dee Williams ( in which the purpose of the beverage is to get your lady friend wasted ) that ended with a woman ( played by Kim Coles ) passed out on her back on a dining table, and " Billy Dee " moving in on her unconscious body to have sex with her.
The site's connection with aviation can be traced back to 1910 when pioneer pilot Edwin Rowland Moon used the meadows belonging to North Stoneham Farm as a take-off and landing spot for his monoplane, Moonbeam Mk II.
On July 18, 2005, a regularly scheduled American Airlines flight from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to San Juan, Puerto Rico had to be diverted back to Fort Lauderdale shortly after take-off due to a bomb threat.
In a letter to Volker dated January 31, 1969, Osborn described how he developed his style of jumping: “ I more or less found my style of high jumping by accident, as I was trying to imitate Ed Beeson ’ s style, and what developed was natural to me, and as I became more proficient and with much practice, I utilized leg and arm lift and body ‛ kip ’ and then slid across the bar more or less on my back, and as I got to the far side of the bar then started to uncoil and dropped my take-off leg and arms for landing .”
On 7 December 1936 he turned back shortly after take-off to report a troublesome engine on his Latécoère 300 Croix du Sud ().
The landing is made on the back outside edge of the foot opposite the one used for take-off.
About one hour after take-off the aircraft reportedly experienced an engine oil leak and Musick turned back toward Pago Pago.
The jump must be repeated if the athlete falls back or takes a step at take-off.
Jonah – Early ½ twist into back somersault with initial take-off being consistent with forward rotation.
The jump originally consisted of an 8ft-wide brook with a fence set back a yard in front of the water, the ground on the landing side 3ft lower than the take-off side.
On February 24, 2005, while travelling back to state capital Colima, Colima, from Mexico City, his six-seater Westwind 1124 aeroplane developed problems shortly after its 16h15 take-off from Toluca airport and crashed in the municipality of Tzitzio, Michoacán, 70 km to the southeast of Morelia.
Before take-off, Sheriff Lamb had arranged for Keith Mars to be taken off the plane transporting Woody Goodman back to Neptune, so as to keep the media from giving full credit for the arrest to Keith.
After the non-kicking leg is thrown up in the take-off, the body is leaned back so it is spinning horizontally.
The aircraft was on a flight to Ayolas when an engine failed shortly after take-off and the decision was made to land back at Asunción.

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