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tale and with
But I have compared its text with already published commentaries on the 1960 series of Godkin lectures at Harvard, from which the book was derived, and I can with confidence challenge the gist of C. P. Snow's incautious tale ''.
Hrothgar's court bard sings of the encounters at Finnsburg ( lines 1068 - 1159 ), and improvises the tale of Beowulf's exploits in a complimentary comparison of the Geatish visitor with Sigemund ( lines 871 - 892 ) ; ;
As with most mythology, there is a tale which offers an alternative version of these events: in Argonautica ( iv. 760 ) Zeus ' sister and wife Hera alludes to Thetis ' chaste resistance to the advances of Zeus, that Thetis was so loyal to Hera's marriage bond that she coolly rejected him.
At the American publisher's insistence, Burgess allowed their editors to cut the redeeming final chapter from the U. S. version, so that the tale would end on a darker note, with Alex succumbing to his violent, reckless nature — an ending which the publisher insisted would be ' more realistic ' and appealing to a U. S. audience.
The tale is treated with scepticism by Walter Goffart, who observes that it conflicts with the Origo Gentis Langobardorum, where she was captured only after the death of her father.
A tall tale is a story with unbelievable elements, related as if it were true and factual.
I shall tell you — it will be a tale of truth — he dies without bell, with communion, at evening, in a fatal pass.
" It rolls in like a storm, drums galloping over the horizon into ear shot, guitar riffs slicing with terse dexterity while a tale about a pair of vagabonds unfolds ," writes Kot.
Laura begins her tale by relating her childhood in a " picturesque and solitary " castle in the midst of an extensive forest in Styria where she lives with her father, a wealthy English widower, retired from the Austrian Service.
The tale Culhwch and Olwen, associated with the Mabinogion and perhaps written in the 11th century, draws a dramatic picture of Arthur's hall and his many powerful warriors who go from there on great adventures, placing it in Celliwig, an uncertain locale in Cornwall.
" Film critics sometimes use the term " pejoratively to connote an unrealistic, pathos-filled, campy tale of romance or domestic situations with stereotypical characters ( often including a central female character ) that would directly appeal to feminine audiences.
Dramas also took a turn with existentialist thrillers such as Fight Club ( 1999 ) and the tale of suburban angst American Beauty ( 1999 ).
In a well-known but probably apocryphal tale, Archimedes was given the task of determining whether King Hiero's goldsmith was embezzling gold during the manufacture of a golden wreath dedicated to the gods and replacing it with another, cheaper alloy.
Caledfwlch appears in several early Welsh works, including the poem Preiddeu Annwfn and the prose tale Culhwch and Olwen, a work associated with the Mabinogion and written perhaps around 1100.
After two failed attempts ( as he felt such a great sword should not be thrown away ), he finally complies with the wounded king's request and a hand emerges from the lake to catch it, a tale which becomes attached to Bedivere instead in Malory and the English tradition.
An example is Andrew Lang's fairy tale Princess Nobody ( 1884 ), illustrated by Richard Doyle, where fairies are tiny people with butterfly wings, whereas elves are tiny people with red stocking caps.
The subsequent tale, with similarities to the Biblical story of the forbidden fruit, repeats the story of how fresh water brings life to a barren land.
The manifest purpose of the tale may primarily be one of mundane instruction regarding forest safety or secondarily a cautionary tale about the dangers of famine to large families, but its latent meaning may evoke a strong emotional response due to the widely understood themes and motifs such as “ The Terrible Mother ”, “ Death ,” and “ Atonement with the Father .”
Carlotta amuses everyone with a tale of how her dramatic solo was cut from the Follies because the audience found it humorous, but somehow the number works when she sings it today (" I'm Still Here ").
Special effects director Eiji Tsuburaya was planning on working on other projects at this point in time such as a new version of a fairy tale film script called Kaguyahime ( Princess Kaguya ), but he postponed those to work on this project with Toho instead since he was such a huge fan of King Kong.
Similarly, gnomes are contrasted to elves, as in William Cullen Bryant's Little People of the Snow ( 1877 ), which has " let us have a tale of elves that ride by night, with jingling reins, or gnomes of the mine " ( cited after OED ).

tale and Buddha
Lewis Hyde remarks in The Gift that Christianity considers the Incarnation and subsequent death of Jesus to be the greatest gift to humankind, and that the Jataka contains a tale of the Buddha in his incarnation as the Wise Hare giving the ultimate alms by offering himself up as a meal for Sakka.
Another tale says he was so attractive that angels and men often compared him with the Buddha.
The future Buddha may appear in them as a king, an outcast, a god, an elephant — but, in whatever form, he exhibits some virtue that the tale thereby inculcates.
* Another tale that achieved great renown in China was that of the Buddha rising to heaven for three months after his Enlightenment to preach and teach his mother his new philosophy.
This tale was used to indicate that the Buddha did indeed show proper concern and respect for his parents, in that he cared for their immortal souls.
As it appears in Legenda aurea ( later retold in the Gesta Romanorum it is almost identical with a tale told of the Tathagata Buddha in the famous Lotus Sutra ( ch. IV ).
A tale from India about the origin of the Buddha, Prem Sanyas depicts the story of Prince Siddhartha Gautama ( portrayed by director Himansu Rai ), the man who became the Buddha, as he journeys from privilege and seclusion to awareness of the inevitability of life's suffering, finally renouncing his kingdom to seek enlightenment.

tale and is
To the extent that a tale is twice told, its final author must be suspect, although plagiarism in an oral tradition is less a misdemeanor than the standard modus dicendi.
But only in one of its aspects is Great Expectations a tale of violence, revenge, and retribution.
Whether or not Plato's tale of the lost continent of Atlantis is true, skeptics concede that the myth may have some foundation in a great tsunami of ancient times.
Rare, indeed, is the Harlem citizen, from the most circumspect church member to the most shiftless adolescent, who does not have a long tale to tell of police incompetence, injustice, or brutality.
This is the tale of one John Enright, an American who has accidentally killed a man in the prize ring and is now trying to forget about it in a quiet place where he may become a quiet man.
So Enright's courting of the mettlesome Ellen is impeded considerably, thereby providing the tale which is told.
The tale of Cassius Dio is also somewhat different.
Critias mentions an allegedly historical tale that would make the perfect example, and follows by describing Atlantis as is recorded in the Critias.
The tall tale is a fundamental element of American folk literature.
The line between myth and tall tale is distinguished primarily by age ; many myths exaggerate the exploits of their heroes, but in tall tales the exaggeration looms large, to the extent of becoming the whole of the story.
Armida is a tale of love and duty in conflict and is saturated in magic.
Highlights of the strip's final decades include " Boomchik " ( 1961 ), in which America's international prestige is saved by Mammy Yokum, " Daisy Mae Steps Out " ( 1966 ), a female-empowering tale of Daisy's brazenly audacious “ homewrecker gland ," " The Lips of Marcia Perkins " ( 1967 ), a satirical, thinly-veiled commentary on venereal disease and public health warnings, " Ignoble Savages " ( 1968 ), in which the Mob takes over Harvard, and " Corporal Crock " ( 1973 ), in which Bullmoose reveals his reactionary cartoon role model, in a tale of obsession and the fanatical world of comic book collecting.
According to an apocryphal tale from this era, in a televised face-off, either Capp ( on the Dick Cavett Show ) or ( more commonly ) conservative talk show host Joe Pyne ( on his own show ) is supposed to have taunted iconoclastic musician Frank Zappa about his long hair, asking Zappa if he thought he was a girl.
The tale is also related by Stephanus of Byzantium, and Eustathius.
Swedish folklorist Carl Wilhelm Von Sydow argued against both Scandinavian translation and source material due to his theory that Beowulf is fundamentally Christian and written at a time when any Norse tale would have most likely been pagan in nature.
The 11th century date is due to scholars who argue that, rather than transcription of the tale from the oral tradition by a literate monk, Beowulf reflects an original interpretation of the story by the poet.
In the Poetic Edda the tale of Baldr's death is referred to rather than recounted at length.

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